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mopinko's Journal
mopinko's Journal
February 23, 2024

1 mo post surg.

so, recovery from my melanoma surgery has gone very well. it healed cleanly, w little pain. i didnt f it up by lifting too much. i get an occasional sharp sting, but it’s momentary.

now i cant wait for the skin to stretch, and rid me of this feeling that someone is squeezing my shoulder. the puckery scar doesnt bother me, but that grip is cancer, grabbing me.
the word bounces around my head less every day, but i know i cant let it go away, cuz i’ll drop my guard.

all things considered, i’m a lucky duck. i try to b grateful for that.

February 22, 2024

can i get a 'poor baby'?


longer version of the story- my poor buddy.
he had a growth btn his toes, and it’s been driving us both bats for a couple months now. he licked it until he had a yeast infection that took 3 wks of antibiotics to tame, all the way up his front legs.
the only thing that wd keep him from licking was a full cone, and he cant wear that 24/7. wont fit through the dog door, and there‘s not enough room in the bed.
decided he was never going to stop licking til it was gone, so that happened tues.
he came home w a pressure bandage he needed to keep on for at least 2-3 days. it lasted 1. and of course, i have no tape in the house. so he currently has a mcgiver of oversize bandaids and a smartwool sock.
somewhere in my spacetime continuum is an extra large cone, but i’ve looked and looked and it seems to have a cloaking mechanism or something. it vanished several times in all this. still trying to figure that 1 out. the sock stays on til the cone returns.
on the plus side for him, he needs meds that have to be taken w food. so he not only gets to eat twice a day instead of 1, he gets a bedtime snack. good thing i’ve managed to get him down to a rly good weight.

i’ve decided next time i take a flight, imma borrow the donut. it looks comfy, and i’ll get some laughs. and it’s a lovely shade of purple.
February 21, 2024

hey, can u spare a thought for my big sister today?- edited.

she’s the youngest of the ‘irish triplets’, the 1st 3 of the 7 of us.
she has a fairly major stroke yesterday. woke up feeling off, and when she tried to get out of bed, hit the floor. her hubs called 911 rt away. she’s expected to make a full recovery, but it will b a trudge.
her mental function is fine, but she’s lost her motor control almost completely. looking at extensive rehab after w few days in the hospital.

i dont get on well w my family, but i’ve never had a beef w her, and likely never will. she’s the 1 who was there for me when i was the single mom of a preschooler. when i couldnt get a sitter for my 2nd job, the kid was always welcome at her house.
she lives in the villages, and is part of of the small blue community there. always taking part in the golf cart parades for our side that u never heard about. soon to turn 80, but still active and vital.

so far we’ve only lost 1 of us, to ms after a decade in a nursing home. one of those blessings that hurts, but is still a blessing.

the upside is that i got the news from my favorite nephew, and got to chat w him for a while. we might not speak often, but in my family, when shit gets bad, we rally around.

i’m a devout atheist myself, so i dont pray. but i do know how to send love, and that’s my job 1 today.
wont u add a bit of yours?

eta- i knew i cd count on my du fam to rally around. u dont disappoint. tia.

eta 2- i shared a link to this thread w the nephew who gave me the news. i’m trying to convince him he shd join, as these days he pretty much only does ig.
so, pls, say hi to tim.

February 21, 2024

can we talk more about our veep?

Kamala Harris has seen immense success in her career, from district attorney of San Francisco to vice president of the United States. Look back at the many firsts and accomplishments she's collected over the years.


here’s some talking points for y’all.
February 20, 2024

a great thread on jewish history.

i think i’m more familiar w jewish history than most. but there were surprises here.

1/ Why should Israel exist? It’s a “settler-colonialist” atrocity, right? Didn’t they just steal the Palestinians' land in 1948?

No. The truth is, no one knows more about getting genocided and kicked out of their homes than the Jews. I’m not a historian, but with all the heated Twitter conversation, I thought I’d read a book or two to have an informed opinion about Israel/Palestine and whose home the region is. Is Twitter’s portrayal of Jews as warmongers who stole the Palestinian’s land accurate? Or is this a selective, one-sided history?

It is wildly one-sided and ahistoric.


worth your time.

February 18, 2024

whew. just spent 4 hard hours in a shiny new bldg in the loop, but i'm good to go for election day.

it’s been 12 yrs since i was last a judge, and boy howdy have they idiot proofed the whole thing. color codes cords and accessories. electronic pollbooks r so easy to use. was happy to see the touchscreens dont tabulate, they print out a ballot.
everything shiny and new. well designed. there’s even a 100’ tape, instead of a piece of string. tho y they diss that string, i dunno, cuz i can see those nice new tapes growing legs.

a real good mix of folks in the class, too. lots of young folks, and plenty of old road warriors. they had 3 classes going today, about 50 ppl per. 2 sessions/day. i hope they’re able to recruit as many as they need. i’m not expecting any bs in my ward, but i got an amen when i said this election called for as many bad asses as we could find.

if you’ve never done it, i rly, rly recommend it. primaries r way easier than the generals, esp this yr. i got a feeling nov is gonna be over the top. having worked 08, i can tell u, it will be 1 to remember. i had the best time that day.

anyone else gonna b working the polls?

February 17, 2024

nobody asked me, but i think dems on the ethics committee shd open an investigation in russian money.

start w mike moses, who took money from maria butina’s handler, and go from there.
and count nra money as russian money, cuz we all know it is.

please, please, please.

February 16, 2024

let's boost up the vp, shall we?

i understand the networks cut away from her speech in munich today.
i found this little clip on xitter. imma see if i can find the whole speech, cuz wow. if the media ignores biden, it absolutely ghosts kamala.

i guess a link wd help-



remarks on navalny-

February 16, 2024

new tlp. omg. hilarous.

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