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Member since: Sat Oct 4, 2003, 10:50 AM
Number of posts: 52,589

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I oppose the ACA as being both the beginning and the end

concerning healthcare. There is no way in the end the ACA will hold down costs. One reason is that subsidizing our health insurance industry with all its lobbying power will not end up cheaper in the long term than single payer. The 2nd is that the government is not negotiating prices on drugs on behalf of our citizens. In the end, millions will still be left out due to states being able to opt out of Medicaid expansion. There also isn't protection from repeal from political interests. My two cents. Therefore, I support Bernie Sanders's position.

What did you learn?

The connection between financial deregulation and economic collapse: Where does your candidate


Primary blast from the past: Clinton aides claim Obama photo wasn't intended as a smear

Barack Obama's campaign team today accused Hillary Clinton's beleaguered staff of mounting a desperate dirty tricks operation by circulating a picture of him in African dress, feeding into false claims on US websites that he is a Muslim.

Obama's campaign manager, David Plouffe, described it as "the most shameful, offensive fear-mongering we've seen from either party in this election". Obama has had to spend much of the campaign stressing he is a Christian not a Muslim and did not study at a madrassa.


To DWS and the DNC.

There's always something to be. Even if others don't value it.

Bill Moyers and Byron Dorgan on Making Banks Play by the Rules

Screw me a little vs screw me a lot doesn't inspire me to be politically involved. This is the

reason I'm opposed to the Clinton wing of the party. It is the reason I struggle today. Give me something I can depend on. Or let me go.

For those not represented and who's jobs were shipped out for "free trade agreements".

We are the forgotten.

We out-voted the Republicans for Congress and the results were 9 Republicans elected to 4 Democrats elected in North Carolina. Our laws are being changed without our input. Our Democratic Party still thinks they need to turn right to get elected and therefore is woefully inadequate as a representative party. The national media when talking about gerrymandering mentions other states but never NC even though in 2010, the Republicans gained control of our state government for the first time since Reconstruction and we are the 10th most populous state. Whether it is stereotyping, political consultants, or an uninformative press, we are truly alone and forgotten. All we have is public interest groups and OWS in our corner but that doesn't translate to a change to elective office. We are the forgotten and ignored. It's like we don't exist. Rant off. It appears civil disobedience, public interest groups, and meetings on our own are the only options these days. They say you can't go home again. That may be true but let's fight and voice our displeasure. Take care.
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