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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 07:34 PM
Number of posts: 65,582

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i need to grow up.

i'm starting to think i need to start acting my age. 68 and still fallin in love like a school girl. and gettin my heart broke, like a school girl.
does anyone know where the gear shift lever is?

inside man. wow.

binged that right down. always love david tenant and stanley tucci.
very quirky premiss. very clever. did not see the ending coming.

is the puppy cute?


she's also very, very bright. lucky 4 her.

i'd like to thank the 1st family for not turning this wedding into a media circus.

i dont have cable, but i see what's up here and elsewhere. i'm here to tell ya, they left me wanting more pics. and i hate weddings.

it was barely in the news. no one would have begrudged joe a warm, glowing spotlight at this moment in time. but they didnt go there.
god love em.

so i went on a somewhat harrowing trip to get a puppy.

i came back from my puppy quest w a bit of a cold. next day i had no voice, and didnt for a week.
this whole singing thing is new to me, but good lord did i miss it! i didnt even want to listen to music cuz i couldnt sing along.
music has become a crutch. i need to learn to play something, cuz some day i will lose this instrument.

halloween. so, i've heard both john oliver and david radcliffe commenting on not growing up w trick or treat, etc.

well, duh fellas. it's irish. you grew up in england. get a clue. lol.

so, yeah, back, and glad of it. had password issues election week and it nearly killed me.

i hope schumer is ready on day 1.

he should have a bill to take up the work of the j6 committee, and have new subpoenas for every traitor who hasnt yet testified.
and i point out that the new senate committee could charge a few traitors in the house. expel them and rock the specials.
at least keep them off the 24 ballot.

eta- put sheldon whitehouse and ron wyden on it.

please dont shade those of us sticking it out at twitter.

nobody believed me when i said there was a resistance there. but there sure was, from zero hour. those advertisers didnt bail cuz they were getting called out. they bailed cuz their analytics told them they were getting blocked. i was 1 of many ppl blocking left and right, and urging others to do the same. y i'm in it to til the last dog dies.



we rly cant let it become a rw sewer. it's the public square we have.

can i get an amen here- props to howard dean.


i'm givin props to the man who started this-

started the ball rolling on small change for big change. he 'radicalized' me. that bat took the primaries out of the hands of special interests & gave it to the ppl.
people powered howard.
still speaks 4 me.
can i get an amen?

rt or chime in, pls.

btw, i've met howard several times. he was a good friend of my alderman, i worked for a dean dozen candidate, and i worked w dfa. been at a few parties, have a bunch of pics somewhere.
the 50 state strategy seemed to wither on the vine, but he planted that vine. dfa training and meet ups are the model that is being used everywhere now. women used it, w emerge, emily's list. gun control groups use it, gen z is using the same model.
he deserves some props. we didnt get a wave, but we rebuilt the blue wall, damn it.

hey, been offline for a minute, but here's a puppy update.

lordy am i smitten w this lil girl. she is so bright. she's worked her way into the pack, w a vengeance. she was fine in the carrier the 1st night home, but the 2nd night she pitched a ffffitttt.
so i let her in the bed. decided pack acceptance mattered more than crates or potty training.
she's well on the way, only trouble is she's too little for the 2 flights of stairs to go outside. using potty pads in the meantime, and she's pretty good about it, including trotting to the bathroom, where the pads are, when she has to go. she lets me know.
her ggreat uncle biff is grumpy, puts her in her place. but that's acceptance, too. brother radar, tho. true love. and thank ja for him, he wears her out.

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