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WCGreen's Journal
WCGreen's Journal
December 28, 2011

Just heard this little tid bit about how the press covers politics...

They were talking about Newt going negative...

This is what was said: We should be talking about the truth of Newts charges against Romney and Paul instead; we are forced to talk about Newts decision to go negative...


How fucked up is that scenario.

Far be it from me to be on the side of Newt, but who is actually forcing the media to focus on going negative instead of discussion the charges.

This, to me at least, tells us how shallow and bankrupt the presidential media truly is.

Its plain lazy on the part of the media. It is downright disingenuous to claim they are forced to cover what is essentially gossip.

December 27, 2011

There are a few scenes in really good movies that capture the zeitgeist of the moment...

The Greed is Good scene with Gordon Getko, comes to mind.

Dustin Hoffman floating around in the swimming pool in the Graduate

Nevertheless, for me the quintessential scene of a movie that tugs at my heartstrings now more than ever is this scene from Casablanca...

I was not even born when WWII was going on; I came of age in the late 60's and the early 70's.

I had always heard about this legendary movie and at that time, there just wasn't the opportunity to watch in on demand or see it twice a year on TCM.

I was alienated from my parents as I was more than a handful to both my mother and my stepfather.

Casablanca was showing on the only UHF station in town and I asked my folks if we could watch the movie together.

Neither one of them was interested but they let me watch it on the good TV in their bedroom.

Well, I was completely blown away by the movie, the intricate story line, the bravery, the honor and the change that came over a cynical man.

Later on, perhaps on the fifteenth or so watching, I see how this movie captured the innocents of America.

By the time the WWII was over, the glory faded and life went on and the people became people more concerned about their own lives than what was going on in the country.

Not until the moon landing did America rally around like a country.

We have never really come together again.

Even the Twin Towers attacked was grabbed by the Right and used as a political crudgeon to force people who questioned the dark intentions of those in charge to back off or else.

We haven't had a leader who can transcend poetical barriers and given the vitriol that is out there now, it is going to be a long time.

Anyway, it is good to see the 99 movement-taking roots. I am too old and infirm to do much of anything, but I have hope, the kind of hope that might spring up and pull us all together.

The Nazi's were evil. There is no doubt about it. I would give my life to fight an evil like that.

But because I saw that the evil was on "our side" in Iraq, I do not think anything can make me proud of our country again until someone comes along and gets people to stop saying what is in it for me...

That is the true glory of the sacrifice of Casablanca is that people were willing to lay it all on the line for something that was greater than they were.
December 23, 2011

Oh the eloquence I have had robbed from my magic quill...

The pain and sorrow that eddied from my dying, trembling hand that went the way of Hamlets father, the tragic king of Danes when they were once more than a clever actress...

The sorrow that does befall this sotted grey matter that no longer matters.

Sweet electronic ether that erased the sweat and toil of a mind made addled by the intoxicated drink of ego and self-aggrandizement...

What wisdom was lost as electrons were laid low in the Underground of Democrats, the essense that we call the soul of our lush allegiance left at the sacrificial bier..

Out damn post, out I say and yet never more does thee abhor labor lost for the love of ego.

Will nothing wash the shame of the shameless...

Oh Skinner, you have torn the soul from my mortal coil.

Anon, anon, my post in General Discussion is dead.

My kingdom for the automatic save.

Tis truly the winter of my discontent forced to join the disconnected rabble disguised as patriots and scoundrels...

Tis better to have written and lost than to never have written et all.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead, long live the Brotherhood of man, the merry wives of General Discussion, this band of democrats shall never pass.

‘Cause truly we are just men and women, nay soldier forced to give the ultimate sacrifice in the cause rhetorical...

December 19, 2011

Well, at least it looks as if I have finally stabilized health-wise, although the rest of my life…

Not so much.

But really, how stabilized can anyone be in these churning, gut wrenching times.

Now, now, I am not going go off and get all political on you, that’s not the thrust of this blog. But you have to admit that the uncertainty level is pretty high right now.

That’s all I wanted to say about that. This isn’t the time nor the place to discuss politics. If you really want to see where I stand politically, check out Democraticunderground.com and look for WCGreen.


The latest post to my Lung Transplant Blog....

December 16, 2011

Seriously, did so many people truly believe that president Obama could change the course....

our country was on with the flick of a switch...

Did they truly think that the first African American president could effectively govern a country when at least a third of the good old US of A still wants to fight the Civil War.? The racial part not the states’ rights part.

Look at how violent the reaction was to president Obama right from the start.

Perhaps I never really believed that president Obama was the Messiah who would take us to the Promised Land.

Perhaps so many others had such high expectations for the hope and change guy that anything below deliverance to a liberal paradise was going to disappoint.

I think president Obama looked at how the Bush Administration operated and wanted no part of that, that heavy handed Cheney method of running rough shod over the hopes and dreams of the opposition.

President Obama brought this country back from the political Abyss by carefully navigating between the entrenched beaurocrats scorched earth left behind by Bush and the disposed people yearning to be free.

Believe you me; I am not happy with the way things are going.

But all things considered, I think president Obama is doing the best he can.

Remember, the republicans, from the very start, had no compunction of pushing their agenda even though they lost big.

December 15, 2011

My name is WCGreen and I am DUaholic....

The W stands Wilberforce, an old family name dating back to the early 1950's.

The C stands for Constantine because my mother, Theodora, the female Chipmunk, still believes to this day that I will be the second first emperor of the Eastern Division of the Holy Roman empire.

The Green stands for Zailinsski because my dad was Irish.

It is said that my people wandered all over Europe looking for someone to promise us something.

That guy on the beer commercials just called and said I am the second most interesting guy in the world although on a good day, I can out interest him.

Several of my former lovers joined the nunnery after we broke up because they did not think anyone but Jesus could move them like I did. One even wrote me to tell me she prays that I will someday get the newest addition of sex for dummies, what ever that means.

I have three hundred cats but I prefer dogs.

I was once this close to the president but then the Secret Service took me down.

My favorite movie is movie is 8 1/2 because it was my shoe size the first time I reach an orgasm.

My favorite actor is Basil Rathborn but not when he was over doing it in those dreadful Sherlock Holmes movies...

I masticated at thirty seven colleges before finding the one that had the best cafeteria. It was the consistency of their Mash Potatoes that made me stay.

I wrote I want to Hold Your Hand for John, he was stuck on I want to hold your left breast. I told him it wouldn't play until the 70's after I said, here, let me give you a hand with that...

I once ran for office, but I couldn’t quite catch it.

When I moved back to the town where I was born, I got my old phone number back.

Three times in my life I have fallen in a creek. I was once stuck in the mud.

My lifelong dream is to have a threesome just so I can break the rules at the country club. They insist on foursomes.

The teachers at my high school gave me a standing ovation at my graduation.

I joined Kiwanas and my old Junior High school principal was there. I punched him in the nose just because I was now bigger than he was.

I am an accountant for the mob although don’t say anything to anyone.

I once dated a republican, but I refused to call my private parts Dick Nixon.

I have never passed gas.

I once ran naked through the streets of Columbus to protest that my lover, the mayor, was going to raise taxes. It was a flaccid affair.

Well, That's about it...

December 13, 2011

Seriously, I like DU2, it is comfortable and it allowed me to easily get my message out...

But it took a while for me to get use to it when I abandoned the slow churning of Bartcop for the high frequency mad cap activity here on DU1 and then DU2...

And as I get older, I start weighing my options about how I spend my dwindling time in the throws of my mortal coils, so to speak.

At first I didn't want to go through it all again, learning a new format, navigated around to find my footing.

And I was this close to saying fuck it all using the justification that I spend way too much time on DU as it is and now....

Well, then I started to think about what I would miss, my cyber friendships, mostly, and realized that I could never truly walk away from the people that allow me pitch a bitch about something, share my Lung transplant Blog with and basically write what is on my mind and not have to worry about the outcome.

So I will be over on DU3.

Perhaps not as willingly as I would if I was enamored by technology and itching for change for the sake of change.

But I think, in the long run, after going over to DU3, all the things that seemed like deal breakers will eventually be overcome by the community spirit I have long treasured here on DU, whatever the version it is.

I loved my time in DU2. It is so important to me. I walked away from 24/7 involvement in politics here in Cleveland, Ohio because of failing health. If DU in what ever incarnation hadn't been available to me, I can't imagine how empty my life would be. I am a political animal, have always been and now that I was forced to the sidelines, this is the next best thing to me.

So for me DU is dead, long live DU.

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