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Member since: Wed Mar 3, 2004, 08:03 PM
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How many of us have a loved one who is or could be homeless?

Homeless people are the latest target of the Republicans. This leads me to wonder how many of us have relatives or loved ones who are or could be homeless. And, I know that some DUers are homeless.

I have several loved ones who are at risk for being homeless due to economic difficulties, mental health issues, and the high cost of housing.

I want to speak out against this latest vilification of people who have done nothing wrong, but are targets of authoritarian propaganda.

What is this Baby Yoda?

Baby Yoda is all over the internet. Where did he come from? I saw the latest SW movie and there was no baby Yoda - although admittedly I fell asleep in the middle - wait is that a spoiler - sorry!

When Gabbard was in the military did she have access to classified materials?

Has Trump been seen leaving Walter Reed Hospital?

Do we know if he has been discharged? I'm reading reports that Trump hasn't been seen since he was admitted to Walter Reed. Is this true?

(I know his twitter account has been active and his spokesperson says he's fine. That's meaningless. I'm asking if he's been seen in person.)

Marie Yovanovich spoke volumes with her clothes.

The scarf she wore when she testified was a classic Hermes with a pattern of swords, eagles and flags. She also wore a big sparkly American flag pin.

Like female diplomats and politicians before her, Yovanovich used her clothes to send a message. This is a message that will resonate with upper income Republican women. They wear Hermes scarves. The message is - I'm one of you. Listen to what I'm saying.

Very clever. I went looking for an article about this because I knew others would have noticed this. Sure enough: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/2019/11/15/marie-yovanovitchs-eagles-sabers-glittering-flag-spoke-before-her-testimony-began/%3foutputType=amp

I'm in a hotel lobby and Fox and Friends is on TV.

Nobody is watching it but me. The sound is off so all I see are people talking and the chyrons.

Nothing about Trump. Nothing about his rally last night. "Hollywood producer's secret to success" has taken up a lot of airtime. Previously, there were brief mentions that "the whistleblower might not testify in person" and "whistleblower worked with VP Biden" both of which seem like weak sauce to me.

I had a heart attack several years ago. I am perfectly fine.

I'm posting this because I'm reading some things here about how somebody who has a heart attack is automatically too unwell to maintain a rigorous schedule.

I had a heart attack, had a stent placed, and was out of the hospital in a few days. A few days later I went on a business trip. I returned to work full-time and haven't looked back. The cardiac rehab I did was physically strenuous. The doctors and therapists urged all of us in the rehab class - people in their 40s to their 80s - to work out rigorously, working up a sweat, getting our heart rates up. This is the standard of care.

I am physically fine. No permanent damage at all.

My biggest problem has been convincing my bosses and co-workers that I'm well enough to handle a stressful job. I'm at the top of my game in a competitive field. People look for reasons to count out the competition. I've proved them wrong, but there's always a stigma.

I don't agree with Bernie Sanders' policies and I don't like him very much as a person because of his behavior leading up to the 2016 election. But there's no reason to assume that he's not well enough to campaign. That's up to him and his doctors.

I think the promise was to Netanyahu to go to war with Iran.

The Republicans have been itching for a war with Iran. I think Bolton talked Trump into it.

Then, I think Trump changed his mind and backed away from the plan, enraging Bolton, causing him to quit.

Trump is an impulsive fool with the emotional intelligence of a sociopathic two year old. He is easily talked into something, then talked out of it by the next person he sees.

Pure speculation, but looking at what's been going on this summer, I guess the call was to Bibi and involved a promise to go to war with Iran.

STOP the petty attacks on Democratic candidates.

Stop nitpicking about minor issues whole our country and the world are in this much peril.

The mischaracterizations of Joe Biden's minor gaffes remind me of the lies and innuendo spread about Hillary Clinton's health in 2016. Stop it.

The outcome of this will be Trump's re-election. Just stop.

Donald Trump represents the opposite of everything I was taught to value - by Republicans.

When I was growing up in rural Ohio in the 1960s and 70s, most of the institutions in my community - the schools, churches, civic organizations and local government - were controlled by conservative white Christian Republicans.

In school, church, 4-H meetings, scout troops, and meetings of the local Rotary, Lions, etc. the message was consistent: work hard, defend our nation, praise God, perform public service, be honest and respectful and law-abiding.

I didn't agree with a lot of their opinions about the war in Vietnam, civil rights, women's rights, rock music, and the length of people's hair. HOWEVER, the bedrock principles of right and wrong seemed to be universally agreed upon, even when we disagreed vehemently on how to manifest them. In other words, Nixon was not praised for being a crook. His supporters simply insisted that he was misunderstood.

Trump is appalling, but far more appalling is that the Republican Party has embraced him, rejecting EVERY SINGLE VALUE they claimed to hold dear.

The Republican Party needs to be held to account for this. I will never again allow any Republican to lecture me on any Democrat's morals or patriotism.

The Republican Party stands for nothing. Nothing.
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