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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,687

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What Is Trump's Opinion Of The New York Times?....

Didn't he criticize it as being fake news?

Lifetime ......

Not only is Kavanaugh's job on SCOTUS going to be a lifetime appointment - but he is also signing up his family (wife & daughters) for a lifetime of ridicule, embarrassment, taunting and distress if he doesn't withdraw his name from the nomination.

He will forever be tagged with the moniker of sexual assaulter and liar. Whenever he is associated with any case as a SCOTUS judge - the MSM will tag him with such language. He won't be able to shake that image. He won't be able to live that down. Just look at how the MSM treats Thomas still today.

Kavanaugh's wife and daughters - wherever they go, wherever they wind up - will forever have to live with this period of their life when a husband and father was accused by and didn't let the process in the Judiciary Committee play out to make a real attempt to clear his name.

I can't understand why a man would sign his family up for such a life. His daughter's kids will be learning and reading about this in their history books when they go to school and this ridicule will transfer on to them as well.

Is this really what he wants for his family? What is more important to him - his political life or his family life and legacy?

Has Avanatti Weighed In On Dr. Ford's Requests Of This Committee?.....

I almost wish he were her attorney.

Do You Think Any Journalists Are Questioning Administration At Georgetown Prep

the all boys school attended by Kavanaugh?

I'm just wondering what kind of reputation this school has and if any of their students have ever been in any trouble?

Seems to me that this school might be an interesting place to dig into and learn about.

Outside Of Recusing Himself From The Russian Investigation - Is There Anything Else Sessions.....

didn't come through on for Trump?

Seems to me that everything else Trump wanted Sessions to do - he did or did I miss something?

My Theory On Why The Emmy's Ratings Were Down.....

Many of the people and programs that won awards are on Netflix, Amazon, Premium Cable/Satellite Channels and not network TV. As a result - a lot of the American Public don't watch those programs. Don't know the entertainers starring in them and as a result - watching the emmy's you feel left out, poor or stupid. So why watch.

The high point of the night for me was when Henry Winkler won an Emmy. After that the program was mostly downhill because I was unfamiliar with many of the programs and nominees.

I thought Michael Che and Colin Jost did a fine job. They were very funny and I particularly liked the Diversity Awards bit.

Also, there was a good football game on opposite the Emmy's.

I was surprised that they were telecast on a Monday evening. I would have thought that Sunday evening would have been a better time to hold the Emmy's. I think that would have helped the ratings.

Re Kavanaugh: Some Former Classmates And I Just Went Through Putting On A 50yr Class Reunion......

One of the hardest things to do in the process was contacting all our former classmates. Many were deceased; many moved out of state and for the women in our class - many married and were no longer identified by their maiden names - but now had married names.

These married women - now having a name changed to their married name - which were the majority of the women in our class - were the hardest to find and contact and it took literally months to track them down and contact them. Some we were never even able to find.

I don't know how the Repugs were able to get a letter from 65 of Kavanaugh's female classmates in such a quick turnaround? Very suspicious!!!!!

Either the Repugs were forewarned about this allegation against Kavanaugh and had months advanced notice to locate them OR this list of 65 women was faked.

Really - How Long Has Trump Known Kavanaugh?.....

He says he's one of the finest people I've ever known. The way that sounds is like he's known Kavanaugh for years. Really?

I'm Sure Glad That The Repugs Are Not Making This Kavanaugh Thing.....

political. (sarcasm - because they are accusing the Dems of making this political)

Kavanaugh Can End All This By.....

withdrawing his name from nomination.
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