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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,706

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How Can We Help Bernie And Counteract Clinton And Her Surrogate's Attacks On Him....

DWS has done everything in her power to keep Bernie down and today we have a number of Clinton surrogates led by Claire McCaskill using 'hammer & sickle" and "socialist/socialism" to sully Bernie and his bid for the nomination. And I just heard today that even Joe Biden took a shot at Bernie by saying something to the effect that we don't need socialism. MSM is helping these negative attacks along by bringing on her surrogates and not having Bernie's surrogates on to refute their allegations.

Bernie has run an upstanding and clean campaign thus far as he said he wouldn't go negative and he's taking Hillary on by sticking to the issues. Hillary is not returning the favor and instead she and her surrogates are hitting Bernie hard.

I want to know what we can do to help Bernie during this? One of the things I suggested yesterday is that he demand Hillary release the transcripts to her $300,000 speeches she gave to Goldman Sachs and if she was paid by other Wall Street firms - I want to know what she said to them as well. I say put her on the defensive to take some of the heat off the attacks they are laying on Bernie. We need to know if she is telling them anything different than she is telling us.

We need to help Bernie. Do you have any other suggestions as to how to counteract these negative attacks?

At Least I'll Be Able To Keep Warm In My Car After I Lose My House And My Retirement Money Is....

gone. I guess there's a silver lining in the fact that the price of oil is dropping.

That will be about all I'll be able to afford - gas that is - as I wind up having to live in my car. At least I'll be able to keep a bit warm.

I thought the fact that we are less reliant on oil was a good thing. I thought we were moving to wean ourselves off of fossil fuels and on the road to alternate energy.

What the hell is going on? Somebody is getting rich off my retirement money that is being eroded by the whims of Wall Street. And just when I'm contemplating retiring in the middle of 2016.

Will Palin Be Trump's Undoing?....

Wouldn't it be interesting if she was the one to bring Trump down?

Think Of It This Way.....

You are not only voting for Bernie - you are voting for yourself.

Join the Political Revolution!!!! A Vote For Bernie Is A Vote For You!!!!!

Let's Challenge Donald Trump - Certainly If He Can Get Mexico To Pay For His Wall He Can.....

get Mexico to extradite El Chapo to the U.S. Go for it Donald!!!!!

Does Lehman Brothers Still Even Exist?...

I thought I heard Hillary say they are the problem.

Did Chuck Toad Develop A Lisp?....

Or did he lose a tooth? His voice is sounding funny.

What's With David Brock's Hair?....

Google him under 'images' and check out his changing hairdo's.

How Soon After Trump Loses His Bid For The Presidency Will He.....

open a hotel in Iran? Just asking......

President Obama Set To Send In SOS Kerry To Negotiate A Peace Accord With The Repugs....

Wouldn't it be great if the Repugs could congratulate the President and Kerry and give them a thumbs up on this.

Right now, however, the Repugs are looking to develop talking points to sully this accomplishment.

After this story hit breaking news - I turned to Faux. They originally reported it as it came over the wire - but then went to a series of long commercials (probably to figure out how they could taint the news) and came back saying that we got only 4 and the Iranians got more prisoners released - and insinuated that the Iranians got the better of the deal.

It's a sad, sad commentary when we have people and news organizations in this country always trying to spin everything negatively.
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