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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,749

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Think About This - If The Media Didn't Black Out Bernie.....

and publicized his platform and covered his speeches with the record crowds he attracts - where he would be in the polls today.

Right now they are treating him like a best kept secret and even with the way they don't cover him - look at his support - both in people and campaign donations.

Go Bernie!!!

I Was Inspired By The Movie "Tomorrowland" That I Viewed On New Year's Day.....

If you haven't seen it (as it didn't get raving reviews) I encourage Bernie supporters to check it out. In true Disney style - they touched on the major issues of the day (mutually assured destruction, terrorism, WMD, environmental entropy, climate change, rising coastal waters, intensifying weather patterns, etc). They mention the novels Brave New Worlds, Farehenheit 451, 1984 as once considered fiction these futuristic novels are actually happening right now and seem to be getting worse.

Hugh Laurie, who plays the antagonist, launches into a long speech where he touches on the politics of the time, greed and indifference by our leaders and ourselves to what is happening around us. He basically says that we are indifferent because we live in the present and don't think that the future effects us.

In Disney style, the movie though, gives us hope to change things and it points to 'dreamers' which in my mind represents Bernie Supporters, many of whom have been referenced in other posts here on DU.

One such post talks about 18 million undergrad students in the US today, and a few million more graduate students. Many of them, who were not interested in politics in the past, became interested in politics for the first time because their enthusiasm for what Bernie stands for and became aroused. Many of them think generally of politicians as liars, but consider Sanders as an outstanding exception.

The movie ends with the following message: "Find the ones that haven't given up - they're the future" - "The Dreamers"

In my opinion - Bernie Supporters haven't given up. We are "The Dreamers". We're the future along with Bernie that has the vision. It is up to us to turn our Dreams into our Reality.

I encourage everyone to see this movie. It is inspiring.
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