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Member since: Wed Aug 25, 2004, 01:28 PM
Number of posts: 15,171

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Was Nunes involved in espionage?

Who told him to gather secret information? Why did he switch cars after he disappeared? Who has he shared this information with? Just how many laws did he break?

What makes him think he is secret agent man?

Are Republicans getting ready to dump Trump.

Trump is threatening to cooperate with Democrats one day takes it back the next day and is increasingly frantic. Trump is not the only one increasingly incoherent. Have Republicans decided the wild man needs to go and get on the right side of history with a replacement?

I make no claims for Republican ethics but who would want this disaster to continue?

Did I just hear Spicer equate the Obama administration with the Deep State?

They are holdovers from the Obama administration. Unreal

Anyone notice who is missing in Trump and his mess?

Where is Pence? It would be so much fun for fake media to stalk out this creep and just ask questions? Several things might happen to Trump as his fragile grip on reality decays even more.
I want to know where Pence is located as Trump attempts to cover up?
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