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Member since: Tue Sep 16, 2003, 10:34 AM
Number of posts: 7,253

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In a perfect world...

Representative Louis Gohmert Republican from Texas French kissed representative Jim Jordan Republican from Ohio and representative Doug Collins Republican representative from Georgia

Up early to stencil new tee shirt meme.

“Bitches get things done and Bitches vote!”

76 yrs old and a proud Bitch

Stenciling a new t-shirt message.

I wish her well, frankly.
I really don’t care, do you?

Also, making buttons. Sadly foregoing bumper stickers, vandalism is real.

What happened? Did judge receive the paperwork filed for Stone's commutation?

I’ve searched unsuccessfully for any updates on this story.

I am worried that the news about the "Russian bounty for American soldiers lives" has fizzled out.

I want to think it’s because of the 4th holiday.... but think his silence won.

Current DeWine Covid update presser. Essentially every county and city are grown ups and

even though COVID cases in the State are dramatically growing he, the gov, is not going to mandate masks or anything. He is confident that the citizens understand the data he is providing and will take safe measures and wear masks etc, stay away from bars and other large gatherings.


Dc Mayor Bowser hits it out of the park.

“Today we say “no”, in November we say “next”.

Collateral Damage

Weddings, hospitals, refugees on trains, hospitals, Children, civilians, Pat Tilliman.
Victims of war - life taken by collateral damage, accepted by military in times of war.

The war on Americans of African decent, or any other decent that is characterized by dark skin color continues.

Businesses have become collateral damage of this war. As long as the war continues, understand there will be collateral damage. Such is the way of war.

Biden - spectacular speech! Not hyperbole- Truth To Power!

Go Biden!
The America We Can Be!

Basta! Enough! I intend to push back on the sanctimonious hit and run "riot" comments.

From neighbors, family, whom ever engages in eye rolling on this topic.


A quick roundup of things to say to Saltine Americans clutching their pearls over rioting and looting:

1) “Rioting never solves anything!”

This country was founded on rioting (and looting). The colonists didn’t politely ask to be independent — they started a war. Gays threw a brick. Black people rioted all over this country. Please let go of that falsehood and pick up a history book.

2) “Rioting just gives people a reason not to support your cause.”

Only if you equate property damage to human lives, and in that case, were you really supporting our cause anyway? If all it takes is people stealing from Target for you to say “well…now I don’t care about dead Black people” then why are we even speaking?

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