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Member since: Wed Apr 7, 2004, 08:18 AM
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AKNU- guaranteed feel good performance

Came across this while surfing YouTube. Trust me. These guys do not disappoint.


two new polls favor Biden....( edited title)

My apologies to everyone who pointed out that I posted the wrong polls. I was trying to find the polls they were talking about on Morning Joe. When I found these, I did not do my due diligence and check the dates. if there is some other more appropriate way to admit my lack of due diligence, please let me know.

I was looking for the October CNN/SRMS poll.

Oct 17-20, 2019
424 RV






Of course, polls at 538 vary

Again, I apologize for the lack of due diligence.

My burden to Bare
Biden back on top, enjoying wide leads in two new polls


08/28/2019 11:41 AM EDT

Two new polls show Joe Biden more than a dozen points ahead of his nearest rivals in the 2020 Democratic primary — further fortifying the former vice president’s front-runner status after an apparent outlier survey put his campaign on the defensive earlier this week.

Thirty-two percent of likely Democratic voters favor Biden as the party’s pick to take on President Donald Trump in next year’s election, according to a USA TODAY/Suffolk University poll released Wednesday.

Biden similarly dominated a Quinnipiac University poll published later Wednesday morning, again achieving 32 percent support among Democratic voters and independent voters who lean Democratic.

Warren directly trails Biden in the Quinnipiac primary rankings with 19 percent, followed by Sanders at 15 percent, Harris at 7 percent and Buttigieg at 5 percent. Yang received 3 percent support, with no other candidate polling at more than 1 percent.

Wednesday’s pair of polls are likely to bolster morale among Biden’s campaign team and deflect questions about his so-far steady standing in the crowded Democratic primary that emanated from a Monmouth University poll released Monday.

Joe Biden's resume is unmatched, but his past positions make him a target on the left.
See where he stands on all the issues »

That survey, which received some criticism for its comparatively small sample size, showed Biden, Sanders and Warren locked in a virtual three-way tie, with the two liberal senators each polling at 20 percent and Biden dropping behind with 19 percent.

old John West fish commercial, man fights a bear

Haven't seen this thing in years. Laughed as hard now as I did then.

Joe Biden's first campaign ad


Ships That Don't Come In - What do you think?

One of my all-time favorites.
It's about the words in the song.

Ships That Don't Come In
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