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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 07:34 PM
Number of posts: 55,748

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a question for bernie supporters.

i'm not talkin about the bros here, but sane folks who want to beat twitler-

how many out there could be persuaded, or might conclude, that warren is acceptable, and that if they threw in w her, the results would be pretty much the same, as far as policy? and that it is time for the first woman president?

i think if bernie doesnt get way out of the 20's in the next 2 contests, the party is headed for trouble. i wont say disaster, because i think we have the wind at our back no matter what. but it will get ugly, even if he doesnt get out of the 30's.
and if he cant crack 40 by super tuesday, this is gonna drag on at a time we would be better moving on to the ge.

if, on the other hand, super tues leave ew and bernie as the big winners, something no one on my teevee is talking about, do you think there will be any strategic voting by bernie supporters to get on the train, and get moving?

here's the thing about bloomie that may just win me over.

imho, he is likely the first person in american history to run for the presidency who really didnt give a shit whether he got the job or not.
think on that.

he's got one mission, and it is the one mission that all want our candidate to take on- trash donald trump, and roast his carcass on a billion dollar fire.

and now we have meme2020.

this is all over but the cryin.
go mike.

hey, check out this rapper. eta- how come nobody told me i forgot the link?

jake palumbo. anyone here ever heard of him?
this is my middle child's man. he stole her away, took her off to the big(ger) city.
it gave me a jolt to realize i was seeing her new landscape. it felt good. oh yeah, she has coney island now.

anyway, kid's a good lefty, woke.
give him a click.

would you let this man steal your daughter?


if you allow an age of presidential overreach, expect more frequent impeachments.

we wouldnt be seeing increased calls for impeachment if we didnt have presidents pushing the limits of their power all.the.time.
funny it's mostly rethuglicans, tho.

checks and balances, ladies and gentlemen.

but if we dont follow through soon, it becomes a meaningless side show.

trump is in a box of his own stupidity.

i said this the day he was impeached- at base, this comes down to how flat out stupid he is.

i am beginning to get a little more hopeful as this unfolds.
because clearly, the defense is built by and for trump.
he has built himself and even tighter box of stupidity.

it's not enough for republicans to make it a foregone conclusion that he will be acquitted, they must also validate his stupid.

i think it is might be, just maybe, a little, for a couple, too much to ask.
i hope the ratings and the shares are through the roof.
they are hoping no one is looking.

ps- if there are 4, there are more.

i cant wait for this ceremony thing. will they carry the mace?

please tell me the mace is involved here.
please, i want that pic.
let a million memes bloom.

if the turtle doesnt cave, the house should call bolton.

prolly a better way for it to play out, anyway.
hold things up while more relevant testimony is given, and the senate can play games w the questioning.
and it gets on the teevee pretty quick.

Raising sons who became daughters is a shared story

for Kim Lightford, Heather Steans
The powerful Illinois senators have a similar life-changing story: They both have sons who are transitioning to female


heartwarming story about my state senator, steans.

there needs to be a meeting of the impeachment committees on mon morning.

judiciary should take about 10 minutes to put up an article that he is barking mad and must be stopped right now.
everybody knows it wont remove him, but it is past time this man's brain damage stopped flying under the radar.

they need to call the wh doc, and get his file from reed, and tell the whole planet that not only is he unfit, there was a coordinating coverup of his unfitness at the highest levels.

he is threatening war crimes, ferkrisakes. and we now know the generals are still following his insane commands, and dont even have the sense to not put this kind of thing on the table in the first place.
besides being criminally insane, this plan has nothing in it that can go anywhere but straight to hell.

please dont tell me we dont have a break glass plan.
ukraine broke the glass on impeachment. once the trigger was pulled, it went down flawlessly.
there has to be another layer of that glass.

make them put this shit on the teevee machine, dems.
it's time. put the shrinks that have been begging people to take his insanity seriously, esp about how at this point anyone still there is suffering w group psychosis. put some neurologists on there, and asking them intelligent question.
put the clips together. the slurring, the stumbling, the before and afters.

i predict the people will step up to the plate, finally.
i know you cant get through to some people, but when it's all over the teevee that he is nuts, it gets hard to block that out of your cognition.

there are already war protests kicking up. many were up overnight.

please please madam speaker. take that fucking lethal mace, and break the glass.
imho, what has hampered the effectiveness of protests so far has been the lack of a real leader on the inside.
lead, madam speaker, and the whole world will spill into the streets to follow. i really do believe that.
i bet she does too.
please. please please.

i think nancy pelosi needs to wear that pin every day until this national emergency ends.

the black dress would be a nice touch, too.
make even fox news remind him that she holds the power.

eta further words that popped out when i put this on my fb page-

he just handed her full control of the u.s. govt.
this is the national emergency that we always knew was coming. and he did it to himself.

one of the shrinks that has been sounding the alarm warned that he could only explode as the walls closed in.
all the adults have left the room.

no grandmother worth her salt doesnt step right up.

that pin, btw, is the mace of the congress. we dont do crowns, because we dont do kings.
but we sure as fuck do fucking lethal fucking weapons, and nancy is teeing his ass up.

expect an article for incompetence. for unfitness.
expect dr ronnie feelgood in the dock.
expect the records of that bogus exam to be subpoenaed. or leaked, if there is a patriot left at walter reed hospital.
expect ronnie to die behind bars.

this is our only hope to redeem ourselves in the eyes of the sane everywhere.
dont think pelosi doesnt know that.
i understand biden is about to step up to the microphone and say exactly this.

this was only ever going to end one way.
you are here.

buckle up.

eta2- it might have thought it was waging the dog, but it forgot who's holding the leash.
or is it just a perv who wants a dog walk?

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