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PCIntern's Journal
PCIntern's Journal
May 31, 2021

I'm sofa king angry...

That DU rules absolutely prohibit me from speaking my mind.

Just in general…

My father of blessed memory was one of three survivors of his platoon in the battle of Mindanao. He would be beyond aghast at what has happened here since Gingrich and Limbaugh declared War on Democracy, and would be using, in an educated fashion, every, and I mean EVERY four letter word imaginable. And some ten-letter words as well.

A solemn Memorial Day as we watch the very fabric of this nation unravel.

May 30, 2021

On a rainy Sunday morning

I thought I’d take a look at the animation of a very large road project which affects my commute daily. NJ Dept of Transportation and other agencies are creating a huge interchange which involves I-295/I-76/NJ 42 and is like a 7 year project.

So I accessed the animation and of course I was subjected to an advertisement prior to the main event. This is what I got:

May 26, 2021

An interesting societal note:

Today, I had two major errands in Center City Philadelphia. The first of which took place 9 o’clock the second of which is going to take place at 1 PM. For a variety of reasons I don’t feel like visiting my office, so I decided I would go somewhere for a leisurely breakfast, coffee, and would tip the waiter handsomely for allowing me to sit at the table for a couple hours.

There is Absolutely nowhere to go in Center city for a sit down breakfast as I have described during the week. The hotels for the most part are only serving breakfast on the weekends and none of the restaurants that were formally open which serve breakfast exist any longer. I walked around for more than an hour, stuck my head into at least 20 places and was informed by individuals or posted signs that this establishment is no longer performing this service.

I will tell you that at one time you only had to walk at most 3/4 of a block to get what I was looking for and now…? I thought I would just mention this as a point of observation. My, has the world changed….

May 23, 2021

My family UFO story:

I want to preface this by saying that I come from a family which related it’s stories with exactitude. For example, my mother would not say that she went out and bought some Tastykakes, She would say that she went out and bought for peanut butter Krimpets, two Coconut Juniors and three lemon pies and two Tastyklairs. Obviously, this last sentence proves two things: I’m a Philadelphian and my mother spoke precisely. She never exaggerated, embellished, or lied. About anything. Ever. So I tell you the story and I believe it truly as though I had seen it myself.

She, my brother, and a friend of his were at what is now known as the Tarken playground near Frontenac Street in the Oxford Circle section of Philadelphia. In the clear blue sky, the three of them looked up and saw perhaps 1000 feet off the ground a giant teardrop shaped object possibly 50 yards across and of a color which was indescribable. It wasn’t gray, it wasn’t black, it wasn’t white, it bore no resemblance to any color which she had ever seen and it did not shimmer. It hung in the air silently and did not shift or move as a balloon would even during the five minutes with the stared at it. At one instant, two discs,relatively small, shot out at 90° angles From each other and she described them as disappearing over the horizon in but a few seconds.

At that moment, my mother stated that she realized that this was something with which she was utterly unfamiliar, she had worked for the War Department during the Second World War and was familiar with descriptions of aircraft, balloons, dirigibles and the like. She had seen weapons demonstrated and she knew this was not of the science with wish she was acquainted. She also realized that she and the boys might be in danger and got them out of there immediately looking Back over her shoulder and in the time it took for her to look forward for a few seconds and turn around the object was gone.

Now she was not alone in her sighting, she had run into other parents who were retrieving their children at the time and one delivery man who had seen it.

Now, my brother of blessed memory told the same story, of course with the impressions that the child has and corroborated her story in Toto. They had submitted the story to Project Blue Book in the 1960s if I remember correctly, and of course, never heard a word back from anyone.

Whatever these phenomena are they are not compatible with the knowledge base which we presently have vis-à-vis propulsion and ballistic dynamics. If they are from another time and place, from another civilization, from another planet, whatever they are,they are not part of our environment. To have experienced pilots, radar operators, law enforcement officers, military people of all stripes state that they have no idea what’s going on should at least pique peoples’ interests. I have my own thoughts about these things which are irrelevant to the telling of the story.

I would say to those of you who think this stuff is amusing, unbelievable, irrational, ridiculous, and easily explained, that it isn’t. It just isn’t. Too many people have attested to these experiences and whatever this is perhaps someday, I hope in my lifetime, it is revealed to the general public.

May 23, 2021

I was thinking about Santorum...

No, the other one, and saying to myself that I really blew it in life.

When I was active in organizations I spoke my mind and told the unedited unvarnished truth. For that I often got in trouble. It never occurred to me to say “I misspoke” or “I’m sorry if what I said offended anyone” because I DID NOT MISSPEAK and I WAS NOT SORRY.

Just to say that I missed my opportunity to be a hypocrite in extremis.

May 22, 2021

For your viewing and disseminating pleasure

If you’ve seen this, my apologies:

May 20, 2021

Watching Judgement at Nuremberg

specifically Burt Lancaster’s speech from the witness stand. His testimony about Germany could be applied to the USA without question.

I first saw this film when I was seven at a drive-in. It traumatized me -I was supposed to be asleep and watched the whole film. Almost no one had seen the films of the concentration camps and the genocide and I never forgot it.

Never again.

May 15, 2021

I believe that this is a fair question:

For the sake of argument, suppose the shoe were on the other foot and it was a radical left group in large numbers which assaulted the US Capitol. Now in this imaginary scenario, the Republicans control the House, the Senate, and the presidency just as they did relatively recently, and felt that they had been threatened by this mob.

With the Republicans in the majority in the House and Senate, is there any question that a commission would have been appointed immediately and would have full subpoena power and would be Holding hearings seven days a week with press conferences four times a day excoriating Democrats and the Left?

In my opinion, by 10th of January, this commission would be in the process of jailing hundreds of people who were seen in the District of Columbia in any capacity. In addition, they would be charging insider complicity and attempting to expel House and Senate Democrats and certainly would be pursuing Federal warrants against anyone who spoke out even vaguely praising the protesters/revolutionaries.

As with the Gulf War and the ensuing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, most of America by the end of the “re-education” process would have jumped on the bandwagon and demanded the resignations of all Democratic Congress people who did not support these individuals who were members of the commission. The Republicans would use this excuse to have a Constitutional Convention and rewrite the document in toto.

This is the difference between them and us.

May 9, 2021

So hear me out for a moment:

I do not know if this is an original thought but as a SF fan since I was about 5 years of age, something jelled in my brain last night as I drifted off after a not-so-bad SNL………

H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds is actually allegorical vis-a-vis the Trump Administration. To wit: a hostile takeover/invasion occurs wherein the enemy cannot be deterred nor can it be reasoned with. There exist force fields which prevent attack and the enemy is well-supported by utilizing military triangulation to attack and destroy civilization in rapid transiting through the major nations of the world.

Although the righteous fight with everything they have, it seems as though no weapons can possibly have any effect upon the aliens or their spacecraft. Almost impossibly, it seems as though there is no hope and then…and then it happens. Microorganisms are the instruments which eventually destroy the invaders and render them impotent, at least for the moment.

In the same fashion, the Trump Administration was foiled, despite their scheming and “fixing” of the “Game”. Amazingly, they could have utilized it to consolidate their power and strengths but chose to attempt to weaponize it against their enemies. Like the use of poison gas on the battlefield, the blowback was lethal, both politically and medically.

Now, when you read that “life imitates art”, you have lived through the experience of it doing so.

May 9, 2021

In all seriousness, members here need to watch

an old Bogart film entitled “Black Legion”.

It concerns a factory worker who is bypassed for a promotion and takes up with a group that emulates the KKK, and wages war against immigrants and people perceived as their enemies.

It is in fact, essentially a true story. There was such a group during the Depression and you can read about it on Wiki. The interesting part is that at the beginning of the film there is a disclaimer and I thought to myself that thus it must all be true.

It demonstrates that nothing is new under the sun…it is a remarkable film. Bogart plays a character who is a malignant bigot and the character development of the cast is terrific.


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