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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,857

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Who Stands To Benefit Financially From Pulling Out Of The Paris Accord?.....

I got to think that there is a money reason for pulling out of this agreement. What's the money motivation behind this?

Kremlin's Employee Of The Month.....


The Ugly American.....

Help Me Here - Wasn't Michael Cohen Named In That Famed Pee Dossier?....

I seem to recall that his name came up in that dossier and he denied being in Russia. Am I right?

Given The Nature Of The Scandal Surrounding Trump And His Band Of Merry Men.....

who in his/her right mind would now take any position offered to them by Trump?

It Made Me Sick To My Stomach To See Trump At Arlington Cemetary....

today. A draft dodging treasonous bastard who only cares about himself delivered a speech written by someone else to make him look presidential. There is no sincerity there. He just went thru the motions. And what further sickened me is people actually applauded him.

I Listened A Lot To MSNBC Last Night And This Morning And One Name I Haven't Heard Mentioned....

is Pence. Are they protecting him so he can take over once Trump is gone?

Wasn't Pence the head of the transition team? I bet he's up to his neck in this Russian thingy as the rest of them.

I'm sure Ryan, McConnell, Chaffetz, Nunes and Guliani are in this as well.

Just Keep In Mind - Treasonous Donald Trump And His Band Of Merry Men Was....

brought to you courtesy of the Repug Party.

Who Do You Think - Ashton Kutcher Or Jim Parsons.....

to play Jared Kushner in
"Trump - The Movie"?

I Need Some Help....

I have two desktop computers networked. I have one printer that in the past let me print from both of these desktops. But now from the primary computer I'm able to print - but when I try to print from the networked computer I'm unable to print.

When the Printer dialog box comes up on this networked computer - under owner - it says "ADMINISTRATOR".

My thinking is that this "Administrator" has to allow this networked computer to print through the network. However, I don't know what I have to do as an "Administrator" to allow that. What settings do I have to modify in order to print from this networked computer?

Again I used to be able to print from both the primary and networked computer - but somehow that function was shut off from my networked computer.

How do I fix that in order for me to be able to print again from this networked computer?

Any help would be appreciated.
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