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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 08:34 PM
Number of posts: 59,504

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any other fb users getting blocked out of reactions?

fb haters, pls just keep walking.

lots of folks are getting blocked from even liking posts, and getting messages about it.
i havent been locked out, but most days i can only like.
no messages, and not much reason for fb to not like me.

here's the thing. i rarely just like something. if you know me, you know that.
so, i rarely use just the thumb.

i think ppl like me screw up the algorithm.
if everything is a 0 or a 10, it doesnt leave the beast much to chew on.
they're just trying to spread out the data for their own purposes.


grace jones- 40th anniversary of 'nightclubbing'

grace's top 20 greatest songs ranked.


ok, i didnt find this guy in the rabbit hole. patrick dexter.

suggested to me by a dear friend who grew up in mayo.
guy have been doing these outdoor cello pieces throughout the plague.

claire mccaskill is hilarious.


anybody in here? crossposting

from ed forum.


excuse me while i pat myself on the back for a sec.

so, i raised 5 crazy genius kids. homeschooled for 8 yrs starting w #2.
for a lot of reasons, they all got sent to regular school when the younger 2 were in 1st and 2nd grade.

now, the older 2 did have a bumpy entry.
teachers dont like homeschoolers, and they took every hole in what they taught the other kids as proof they were miseducated.
they had them believing it.

now. they are 28-36.
the older 2 are doing great. successful. primo is ebt on a phd in theoretical math. he bailed tho, and took a great job.
middle child ended up doing some college, then got a job. got promoted a couple times at her 1st job.
then in the space of about 8 yrs she went from being a server at cpk to being the gm of a store in queens.

the other 2, not so much.
segundo, well, that kid was just traumatized by school, and by the lord of the flies kids. my worst nightmare come true.
30, and just plain lost.

youngest is better. school would have been great for faer if fae hadnt been sick.
rly wasnt supported, tho there was plenty of paperwork, and some good ppl.
landed a full boat scholarship that fae couldnt use for health reasons. the college fell down, but if the hs had done it right, the college likely would have followed their plan.
fae's had good times and bad times. in a good place now, but dependent on ssi.

i pointed this disparity out to my ex this morning.
him- i was just saying that the other day.

this kind of validation is a rare thing in life.
imma wallow in it a minute.

spring on the ark. sorry, fb link.

sorry, i do need to get a photohost.
but if you can stand to go there, some shots from my home and farm.


disjointed. netflix.

cross posting.

disjointed. netflix.

omg. so much fun.
just, dada. it's just dada.

found it looking for kathy bates. she's just adorable in this.

half price easter candy score-

lemon kitkats. who knew?
they remind me of those lemon hydrox/fake oreos. only inside out.
being the kid who loved the bitter shit, i got way more than my share of those. that quirk got me so much rejected candy.

robin's egg whoppers is a close 2nd.
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