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Member since: Wed Mar 3, 2004, 08:03 PM
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I attended a private university during the late 70s - early 80s

I attended college with men who had attended prep schools in the D.C. area and the northeast.

The alleged behavior of Kavanaugh and his buddies sounds familiar to me. Their alleged behavior matches behavior and attitudes that I witnessed among college men of Kavanaugh's background.

Spiking the punch at parties to get women drunk? Check.

Targeting vulnerable women to get them drunk and then gang rape them? Check.

Getting drunk and becoming loud, belligerent, and abusive toward women? Check.

Speaking of women in demeaning and exploitative ways, even when sober? Check.

It's all there. It's all familiar. It's why I avoided fraternity parties, in fact I avoided men of this type while I was in college.

And by the way, the same people who behaved this way toward women were ALSO highly racist and homophobic. I expect that Kavanaugh is as well.

These are the worst. They are the core of the Republican Party: privileged wealthy white men who treat everybody else like dirt.

That's how Kavanaugh would rule on the Supreme Court.
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