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Gender: Male
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Current location: Central FL
Member since: Thu Sep 16, 2004, 01:03 PM
Number of posts: 52,408

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Awww. Poor Press Sec haz a sad


The Hoarse Whisperer
If only there was a room in the White House where she was able to speak to the press.


Acyn Torabi
Stephanie Grisham claims all the Sunday news shows refused to have White House officials on. She adds Fox News also cancelled her upcoming Sunday appearance

So, idiot son#1 makes public tweet praising the purge of impeachment witnesses


D onald Trump Jr.

Allow me a moment to thank—and this may be a bit of a surprise—Adam Schiff. Were it not for his crack investigation skills, @realDonaldTrump might have had a tougher time unearthing who all needed to be fired. Thanks, Adam! 🤣

He and Eric continually keep trying to outdo each other for The Dumb One


P. S. Thanks for the hearts!

Verify your voter registration information!!


Vince Olson , Councilman , Big Water , Utah
Wanna hear something completely " suspicious " ?
I'm at the County Clerks
Office to check on my voter's registration .

Guess who's ... " inactive " ?

" Yeeeah , we sent
you a notice , it came
back undeliverable " .

I'm the

How " convenient " .

Chris Murphy debunking Twitler economic claims



1/ One of Trump's favorite tactics is taking credit for Obama's economy. Democrats need to stop letting him get away with it.

A quick thread debunking some of his favorite lies ⬇️
2/ Job Creation

Obama created 227K jobs a month in his last three years in office. In Trump's first three years, it's only been 191K per month.

Job creation numbers were 20% higher under Obama during that three-year span.
3/ Deficits

Trump DOUBLED the budget deficit, creating over $3 trillion in new debt.

Where did all this money go? Mostly to tax cuts for corporations and rich people. But instead of boosting the economy, business investment has actually fallen since the tax law passed.
4/ Wages

Real wages aka what you can buy for the amount of money you take home, are actually doing worse under Trump.

They increased just 0.8% since Trump took office, compared with 1.3 percent over a similar period under Obama.
5/ Trade War

Trump's self-inflicted trade war contributed to outright job declines last year in states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Indiana and New York.

Overall, the trade war with China cost America 450,000 jobs in 2019.
6/ Obama inherited the worst financial crisis since the great depression and pulled America out of it.

Trump was handed a healthy economy and has made things harder for working families while juicing corporate profits.

Don't let his lies try to tell you otherwise.

Morning Joe on the "freak show" speech yesterday by Twitler vs Clinton's


Shades of humility, shades of dignity, and, well, shades of humanity, looking Presidential. It was a master class yesterday in the difference between humility and hubris, between class and someone who is classless.”

Nailed it

Twitler cares about no one but himself and about nothing but enriching himself

Evangelicals have tied themselves to a rotting corpse of decay

There's a reason the best artists, musicians, comedians, etc are liberal in nature

There’s a reason why the best musicians, artists, actors, comedians, etc are liberal in nature

Esp in comedy. Coming from an authoritarian position, it always is based on denigration and mockery in its vilest of forms. Jokes based upon a person’s looks, disabilities, struggles, etc when coming from a person in a position of privilege or power will never be funny. It’s the most vulgar form of expression.

When comedy does work, it’s from a position of the underdog or self-deprecation. That’s why a struggling comedian making jokes about their hardships works. Or mocking a corporate fat cat or politician works.

This is why people like Limbaugh who think they’re cracking jokes are actually the most vile of people. Racist jokes based on denigrating a group of people will never be funny (eg Limbaugh’s ‘Barack the magic negro’ song he sang on his hate radio show)

The greatest poetry and lyrics were written from positions of struggle and strife, not privilege and power

Empathy is an estimable aspect.

AG Barr has apparently shutdown multiple investigations into Twitler. Incl two new ones


Don Winslow

I have multiple sources inside the Justice Department that tell me when Barr became Attorney General he shut down *six* separate investigations into Trump and Trump related companies and surrogates.

I'm told Barr has also prevented *two new* investigations from moving forward. https://twitter.com/brhodes/status/1225575893424312324

'Operation Chaos': Republican voters aim to skew South Carolina Democratic primary

'Operation Chaos': Republican voters aim to skew South Carolina Democratic primary
GREENVILLE, S.C. – At least two Republican groups in South Carolina are organizing efforts to skew South Carolina's Democratic presidential primary to make a point and to help reelect President Donald Trump.

They are urging loyal Republicans to vote in the Democratic primary Feb. 29 for candidates perceived to be weak in opposition to Trump – for U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont in one case and for "the worst Democrat" in another, dubbed "Operation Chaos."

Since South Carolina has open primaries where voters do not have to register by political party, voters can cast ballots in either race.

The abject danger of open primaries

Makes no sense

Rick Scott proposes Constitutional Amendment to require 3/5 majority in House for impeachment


Senator Rick Scott (R., Fla.) on Thursday announced he would introduce a constitutional amendment to raise the House voting threshold to approve articles of impeachment to three-fifths of the chamber, instead of a simple majority.

“An act as divisive as impeachment must have bipartisan backing and overwhelming support,” Scott said in a statement. “It should be harder — much harder — for either political party to take the process our Founders created as a last resort against a tyrannical leader and use it instead as a tool for the tyranny of the political majority.”

Scott’s proposal comes a day after President Trump was acquitted on two articles of impeachment in a Senate trial. The House vote to approve the articles fell almost completely along party lines, with one Democrat voting against, while Mitt Romney (R., Utah) was the only senator to break ranks with his party and vote to convict the president.

Snowball’s chance in hell of passing but the push for more authoritarian rule continues

Probably lost a neighbor today....heh

on my wife's FB page, a neighbor posted she'd been holding off but responded that Dems are so mean and hypocritical and Nancy was a nasty person.

My wife had a great response:

if hypocrisy drives you crazy, then logically, you should hate Trump! Otherwise it's just driving you crazy when it suits you!

and then I had to chime in... (my wife isn't into politics in the near-obsessed way I am but she's become more vocal of late...love it)

It's not like trump has >16,000 documented lies in 1,095 days in office, has been banned from having a charity after defrauding multiple charities (including kids with cancer!) to fund his campaign and himself, mocked the disabled, sexually assaulted women, raped an underage girl, walked in on underage girls at his pageants, cheated on his 1st wife, on his 2nd wife with his 3rd wife, on his 3rd wife with a porn star, laundered money for russia for years, violated the emoluments clause from day 1 in office (Jimmy Carter was obviously a fool for selling off his peanut farm), covered up the murder/dismemberment of a US resident and WaPo reporter, engaged in racial discrimination in his real estate holdings, violated the US Constitution by bribing/extorting a foreign nation (multiple times with multiple nations) to investigate a political opponent, hired white supremacists as top aides (Miller, Bannon), sought to provide nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia and other mideast nations in secret (see Seth Abramson's Proof of Collusion and the involvement of Erik Prince of Blackwater and the infamous meeting in the Seychelles), awarded an AM radio hate merchant who's mocked people with Parkinson's, sang racist songs, spewed misogynistic hate and conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory with the Medal of Freedom on the floor of the House.

I mean...Nancy ripped a copy of a lie-filled speech in half. She's so mean.
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