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Member since: Sat Oct 16, 2004, 11:10 PM
Number of posts: 115,460

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"Hillary will imprison people of faith" I was told today. W.T.F?

They couldn't explain why they feared this, but they were very passionate about it. I have no idea what was meant. Any enlightenment beyond "they're paranoid nuts" is appreciated.

"That marriage thing made it so people can marry anything. A guy is suing to marry his computer." was easily countered with computers aren't adult humans, but the faith/prison thing had me stumped.

I was appalled to hear this from a fellow nurse. Seriously, wtf? People really surprise me sometimes.

How is creating jobs for others and reaping a really good income as CEO a sacrifice?

I cannot figure out his point.
Posted by uppityperson | Mon Aug 1, 2016, 03:48 PM (8 replies)

Keep talking, Trump. Please.

The more awful things you say, the better. Please continue to loudly show how mean spirited, how egotistically narcissistic, how short tempered, how awful you really are. Appall everyone, please.

Give those who support this way of thinking, of being, a reason to let everyone else know they are small minded assholes. It's better to not hide it but to know who they are.

You are such a buffoon, such an ass, we appreciat your being open about it now before the election. It may change a few minds and not get you the presidency.

Keep talking, don't let your handlers shut you up. Please.

Snopes on Alton Sterling photo being circulated. It's bogus, here's the link to give out

in case you see this popping up elsewhere, send them the snopes link. This shit gets old fast.


ETA, if this gets alerted on, I am trying to share information that can be passed on to those putting it on facebook or other places. We need to do what we can to counter this when we see it. Thank you for understanding the need for Rumor Control.

Alton Sterling: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know


This article discusses his legal history, shooting video, entrance wounds on his back, the cops involved in the shooting,etc. It seems good set of info to call on when, as we've already seen, smears happen.

I found more jury glitches

If you open a bunch of du pages at the same time, as I often do when on MIRT or Hosting, and you are called to jury, the jury call shows up on each page. That's not the glitch but is fine.

The first glitch is I click my way through a jury off one of those pages, then go to another page and (being the experimenter that I am), can get to the jury page again and work my way through the jury. I haven't done the last step on a juried post more than the 1 time, but it appears I can. Glitch one, can I serve on the same jury more than once as it appears?

Glitch 2 is since I do not do this, do not complete the jury process more than once on a particular jury, I have to click "remove from this jury" link to get every page to stop telling me I'm in the middle of a jury and therefore can't do some things.

Again, I have never completed serving on a particular jury more than once, but was seeing if it could be done, then got stuck in "on a jury".

On the positive side, this new system is interesting, seems to be promoting more civility. Changes are difficult, but civility is really nice. The new jury system reminds me more of DU2, sending notices to mods and not getting replies about the alerts sent.

Toasted coconut, help?

Hi, I got a big bag of toasted coconut and am stumped. Its wide strips, unsweetened. I have used the bags of sweetened shredded coconut in cookies, but this stuff is different . I've a couple bread bags full.

Aside from putting on granola or ice cream, have you thoughts or recipes? I considered making custard with it as an ingredient, but it seems there should be some thing else to do.

Many thanks.

A comment about not being able to see an alerted post in-thread or even which

I just served on my first jury and the post could've been innocuous if in one forum, hideable if in another. The reason that was given made me assume it was about Primary Wars, but not being able to see which forum even made me realize that it could've been in another one and perfectly ok (for instance, sports, or the lounge)

I realized that someone could mess with alerting on posts that are ok, but chose a reason that makes it look not ok and get it hidden. It made me put more trust in the alerter in figuring out what the post was, more trust than I am comfortable with.

I hope this makes sense. I wanted to throw this here in ATA since others may feel the same. There will be learning curve here.

Thank you.

Has anyone heard from Rhiannon12866 recently? (got an answer, yes)

Her last post was June 6 in the MIRT forum. Thanks for any info, don't like worrying about DU friends.

How about carrying pepperspray as a safety measure?

This comes after watching the newly released surveillance video of the SPU shooting and how it was stopped (link to du thread below). I am tired of reading (mostly elsewhere) that people need guns to be safe. How about pepper spray or something like that? You still have the problem of random sprayings, and bystanders getting affected, but it seems safer than adding more guns.

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