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Member since: Tue Sep 16, 2003, 10:34 AM
Number of posts: 8,153

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Yesterday was my 20th DU Anniversary. I want to extend

my deepest gratitude for being able to read and learn and be enriched by the people who contribute to this forum.

A million thank youís and many hugs from a grateful Ninga.
Love you people

I'm sick and tired of arguing about the state of

ideological conflict in this country. My well
meaning friends think itís complicated.
My view is that people did not change, they were predisposed and prewired and ripe for propaganda.
Once people were given permission to own their hate by Rush Limbaugh and Fox they came out as of their private foxholes, quit hiding and became openly hostile as they were continually fed by Limbaugh and Fox.
Limbaugh and Fox exposed what was always true.

Itís my view. Iím not a social scientist. I just believe that the Republicans via Ronald Regan knew exactly what they were doing when they let the Fairness Doctrine expire.

Countdown with Keith Olbermann- today

Highly recommend. He reports about 12 journalists having dinner with 3 Trump staffers the night before the debate.
Will we hear this from anyone else?


Voting update from a small Village in Ohio

Chagrin Falls Ohio has a population of approximately 4,300 and is located in Cuyahoga County just 18 miles from Cleveland.
My intent was to vote last week but deferred to today.
I had to stand in a line, I was shocked. When voting in person in the past, I could count on zipping in and out without any lines.
I asked an election worker about turn out, and she said everyone was ďunbelievably shockedĒ at how busy theyíve been all day.
Roller coaster emotional ride for sure,
Go Ohio

The media is no different than grocery stores.

They give the display space located on end caps to the products and vendorís who are willing to pay a premium for the coveted and highly visible location.
Meanwhile, in the aisle are found products that are better for you, more tasty, less toxic and more healthy.
I challenge the media to devote just one day a week to giving to time Biden and his accomplishments and policies. Yes, media covers Biden, but he is shoved to the middle of the aisle while 24/7 trumplethinskin gets the end of the aisle premium space.

I'm a one trick pony. I care only about one thing. It's getting people to vote. Therefore,

it is my opinion, an uneducated one, that not paying our bills and allowing default, would be the sledge hammer to the skulls of those shoulder-shruggers who think itís cute not to vote.

Call me crazy.

These are NOT normal times. When casual Democrats,

or any others bring up Bidenís age and/or who else do
I think should run and/or oppose Biden.

Hereís my drill.

The primary process will give us our nominee.
I will vote for whom ever the Democrat is on the ballot.

With Biden itís ageism. Iím not going to argue with anyone about should he or someone else.

Itís up to the primary voters.

To engage anyone who is not a loyal Democrat and and loyal voter is to be baited and engage in voter suppression.

I learned my very tragic lesson during the 2016 presidential, when every discussion about our Democratic nominee fell short.

Voter suppression is very real and very ugly and happens as much on the ground as it does in the SOS offices across the country.

Netflix. The Diplomat. Staring Keri Russell

A series that just landed this week.
Was immediately hooked.
Well written
Cast loaded with chemistry

Latest articles put it in the same class as The West Wing.

Keith reports.



Countdown with Keith Olbermann. Murdoch wins again.


Murdoch will be able to get tax break from settlement.

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