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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,721

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16-19-32-34-57 powerball 13....

I didn't win.

Just What Is The NRA's Hold Over Members Of Congress?....

Is it money or members votes?

Will The President's Town Hall On Guns Conflict With The Trump Town Hall In Burlington?.....

It will be interesting to see which gets more viewers - because we know that MSNBC will be showing the Trump fiasco while CNN will be conducting the President's town hall.

That's all Trump needs is his Burlington event getting more viewers than the President. We'll never hear the end of it.

Malheur Protesters - How Are They Financially Supporting Their Effort And Their Families Back Home?.

One thing that has puzzled me from the start is where is the money coming from to support this effort being made by these protesters?

Are they self-funded or are they being funded by some third party? If a third party - why and who? Are they receiving donations from like-minded people and groups?

A group of guys just can leave everything behind and hole up in a federal building without some source of income? Are these guys independently wealthy that they can afford to perhaps - as they say - take as long as is necessary to conduct this protest?

I know are said to have families back home in their respective states. How are they able to make rent; house payments; utility payments; food bills; taxes; etc.

I'm wondering if someone is 'following the money' here.

Or are these guys just so irresponsible that they really don't care?

Here's A Little Game I've Been Playing With My Remote - Cable News Trumping.......

When I'm watching another program I quickly jump to CNN, Fox and MSNBC to see how soon when I get there they will mention Trump by name.

The odds on winner all the time is MSNBC. Sometimes it is instantaneous. Sometimes you have to wait a minute or so. But inevitably Trumps name comes up more often than not within a minute on MSNBC.

Try it and report back here your results.

Wow!!!!! - Just Seen And Listened To Killer Mike On Cobert Now....

This guy is the real thing. He needs to get more exposure to get his ideas out and talk of his support for Bernie and why it is important. I hope that we'll be able to see a video of his appearance. He was just great!!!!

I'm proud and happy to know that he is in Bernie's camp.

Did I See A Malheur Protester Supposedly Armed And Under A Blue Tarp?....

Was that a joke or is this guy for real? Can anybody post a picture? I was flipping the remote and past by CNN and thought it was the funniest thing I've ever seen.

Reminder: Killer Mike On Cobert Tonight ....nt

Well It Begins......

the MSM is back today with a vengeance - scaring the hell out of Americans.

Back from their holiday hiatus and loaded for bear - they pick up where they left off.

It's interesting that it seems like the whole world takes a break for the holidays. And it's equally interesting that now that the holidays are over and the new year began - that the world is up to its old before the holidays antics.

Are we being propagandized or manipulated? You tell me.

Have Any Federal Agencies Showed Up On The Scene In Malheur?......

What about media? Are these guys only in one of the buildings at the site or have they occupied all the buildings (as I've seen in pictures of the compound here on DU). Earlier I heard that they were 150 strong - then I heard that there are only about 15 guys there - what is it? Have any measures been taken yet to turn off utilities and freeze and starve them out? Where these guys planners and prepared? Did they take provisions in with them or was this just a spur of the moment occupation?

Why is there so little information coming out of this area?

Have there been any comments by any of the candidates running for the nomination from either party yet?
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