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PCIntern's Journal
PCIntern's Journal
December 30, 2020

A modest story (proposal):

Interviewer: So, Doctor, as a dentist how would you describe your contribution to the well-being of your rather large practice during the 43 years you have been seeing patients?

Dentist: well, you know I went into dentistry because I wanted to have some affect upon humanity, reducing its anxieties and pain, and working for the betterment of all of my patients health. Probably, the best thing that ever happened to me, was actually today. One of my patients, a 5‘9“ swimsuit model, with flashing eyes, thick blond hair falling heavily to her shoulders, when everyone else was out of the room put her hand on my shoulder and said quietly, “Dr in all the years I have gone to the dentist I prayed for someone who will take care of me as wonderfully as you have. You’ve never hurt me, you’ve made me feel comfortable, and attended to my every need in your office. I don’t know what I would do without you.“ This has happened to me at least 15 times in the last three weeks, and it is just so gratifying.


This is essentially the same story the politicians are telling when they’re asked on Fox News what their attainment are. It is the most revolting, self-serving, gold gladhanding response conceivable. Now, if I told you the above story your eyes would be rolling out of your head, and for good reason. It’s all such bullshit. It’s actually embarrassing bullshit, and only a politician in America could get away with this crap. Of course I am referring to Senator Perdue‘s response to this question on Fox News. It made me want to lose my lunch.

December 30, 2020

Wait just one minute...

If you listen carefully to most of the hot-shots over the past month or so, almost no one states that they will ADMINISTER twenty million doses of vaccine. They say that they will HAVE twenty million doses. That’s like saying “I’m rich: look at all the unused deposit slips I have from the bank.” It’s all part of the mass murder scheme. I wonder what the bounty is on American citizens?

I’m a dentist, a front line health care worker and I have no place to receive the vaccine. I’ve called hospitals, friends in the medical community, the dental society (always worthless) and the closest I’ve come is an ad from Acme Supermarkets which states that they’ll be administering it for free when they get it. It’s insane. I’ve risked my life for nine months, been classified as 1a, and no one has set anything up for us or other independent medical people including home health, podiatry, optometrists and many others. If we are treated like this, what did they plan for everyone else? Less than nothing, that’s what.

December 27, 2020

I figured out how to tell if Trump is planning to return to Washington

Check Air Force One and see if the bric-a-brac and tokens are all missing. My guess is that if this were his last ride, he would have packed a bag full of these things which are quite saleable on eBay or perhaps to his friends in North Korea, Saudi Arabia, and other countries which eschew the democratic process.

December 26, 2020

I'll relate this story without specific locations:

As I have discussed for sixteen-plus years here, I practice in Center City Philadelphia and many years ago we had an underground electrical fire not far from me. It was a catastrophe from the viewpoint of functioning infrastructure, and electrical, phone, and gas lines we’re severely disrupted fora fair amount of time and quite frankly, we still have sewer smells we never had before, but I digress.

One of my patients was a veteran Bell Telephone of PA lineman who had been called in to assist in the repair, and he had come to see me in a lunch hour. Now this was way before 9/11/2001. We were discussing the damage done and he took that opportunity to tell me that there were a couple choke points nearby where a fire OR A TERRORIST could disrupt phone service on a mammoth basis, far beyond that which would be evident to a lay person who was not familiar with communications theory and design. Then he said something I will never forget: there is a structure which is right on the street at a corner where a truck bomb (his words) would cripple long distance, emergency calls, and other aspects he would not discuss for months or even longer. He was rather matter-of-fact about most things but he was very serious here, and he said that all communication eventually “goes to ground” and this was ground zero.

The reason it was so memorable is that it was a lot of inside info coupled with a disaster scenario that was so easily attained by one or a group of miscreants. I drive by that building every day and think about him most days. Yesterday was no exception.

December 25, 2020

I awakened this Christmas thinking that

The Trump cult reminds me of something other than that political.

I believe it is as difficult to convince a Certain brand of Trump supporter to change his or her Mindset as it is to convince a Philadelphia Eagles fan to become a Dallas Cowboys fan, or a Green Bay Packers fan to become a Minnesota Vikings fan. I think there is a portion of the brain wired with some people, many people, that a certain measure of allegiance to a thing becomes the firmware and it is all but impossible to rationally negate its power over the individual.

I only need to look at myself to convince myself that this is a powerful argument. I have been a Philadelphia Phillies fan since 1958. Overall, they are the “losing-est” team in the history of baseball, if not professional sports, due to their early origins coupled with horrendous ownership and management over many decades of their existence. My heart has been torn out of my chest more times than I care to discuss, especially when I was a small child, but I have unswerving allegiance to the team no matter what. There is not a single person involved with the team from the time they were winners, And as we all know, there is absolutely no allegiance to a team by a player other than the contractual binding, and yet no matter what I am bound to emotionally handle to the best of my ability The ridiculous vagaries of this team. The Yankees are only 90 miles away from me and our whole different kettle of fish as a franchise, but there is not a prayer I could swear any allegiance to them.

It is irrational and yet pervasive. Of course, calling Trump irrational is like calling Charlie Manson moody. And so it goes.

Merry Christmas everyone!

December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas, Republicans, and oh and by the way, Fuck you.

Yeah yeah yeah....I know: he’s your “guy”. Years from now, when history, journalism, and the body politic become congruent and it is more than tacitly admitted that he was a psychopath, a narcissist, a rapist, a crook, and a spy, you guys will give that half-shit-eating-grin and say a few words defending your choice. I saw that with the Nixon folk, I saw that with the pro-Vietnam War folk, I saw that with the anti-hippie folk, and I saw that with the Iraq War folk.

It’s always the same and you’ve begun this already. But this time we ain’t gonna let you get away with it. Not for one minute. Not this time. We came very close to the death of a democratic USA and we are awaiting your next attempt to annihilate this experiment.

December 23, 2020

Discussing all this weird Trump shit made me recall that:

Both Frederick Douglass and Susan B Anthony have buildings named after them at The University of Rochester. A building containing a dining center and a residence hall respectively.

I understand they are both getting more publicity recently...

December 23, 2020

You know, DUer Dennis Donovan posted this terrific achievement remembrance

of the plane which circumnavigated the world nonstop and it got me to thinking:

For the past five years, virtually the entire focus of the country has been on one individual and his performances. Whenever I look at the TV new screen, it almost invariably has a red banner at the bottom announcing some new insanity or atrocity which is been performed in the name of the government of the United States, or the sequelae from the actions there of. I’m not sure that a great deal of the attraction to this guy by so many millions isn’t the excitement which he generates in their lives. It’s like having a continuous emergency report or special bulletin which causes excitement in the lives for so many which are considered dull And without purpose.

When I was a kid in the 50’s and 60’s watching tons of tv, when a Special Report or News Bulletin would suddenly interrupt a show or even a commercial, the adrenaline would start pumping and you knew you were watching an event and weirdly, saw yourself as a participant in this historical moment.

We have all been subjected to this continuous theater of bulletins and the devolution of our System for years now, and I wonder how long it will take for us to recover, if ever, from our own version of The Great Dictator.

December 23, 2020

Fuckers. Projecting fuckers. Hey Dante: we need a new Circle of Hell


In the weeks leading up to the presidential election, Elizabeth Bartman and Elizabeth Weihman registered to vote as Republicans in Nether Providence Township, Delaware County officials said Monday. There was one problem: Both women had been dead for several years.
The man behind those applications, Bruce Bartman, now faces two felony counts of perjury, as well as one count of unlawful voting for successfully casting an absentee ballot for President Donald Trump in the name of Elizabeth Bartman, his long-dead mother.
Bartman was arraigned Friday and released on $100,000 unsecured bail.
His lawyer, Samuel Stretton, said the 70-year-old takes full responsibility for the crimes, and will cooperate with investigators.

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