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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,721

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They Keep Playing The Trump Clip Where He Says - What A Disgrace This Is For The.....

country. If you listen to it - and I've listened to it countless times now - he is really saying nothing. A lot of words with no substance. What is a disgrace? He really doesn't say.

I like to think he is the 'disgrace'!!!!!

Wasn't The Nunes Memo Released To Congress Before It Was Released To Us?.....

Didn't any in Congress read it before they embarrassed themselves with the release to the public? They could have avoided a lot of the fallout they are experiencing now if they did.

Does It Seem Strange That We Haven't Heard Anything From The Bush Family....

George Sr., George Jr. or Jeb. We also haven't heard a peep from Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld, Rice, Powell.

I've heard no comments from any of them. Why are they not commenting on what's going on with Trump and the Repug Party.

Just seems strange to me. One would think that they would have something to say seeing that two of them served as presidents, one ran against Trump and the rest were in the WH or cabinet.

Vindicated? Really!!! .....

Sounds like he still didn't read the memo.

Heard At A Bar Yesterday From A Trump Supporter.....

A guy was telling his friend that Trump is a double agent and he is surreptitiously working behind the scenes to bring down Putin.

I don't know where his idea came from - but these deplorables will believe and say anything.

OMG - we're in deep do do here!!!!! Incredible!!!!

Joy Subbing For Lawrence Played Some Fox News Clips On This Memo.....

They were just short soundbytes of Hannity and a few other talking heads on Fox. They were full of lies and mistruths - but they were very biting with respect to the Russian investigation, Mueller and Steele as well as the Dems in general.

Now we know who these Fox folk were directing their negativity to - Trump's base who are faithful followers of Fox News.

I never listen to Fox and I know from comments here on DU that many on this board don't tune in Fox either.

What I took out of Joy's playing these clips is that I could see how powerful Fox's message is to that base. If all I listened to was Fox - I can see the brainwashing effort they use on Fox's faithful followers.

In my opinion - though we can see how this memo was a dud as far as we're concerned - I can see how it served it's purpose for Trump's base. The Fox people uses it masterfully for that purpose and if you only get your news from Fox I can see how the Fox audience can think this investigation is a witch hunt and is worse than Watergate and anyone on the other side of Trump is committing treason.

This is pretty powerful stuff we're up against and no matter what Mueller and his team bring down on Trump - it won't be believed by these Fox viewer's. There will be fierce pushback.

If Only During The Primaries The Repugs Could Have Gotten Behind Releasing Trumps Taxes....

with all the gusto that they had behind releasing this bogus memo.

We might not be in the situation we are in today.

I Don't Get It - Why Would Anybody Risk Their Future Career & Reputation To Protect Trump?......

All these people from the primary campaign to the presidential campaign to the transition to the current staff at the WH.

Why would all the people that associated and still associate with Trump - risk their reputations and careers?

Why are the Repugs in Congress circling their wagons around this guy and continually protecting him - when it is apparent that an innocent person wouldn't act the way Trump is acting?

It just doesn't make sense to me that more people associated with Trump aren't abandoning him. The noose is tightening around Trump. Mueller is breathing down his neck - yet we get this display of protection around Trump with this bogus memo that Nunes and the Repug Party has released.

Can somebody explain this to me - I just don't get it.

Mission Accomplished Trump - The Dows Dropping Like The Crystal Ball In Times Square.....

Congrats!!!! I think you may have gotten your Constitutional Crisis.

Anybody Out There Thinking That The FBI Really Wants This Memo To Come Out?......

I'm thinking that this is a reverse psychology thingy going on. This memo is so filled with unbelievable info that if the Repugs and the WH release this memo it is going to make Trump and the Repugs look really silly.

But Trump and the Repugs - thinking that they have the FBI and Mueller over the barrel with this memo - just has to release this memo and make it public.

Once it becomes public - the FBI and the MSM will discredit the memo and point out all the silly inconsistencies - that it will backfire on Trump and the Repugs.

This ought to be fun to watch.
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