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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,721

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A Failure Of Leadership From Trump.....

Trump said that he and Rex weren't on the same page.

Isn't it a failure of leadership on the part of Trump for not getting Rex on the same page?

Trump was Rex's boss and he is the president to boot. Shouldn't Trump have brought Rex in and directed Rex to carry out his wishes with respect to the business of State versus letting Rex do his own thing.

I blame Trump here.

Trump Will Not Stop Until He Has His War.....

I'm willing to bet that somewhere in the back of Trump's brain he remembers something about being a 'war president'. I think he thinks there is a certain amount of prestige that goes with that - or being very manly to be a 'war president'.

I think this is what he is striving for and if we don't have a war with NK - he'll push to start one with Iran.

This guy needs to be removed from office or he'll get us all killed.

Is This Firing Today A Distraction To Take The Impact Off Of A Loss In.....

PA 18?

I Hope The Majority American People Are Finally Getting It...

elections do have consequences. Every vote counts. You can't sit out and not vote going forward.

We need to have an historic election in 2018. The highest voter turnout in any election in U.S. History. We must take back the House and Senate. GOTV!!!!!!

Mueller Should Issue Some Indictments Today To Shove It In The Faces Of The....

House Intelligence Committee.

I Just Heard A Radio Talk Show Host Say Trump Was Successful At The Reality Show....

But really how much of the success of The Apprentice was due to Trump? In my estimation - Trump was just an actor on the show and the real success behind the show was Mark Burnett that pulled Trumps strings and basically staged the show.

Isn't the real successful person Mark Burnett? He told Trump what to do. Trump just played a role in the show and though he was billed as the star of the show - Burnett really made the show a success.

Any thoughts?

Anyone Suspicious That Russia Is Somehow Involved In This North Korea....

thing? Is Putin pulling some strings to help Trump? Kinda attempting to take the onus off the Mueller investigation?

I'm Convinced That Wilbur Ross Was The Model For Mr. Magoo.....


Oh - Magoo!!!!!


Trump is just 'tariffying' the American People and our allies with his tariffs.

Ryan tells the Repugs - don't bully Trump on the tariffs because he might make the situation worse.

It's ok for Trump to bully though.

The way to beat the bully is to stand up to him. No one has the guts to do that.

What's The Purpose Of Trump's News Conference...

announced that it is coming uo on MSNBC.
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