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More shenanigans: Mailbox openings are being locked shut

So it looks like the GOP and trump are still playing gotcha games. They claim they won't remove anymore mailboxes, but will the mailboxes be functional???


The Post Office in Burbank, CA

All outdoor boxes locked shut. The entrance to the Post Office is locked and you can’t mail a letter?

If you're still trying to decide between absentee and in-person voting...

Visit the links below to see how and when your state processes and tabulates absentee voting, keeping in mind that some states may have updated their rules since the page was last updated.

In Georgia, absentee vote tallying can't begin until after polls close on Election Day. Ballots may be "processed" 2 weeks before the election, but the actual counting of the ballots cannot begin until the polls close on Election Day.

I was concerned when I learned this, but the AJC explains the process this way: The rule authorizes county election workers to open and scan absentee ballots in advance, but those votes can’t be counted until polls close. Until then, votes are stored in the memory of optical scanning computers, the same as votes cast in person during early voting.

Based on that info, I'm assuming that any delays in counting the ballots would be due to discrepancies between the number of ballots stored in the machine's memory vs the number of votes received, or from ballots that the machines flag as requiring manual review.

When Absentee/Mail Ballot Processing and Counting Can Begin 7/9/20

States That Permit Voters to Correct Signature Discrepancies 8/7/20

Who Can Collect and Return an Absentee Ballot Other Than the Voter? 7/10/20

Receipt and Postmark Deadlines for Absentee Ballots 8/11/20

When States Mail Out Absentee Ballots 7/8/20

How States Verify Voted Absentee Ballots 4/17/20

Are Senate Democrats using every tool and/or tactic available to force votes on the USPS situation

and the other bills that are collecting cobwebs on Moscow Mitch's desk?

Every tool available, no matter how extreme or rare, needs to be used right now to address the USPS fiasco that's unfolding before our eyes. I am not satisfied with the, "It's sitting on Mitch's desk!" excuse. tRump is actively and aggressively interfering in our ability to vote in the upcoming election!

If Moscow's Bitch won't take action, democrats must go around him and stop worrying about future precedents at a time when tRump and republicans have completely disregarded all precedents and norms.

If Russia already has a vaccine for COVID-19, then they're probably responsible

for unleashing the virus in the first place, potentially with trump's (unwitting?) assistance.

The urgent questions that need to be answered:

1. Who advised trump to pull the PREDICT team from Wuhan, China, just WEEKS before the outbreak began? trump didn't come up with that idea on his own. We all know that he had no idea the team was even there. WHO told him to do that and WHY?

2. Similarly, why was the White House pandemic team dismantled? I know the common opinion is that trump wanted to undo everything President Obama did, but the pandemic team is something that trump likely knew little, if anything, about. Who told him about the team and then suggested dismantling it? Does the timing coincide with one of his private conversations with putin?

3. trump has repeatedly made promises about a vaccine coming "real soon." Who told him this? putin? Will trump now use billions of US taxpayer money to purchase vaccines from Russia?

Again, these questions must be answered, because COVID-19 is unlike ANYTHING we've ever dealt with. Hundreds of thousands of people are now dead! Researchers are still baffled and confused, yet Russia has a vaccine now??

Experts say that like a fishing net with many holes, the surveillance network had numerous gaps, with too little money and manpower to be truly effective. “We’ve been gutting surveillance for too long,” says Michael Buchmeier, a virologist and associate director of the Center for Virus Research at the University of California, Irvine. “And by doing that, we’re creating blind spots in our ability to identify and contain threats of infectious disease in the world.” Indeed, in September 2019, just months before the COVID-19 pandemic began, USAID announced it would end funding for PREDICT. The agency claims it has plans for a successor effort, but it has not provided any additional details, and many worry that critical momentum is being lost.


for rap fans: Karen - Mask Off Remix (Walmart Diss)

Some of Melania's ex clients in NYC are about to come forward?!


Melania Trump,

There is a strong rumor going around that some of your ex "clients" in NYC are going to come forward.

This is you with your great friend Ghislaine Maxwell and Donald Trump. So many photos out there with you two.

Remind me. What was Maxwell arrested for?

Whoa! And check out Don Winslow's other tweets within the past 20 minutes. He is all out of f*cks right now. I think trump directed Twitter to censor Winslow's #NotMyChild video, so he's pissed!

"Governor" kemp (GA) just overruled the local mask mandates

My county and several others just implemented mandatory mask requirements, and now kkkemp is stepping in to stop it.

I really don't get it. Why is he doing this? It's completely self defeating if he really wants to get Georgia's economy back on track.

Is he experiencing psychosis due to an active but undiagnosed covid-19 infection?

Or is it that he is actively trying to kill the people who won't vote for him?


Mitch and the GOP own this catastrophe. We can't let trump's enablers get away with this

After the separation of families and babies placed in cages on the border, I knew there wasn't a red line for republicans. They are deplorable beyond belief and need to be held accountable for their criminal negligence, which has now morphed into negligent homicide.

If this continues unabated, we need to start thinking about 2nd degree homicide charges for every one of those evil motherf*ckers.

Interesting. Do the masks cause a panic / anxiety attack reaction in republicans?

The first time I donned a mask prior to heading into the supermarket, I felt a little broken hearted. The reality of the situation we were all in hit home really deeply. In other words, shit got real. I felt a lot of sad emotions, and I suspect that rethugs wish to avoid feeling those emotions. They don't want to acknowledge the fact that their hero, trump, failed them and the entire world.

We're being "led" off the cliff by a criminal

The virus is completely unchecked in our country, but no worries, our idiot in chief just hoarded the world's supply of remdesivir (a drug which, based on the studies I've read, is only marginally effective).

This latest bit of news shouldn't surprise anyone: trump is an ignorant, amoral, incompetent, sociopathic criminal. If you were to read this article to him, he would be brimming with pride. He and many of his fellow rethug governors are simply too stupid to lead during a disaster like this.
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