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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,686

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Heard On Thom Hartmann's Show Today About Taking The Knee....

The suggestion was - if one takes a knee and holds one hand on their heart during the anthem to protest police treatment - they should hold a little American Flag in their other hand to show they are not disrespecting the anthem or flag.

What do you think? Would that shut down this controversy & Trump?

Does A Day Go By That Trump Doesn't Embroil Himself In Some Controversy Built On Lies?....

And the problem is - because of his lies - he's lying to himself - and is deluding himself to believe he the best president ever and does things better than any President that has come before him.

The history books will record this guy as the worst president ever. Boy will he be shocked when he finds that out.

This Bipartisan Healthcare Deal - It Seems Like The Dems Might Come Out On The Short End.....

of the stick on this.

Since Trump signed the EO the other day - in my book it meant that 'ACA' and 'Obamacare' was over and we were marching into the era of Trumpcare. Everything that comes after that EO is on the backs of the Repugs and Trump. They own it. Any negatives with respect to healthcare insurance (i.e., huge premium hikes, watered down plans, cuts in coverage, etc) is now a direct responsibility of the Repugs and Trump.

Now I hear that the Dems - through Murray (D) and Alexander (R) - have come to some agreement to essentially - IMHO - save the Repugs and Trump from any of these negative consequences. And incidentally - it is only a 1 to 2 year fix. How convenient. It will take it past the 2018 midterms - where any negatives that would really effect the Repugs and give the advantage to the Dems to take back the House and Senate - will be prevented from happening. It gives the Repugs a lifeline for 2018 and perhaps allow them to keep their hold on Congress.

And guess what - right after the midterms - what do you think they will do? Of course - they will go back to destroying healthcare again.

We all know if this deal goes through - Trump will be slapping himself on the back and giving himself an A+ that he coerced the Dems into this deal and he'll take credit for saving healthcare. And we all know - if the Repugs maintain their hold on the House and Senate after 2018 - they will go right back - along with Trump - to destroy it again and put some crappy plan in place.

I know that the Dems like the fact that they will have saved the remainder of ACA at least for a short while and will be happy that the American People won't suffer. But - the Dems aren't known for patting themselves on the back and promoting the fact that it was them that saved healthcare - and I really don't know if they'll use that in their 2018 campaign. My guess is that they won't take advantage of that opportunity.

I'm curious as to what others here on DU think about this move. Do you agree with my thinking on this - or am I missing something here?

Then again - there's always a chance that before this agreement gets passed that either it won't make it through the House or Trump will reverse his lukewarm support for this as it stands now.

Been Away From News All Day - Heard Trump Talked To The Press...

how did he screw up today?

What Happened To The JFK Assassination Info That....

was supposed to be released? I heard talk about it - then nothing. What happened?

Now That Harvey Weinstein Has Been Exposed (No Pun Intended)....

Will the MSM re-set their sights back on Trump and go after him with the same enthusiasm?

We have Trump on the record admitting that he used/uses his position to sexually assault women to his advantage. We've had a number of women accuse him - yet somehow - all that died and he went on to the WH.

It is time to get him to pay the piper and be made to account for his grubby, tiny hands and his dirty mind.

Will any journalist take on this mission now - or are they just going to give him a pass like they always do? Will we be hearing from Gloria Allred again?

How can we have a man like this represent our country?

Trumpcare - Day 2.....

After yesterday Trump and the Repugs own healthcare insurance. Whatever happens now is on Trump & the Repugs back. The terms Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act should be banned from DU starting now. Anytime we speak about this now we need to refer to this as Trumpcare.

The MSM needs to do the same thing and from this day forward use Trumpcare as well. Nothing will piss off Trump more than seeing the effect of all his sabotage raising premium prices; lowering coverage and people losing insurance and having all that negative being attributed to Trumpcare.

The Dems should just watch all this happening and wait till Trump and the Repugs come crawling to them to save them.

2018 needs to bring us a majority in the House & Senate. With all the grief that Trump & the Repugs are bringing to this nation - we should be able to accomplish that.

All our efforts now should be to achieve that goal. Our campaign needs to be directed at the Repugs as Trump will not be on the ballot in 2018. We can't waste our time and money campaigning against Trump.

GOTV!!!!! NOW!!!!

I'm In Chicago - Am I Hearing Thunder Or Are We At War?....

With Trump around I hate being awakened up in the A. M. like this.

Can We Trust A Pathological Liar To Tell The Truth Under Oath?......

Seriously - if Mueller interviews Trump under oath - can one really believe anything he says?

Seems Like Those On Meet The Press Daily Are Reading Kelly's Appearance Today As A.....

calming, reassuring influence.

I'm sorry - I think they are reading this wrong. I think I'm representative of the general public and Kelly's appearance today actually scared the hell out of me. He was not calming or reassuring. He contributed to more anxiety in me - in that - it seems like he contradicted all the stories of Trump, WWIII, unhinged, losing it, hating everyone in the WH and is going to fire Kelly because Kelly is preventing Trump from talking with people that always stopped by his office to chat.

We don't hear much of Jarad and Ivanka these days. What happened to them? Have they left the country? Are they laying low?

And will Kelly actually prevent Trump from going to the Mar-A-Lago dining room and fraternizing with the guests?
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