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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,755

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One Count On Manafort Is - Conspiracy Against The United States.....

is that considered treason?

This Security Guard At The Parkland School That Stood Down....

and stayed outside - what kind of weapon did he have? Was he outgunned by the shooter?

Trump & The Repugs Are Afraid This Time.....

You can tell by the swift reaction of the WH to get Trump to Parkland and this so-called 'listening session'. Also watching Rubio last night agreeing to everything he's been paid for by the NRA to crush. You saw the reaction of the audience to him and the NRA woman.

It's presenting a real dilemma for the Repugs. They want to get ahead of this issue so come Nov they can say they supported these kids.

These kids are not going to quit and the Repugs picked up on that right quick.

Rubio last night and I believe Trump today are counting on the cover the rest of the bought off Congress will give them. It appears the Repugs have been placed in a position to go counter NRA. Unless the NRA gives them some sort of slack on some issues like bump stock & and background checks so they can claim some sort of support for these kids - they're between a rock and a hard place. They need to try as to not look like they're beholden to the NRA.

I just hope the Dems don't get wishywashy now on guns as I read in another thread here this morning. This time the Dems have been placed - serendiptously - on the right side of this issue and I hope they don't screw it up.

You got a whole new generation of voters fired up and on your side about an issue that really means something to them.

The Dems need to capture this moment and be true to these kids or they will wind up turning them off. The kids have captured the backing of a lot of the country in a very short time - and they have more energy in their movement to come. The Dems - if they handle this right can count on these kids supporting the Dem Party well into the future. The Repugs realize this too - therefore you're going to see a lot of dancing around the issues to make themselves look good. They need those young kids as votes in their pocket in the future as well. Which Party will woo and win these votes?

Like I said above - I just hope the Dems don't screw up this opportunity.

The NRA Speaks With One Voice But.....

everyday the cable news channels have new and different spokespersons on from different anti-gun, anti-NRA groups. Though they all have a common element - each has a different way of accomplishing their mission.

This to me is fragmented, confusing and this makes it difficult to decide which one should be followed.

The NRA counts on that confusion.

If we are going to accomplish anything with respect to gun reform - there is power in numbers and we have to mobilize to become as formidable as the NRA.

There needs to be a coming together of all these fragmented pro gun reform groups so we can speak with one voice like the NRA.

Do you think if we put our minds together we can come together and speak with one voice like the NRA?

Trump Is Lucky They Closed The Mental Institutions In NY....

He might not have made it to the WH if these institutions were still open.

There's a place for everyone and everyone in its place.

Trump should have been committed years ago.

I Can't Wait To Hear The Parkland Students Retort To LaPierre & The NRA....

I'm sure they are ready toi unload on him.

1-877-Guns For Kids - G U N S - Guns For Kids....

support the NRA.

I expect to see them running this commercial soon.

So What's The Verdict From Cable News Of Trump's Listening Session?....

Are they giving Trump high marks? Are they saying that Trump became a president today?

Or are they saying he did this for the optics? Or he did this because he perhaps sees this as an issue he and the Repugs can make hay of and maintain their hold on the House & Senate?

Overheard In The Grocery Store Check Out Line Today About This School Shooting....

A lady said that it was another endorsement of 'home schooling'.

What Are Those In Congress That Take NRA Money Afraid Of If They.....

speak about gun reform and counter to the NRA?

Is it only that the money will stop? Is it that the NRA will primary them out of a job?

Or is it more sinister than that? Could the NRA threaten their lives or their families lives?
I hate to think that - but the other two possibilities don't seem that scary.

An incumbent can always get money from other groups to make up the difference and still get re-elected. If the worse that can happen is that they will be out of a job in Congress - they still have clout to get another job and maybe even a higher paying one.

I can't believe that all these elected Congressmen and Senators actually believe what they are saying when they have to be pro-gun. They're human beings. They have families, friends, neighbors that could be killed by a gun. How could they not support some kind of gun reform? How could they not come out against the NRA's outrageousness?

So my only conclusion is that somehow these Congressmen and Senators are being threatened or their families are being threatened.

Any thoughts on this?

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