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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Jersey Shore
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 08:01 AM
Number of posts: 23,357

Journal Archives

Wohl plot Pol Pot. Where are my grappling hooks?

I’m awaiting the FOX crowd to say this was a Dem-inspired false flag operation to strengthen Mueller’s hand.


The next Democratic President should sign

an executive order to summarily jail for life anyone related to Trump including the orange clown himself. Who needs the Constitution?

I attended synagogue from the age of three through eighteen on a weekly basis

and had some years: two afternoons of Hebrew, Sunday morning Sunday School, Bar Mitzvah lessons, Friday night and/or Saturday morning services, pre-Confirmation, Confirmation, and even post-Confirmation studies. (We read Portnoy's Complaint in Post-Con!). My life was inextricably wound into the institution, the school system, the rabbis, and the congregants. It was a way of life for us. There were 173 Confirmands in my class and I still run into many of them here in Philly - there were two in my dental school class besides me. It was a good part of the fabric of my early life.

I cannot imagine what the congregants are going through today.

That is my cousins' Synagogue...

Shame they didn’t blow this prick’s head clean off.

And on edit: yes I understand that's why victims aren't judge, jury, and executioner. What I WANT is irrelevant.

He must be innocent because

His calendar says that he was at Timmy’s house with Squee.

Hey John Feehery, you fucking asshole, Google-ing your name frequently I'm sure...

So you can read what people say about you...

Fuck you for equating on Tweety's show haranguing some RW asswipe while he's eating dinner with sending bombs through the federal mail system to politicians. Guess what, if I see you stuffing your overfed face in a restaurant in D.C. or here in Philly, I guarantee you I'll come over and not only call you a fuckwad to your face, but I'll be thrilled to video it and make it go viral, you hypocritical, mealy-mouthed sonofabitch. And fuck you for saying that first, "Thank God no one was hurt", thus attempting to minimize its impact. You prick.

There are NO DEPTHS these bastards will not plumb...

Lying, thieving, colluding with Russians was just the beginning. Separating children from their parents and interning all in cages in Concentratoon Camps was simply the end of the First Act. Sanctioning the live dismemberment of a journalist and encouraging the bombing of political opponents is the Entre’acte, not the beginning of the Second Act. Who knows what horror that will be but you may think outside the box.

We have not yet begun the true War. It is however, on the Horizon.

So let me tell you what an IRS agent told me today in my dental chair...

Please...no jokes....LOL.

HE was telling me that he was figuring out his taxes for the coming year, and looked at the tables of withholding and figured out how much they would hold and how much he would get back as a refund based upon his proposed deductions and to his horror, after all he is an accountant, he found that he would owe a fair amount of money still to IRS. Now apparently, IRS employees are not permitted to owe large amounts of money to the government so he did some quick thinking and realized THAT THE WITHHOLDING TABLES HAD BEEN CHANGED BUT THE BRACKETS WERE NOT. This means that yes, you do get more money in your paycheck but at the end of the year you're gonna owe it to IRS and more.

He said that in February, when people get their W-2's they're gonna stroke out when they see their tax bill after they do the forms. Of course, that's after the midterms so the Republicans don't give a damn at that point. After all, they'll be making fun of Speaker Pelosi and possibly even Majority Leader Schumer at that point so it won't mean much....

I just saw the greatest thing....

I was at the AOL main page (don’t ask) and a pop up appeared:

Poll of President Trumps job approval. Three choices:




What is there left to say? Dear Fuhrer has spoken!!


Wtf? She’s a gorgeous woman who under circumstances (see what I did there?) other than dealing with this Fatfuk, is probably a terrific bed partner beyond my comprehension I’m sure.

Only this orange asshole could belittle someone of that stature and experience.
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