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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Jersey Shore
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 08:01 AM
Number of posts: 23,359

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They fired the shit heard 'round the world...

Bill Cosby just tendered his resignation from Temple University's board of Trustees.

A non-traditional Thanksgiving:

A Wilkes-Barre, Pa., woman was arrested Thursday after she allegedly stabbed her boyfriend because he began eating Thanksgiving dinner while she slept off a drinking binge.

Police said Jack-Lyn Blake, 47, met officers at the front door of her Madison Street home shortly before 6:30 p.m. and admitted to stabbing the man.

The victim, who was standing in the doorway holding a towel over his chest, told investigators Blake had gone upstairs to sleep earlier in the day after becoming intoxicated, police said.

Hours later, when Blake came back downstairs and found him eating dinner, she allegedly became enraged.

Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/news/Cops_Pa_woman_stabbed_boyfriend_over_Thanksgiving_dinner_spat.html#m81SB51CYeWUwR70.99


Wow, and I thought it was a big deal because my then-separated parents would get into arguments before and after holiday meals. The most fascinating part of the article is where it states that she had been previously arrested for threatening to kill her boyfriend in his sleep. They did not stipulate whether this was the same boyfriend…it is beginning to appear to be a bit of a 'trend' with her.

Philly protestors:

Marching towards the police HQ

Cliches, Platitudes, Half-truths, and Lies

Pro forma for official coverups.

Everyone interested in CT involving 11/22/63 should read this article:

I'm a cynic of the Warren Commission, I'll leave it at that - but here's something worth reading no matter what "side" you're on:


When is America gonna wake the Hell up when it comes to this issue?

Was Lucille Ball Lucy Ricardo? Did Don Ameche invent the telephone? Was Doris Day little miss innocent? Was John Wayne a military veteran? Was Glenn Close a psychopathic jilted mistress of a married man?

If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, you are clearly living in an alternate Universe. but you are not alone: an acquaintance of mine used to head the programming division for one of the major networks. When I met him and we got to talking about soap operas, I mentioned that when I was a kid and the plots and stars were much less glamorous than they came to be later, people used to go up to the actors and warn them that their spouse was having an affair with the next door neighbor, or the doctor, or the milkman; or that the son was sneaking cigarettes out of the house with his friends. The fellow replied to me, "What do you mean USED to? They STILL do."

So it seems that so many people thought that Bill Cosby WAS Cliff Huxtable or that his almost-funny humor on his record albums was reflective of his inner being rather than all of these being carefully scripted-for-the-masses works of less-than-art.

A former patient of mine told me about 25 years ago than she had at one time been Bill's fiancee here in Philadelphia and he was still calling her when he came to town for referrals for hookups, as they call them these days, with friends or acquaintances of hers. My entire office staff at the time was witness to her statements which she used to make in the waiting room in front of other patients. At the time I believed her, she was not an insignificant individual in her own right, but she was deliberately and somewhat inappropriately confessing all of this in public for some deep-seated reason. She claimed to have no regrets for not marrying him, BTW.

So when I hear that so-and-so is a "role model", I just shake my head in disbelief that people fall so easily for the persona which is so meticulously crafted for the masses and not understand that in most cases, they have not a single clue as to the true psyche of the "star" in question.

A pre-Shabbat Letter from our Rabbi:

Dear Adath Israel Community,

This week, we as a Jewish People have been horrified by the murder of Rabbis Aryeh Kupinsky, Avraham Shmuel Goldberg, Kalman Levine, and Moshe Twersky in the midst of their morning prayers at Kehilat B'nai Torah in Har Nof, Jerusalem, as well as the later death of Master Sergeant Zidan Nahad Seif, the heroic Druze police officer who lost his life after preventing further terror from the murderers who violated the Sanctuary of B'nai Torah.

This Shabbat at services, I will take an opportunity to reflect more deeply on the tragedy and what it means to us as a worldwide Jewish community. During our Shabbat morning services (similar prayers to those that the rabbis were reciting when they were struck down) we will say kaddish for those who have been lost. We will thus make the statement that kol Yisrael areivim zeh ba-zeh - that all of Israel, all of the Jewish People, are responsible and interrelated with one another, especially in comforting one another in the face of evil.

These heinous acts (and the ensuing public, worldwide justifications and celebrations of these crimes) cut to our very heart and soul. But they only strengthen our collective resolve to live in peace and security in our Jewish homeland, and especially in Jerusalem, the eternal undivided capital of the Jewish People.

As your Rabbi, I join my prayers with yours for a Shabbat Shalom - a Shabbat when we might begin to see new-found glimmers of reassurance, consolation, security, and peace.

Rabbi Eric Yanoff

HELLO-OOOO...Where is everybody????

So two miscreants enter a synagogue with a gun and a MEAT CLEAVER and this is not worthy of discussion here? Too busy posting about about what...the snow in Buffalo (shocking!) or Walmart business practices (even MORE surprising!)...or Bill Cosby's sex life (who didn't know about that for like, twenty years?). Really.

All the usual suspects are gone for now. Oh yes...I forgot...there WERE a few posts blaming the Jewish worshipers on LBN...I guess that was enough. After all, it's NOT anti-Semitism, it's dissatisfaction with the OCCUPIER. Yep....that must be it.

Tuesday, November 3, 1992...

For one fleeting moment in my life, I thought we could reclaim America from the clutches of Reaganism. On that night, we saw an impossibly charismatic Democrat prevail, the image of his seemingly brilliant wife hugging the wife of the new Vice-President Elect with sheer unmitigated joy, the laughter pervasive and widespread in the crowd in Little Rock, Arkansas which was now the center of the political world as the Clintons and the Gores were delightedly enthroned by the masses assembled that evening.

Time passed: and there was a very young Chelsea Clinton, crying tears as she left her home state for Washington, D.C., an unknown territory filled with strangers and mystery for an adolescent girl: poorly dressed in a time-worn polka-dot dress which belonged in some general store window in the 1950's.

It turned out that Chelsea's upset was well-conceived: our 'hopes and dreams' have been repeatedly dashed by our own people, our own politicians, and our own policies. We are now adrift in some politically pre-Apocalyptic version of America: on the one hand we have the access to unlimited information, unlimited legal graphic sexuality, unlimited entertainment, unlimited sporting events, unlimited libraries of literature, unlimited galleries of paintings and photographs, but we are systematically electing individuals and thus entities which are promoting repression of an individual's lifestyle, State religion, unlimited weaponry distributed among the populus with little or no regard for the intent of its use, deliberate disenfranchisement of distinct ethnic individuals who are citizens of these United States, regressive taxation of the middle and lower classes, destruction of organized labor, and many many more actions which will undermine the progress of the last hundred years.

This was the goal stipulated even while Franklin Roosevelt was implementing his New Deal and Lyndon Johnson was promoting his Great Society. Plans were drawn up to smash them no matter how long it took, no matter what or who had to be sacrificed. The Democrats have had much to do with this and their complicity is evident at the highest levels. We hold this truth to be self-evident.

I do not expect that the job will be finished within my lifetime but it may be completed within my child's who was one year of age on the night of November 3, 1992. The historic election of Barack Obama has allowed the Republicans to employ the techniques of hatred, resentment, and yes, racism to more quickly divide the Nation and to accelerate this process. It is tragic for many including those who do not realize what has happened. My mother of blessed memory used to say that there were three kinds of people: those who made things happen, those who watched things happen, and those who asked, "What happened?". In a number of months, many sleeping individuals will awaken and ask, "What happened?". And the response will be: "Lucy pulled the football away again."

I will tell you that I will not professionally survive another Republican recession. The last one nearly put me completely out of business. The touting of them as the Party of Small Business is a lie, although I suppose that it would not be considered dissembling if we can all agree that Shell Oil or General Foods is a "Medium" business. But of course, it isn't just me whom I am worried about: many many individuals will not survive if health care is withdrawn, if schooling is depreciated by privatizing, if jobs are sent overseas wholesale. There is a higher morbidity and mortality rate for performing each of these actions and it seems that only a minority of people care. So be it, America. So Be. It. It was yours to lose and apparently you are well on your way to doing so.

Post-mortem: An anecdote from years ago, repeated:

Many many years ago here I posted a story about a hot-shot Democratic fund raiser who was a patient and, I would suppose, friend of mine and my family. This guy was as big as it got in Philadelphia and some of you out there who know our landscape probably can guess who this fellow was. He's passed on now...

Once upon a time there was a Democratic candidate for the US Senate who was running against then-Senator Santorum. Now Santorum was not that popular in the Commonwealth and many rank and file democrats believed that he was beatable. But incredibly, there was little to no campaign and Santorum won by six points. SIX POINTS and the Democrats essentially ran zero ads and zero high profile endorsements. This meant that a swing of three percent would have changed everything and doomed Santorum to a one-term status. All the Democrats had to do was do something...anything. But they didn't.

So soon after the election, the hot-shot was in my office and we were talking a bit of politics, which was difficult due to his, shall we say, "interesting" point of view. Undaunted, I asked him why the Party had not done more to promote its candidate. The answer came crisply and sharply: "We didn't want to win. This was not the right time." My angry response...angry but measured was, "Not the right time? Since when is it not the right time to win a Senate seat in a state as large as Pennsylvania?" His terse reply, "Not our call." and that was it. He never spoke of it again. I always wondered, who was calling the shots at that point and who is thus, calling them now?

So is it not strange that you had so few candidates running on the successes of the USA whilst they were in control: Stock Market very bullish, low gasoline proces, low unemployment, saving the auto industry and associated businesses, the death of Osama, the Affordable Care Act, and many other useful policies for the American People. These are not praiseworthy? Of course they are...it must have been a deliberate attempt to lose. How the hell else do you explain the lack of a cohesive message, the inability to appeal to voters on the most fundamental bases, the fumbling of the ball in almost every state. Here in PA, Mr. Wolf won because he rejected the state party and handled his own campaign. I wouldn't give you a hoot in Hell for the Party people. Look who they were going to put up before Wolf announced: probably Allyson Schwartz who had ZERO...and I mean ZERO chance of winning a statewide election here. She was the annointed one but ran the WORST primary campaign anyone remembers for an erstwhile major candidate. I would wager that she would not have gotten 42% of the vote over the universally-hated Corbett. And we were awaiting her "candidacy" when I received the phone call to meet with an unknown Tom Wolf, a meeting which I chronicled at the time and is in my DU Journal http://www.democraticunderground.com/10024140848 here.

I knew he was going to give Corbett a run for his money because he wasn't messing around with platitudes and half-assed statements. He was laying it on the line and going after Corbett as a Democrat should go after a Republican who betrayed the trust of the voters. He's going to have problems with the Republican legislators who control Harrisburg but at least we have a shot at coming out of this funk here, what with schools grossly underfunded, special education in trouble, allowing the oil companies to dictate policy without having to pay any extraction tax. Can you imagine? In Texas of all places they have a tax, but not here...but I digress.

In reflecting upon the nightmare that was Tuesday, it seems as though not only was it a foregone conclusion from 2012 that this would be the result, but that it was facilitated by the power structure from on high. I am alternately appalled and impressed that the Nation is heading inevitably and inexorably towards the goal line as defined in the post-war era by a shadowy group, all of whose names we will never ever know. I'm reminded of an incident which occurred years ago: a gnetleman of my acquaintance with a fairly weird, somewhat perverse affect for an adult, once said to me, "So you think I'm strange. What if I told you that I was an alien?" My response was, "Well, it would explain a lot about you."

"Deliberateness of loss" explains a lot about Tuesday.
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