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PCIntern's Journal
PCIntern's Journal
December 31, 2019

I was raised by my unabashedly liberal parents

who stated most explicitly that treason, spying against our country, attempting to destroy the established and constitutionally ratified norms of the country, to advocate the overthrow of the government by force or criminal action were extremely heinous crimes which merited the severest of punishments.

My mother who worked in the Philadelphia Navy Yard during WWII never uttered a word about her work as she signed a statement when hired that she would not do so for the rest of her life. My father was a four year combat veteran of the Pacific Theater and never disparaged the notion of the military even though he vehemently opposed the War in Southeast Asia. He,as I have written here before, understood the pattern of history unlike anyone I have ever met. My parents, each brilliant in his and her own way, respected the frameworks of our civilization and attempted to effect change through legitimate means.

They would have regarded the seditious, traitorous behavior of these miscreants as subhuman. On this New Years Eve, I miss them terribly.

December 28, 2019

My own Don Imus story:

About forty or more years ago Imus used to broadcast for a week in the summer in front of Convention Hall in Atlantic City. I’d ride my bike down from Ventnor and stand with the crowd and watch and listen to him. What I found amazing as a young person was the combination of horrifying sentences coming out of his mout combined with the absolutely perfect radio professionalism that accompanied them. His physical mannerisms for directing the program, the other participants, the engineer, it was amazing to watch.

That being said he was a first-class creep, mostly unfunny but a star bully. Yet people were enthralled by the production. Fascinating to watch.

December 20, 2019


I’m gonna go out of character and quote former Philly mayor Frank Rizzo: “you wouldn’t be accused of a crime if you weren’t guilty somehow.”

Exonerate him? Not on his fucking life will he EVER be exonerated. He is guilty of anything and everything said about him ever. Period. Guilty as sin.

Not gilt-edged, guilty.

December 19, 2019

This is (almost) better than sex...

I guess it Depends...

On the Senate trial...or his Depends. Something tells me the Tiffany Security manager is gonna have some hot nights....or matinees. Even if Hope were still “pressing his pants” it wouldn’t make him feel better...

Suddenly all the self-gratification is secondary. He’s looking like shit and I’m certain he feels worse than that.


December 19, 2019

They fired the shit heard round the world!

That is all....

December 18, 2019

I know why he's SO upset right now...

OK...hear me out:

Obviously he would know that McConnell will see to it that he is not Removed. So in theory he would be ok in the long run...except:

That a story is going to break which is going to cement a case of sedition and traitorous behavior and Orangina has foreknowledge of this event. The reason he knows is that he and his Counsel have been told. It is the wild card, the Ace Of Trumps as it were , which hangs over the bird-nest covered head of this so-called President. It is on video, it is dastardly, and it is execrable. The intelligence community has been holding this in abeyance for the moment to release it and it will be done at the most propitious moment.

This is by no means over. Not by a long shot.

December 18, 2019

Garbo speaks, Melber shaved.

I suppose that he anticipates this day being replayed for decades if not centuries (LOL) and wants to look...you know....Fresh.

December 17, 2019

These bastards

Could show up at a bank with guns, rob it of all its cash and negotiable securities, and then claim when apprehended that they were simply applying theough an alternative loan program, and that the police should be investigated for insinuating that they were guilty of anything. It’s just beyond comprehension that this can play so well here in the USA, home of the white hat/black hat emblems.

December 13, 2019

It all depends upon an overtaxed heart beating in a 350 lb body

The whole foundation of these Nazified, lockstep right-wingers rests upon the existence of this ticking time bomb of mental and physical illness. It is obvious that physiologically and emotionally the body is deteriorating at an ever-increasing rate. The panic-tweeting is emblematic of enormous stress being placed upon the organ systems and emanating in the only way it knows how. The visit to the hospital was the Distant Early Warning sign: the incident will occur in the quiet of the night, when there’s the stillness and in a manner reminiscent of an Edgar Allen Poe short story, the beating heart will become increasingly loud, drowning out the ambient noise until the stubby fingers push the emergency button to summon assistance. It’s coming, make no mistake.

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