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Member since: Thu Oct 28, 2004, 11:27 AM
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The thing that bothered me the most

with the social media specialists, was the race thing. That was all just so disingenuous.

Primary story from friend in Tennessee

Woman behind me at polling place: I don't know what to put here.
Pollster: you just need to circle democrat or republican to get the right ballot
Woman behind me: but I don't know!
Pollster: well, you know who you are voting for, right?
Woman: Yes! TRUMP! But is he a democrat or republican?
Pollster: he's a republican. Check republican if you want to have the ballot with Trump.
Woman: oh, he IS? Ok. I didn't know.

The problem I see

Is gerrymandering.

When Bush was in the white house the republicans took over many state legislatures. The districting was based on the 2000 census and the GOP used that in many states to gerry mander districts for the House. And to gerry mander districts for the state legislatures. There are many districts that are so republican that there are always going to be republicans elected to the house in those districts.

Through primaries, republicans have been running to out-nut each other, to prove who is the most "true conservative." Because only the extreme vote in the primaries, they get a nominee in those gerrymandered district who is extremely right. Then when the general comes more people come out and vote for whoever the republican is. So the House moves right, and there isn't a lot we can do about it right now in my view.

For the senate, a state like California or New York gets two senators each, a state like Idaho or Alabama gets two each. So even though the entire US population may prefer center-left over all, the small states with smaller and more rural populations get equal numbers of senators. I'm not saying that is a bad thing, but it makes it more likely for republicans to get voted in by those small states.

We can win the presidency if we get the vote out, but we aren't going to win congress.

Now here is the thing, if we don't get the vote out and win the Presidency, then we have an increasingly crazy, right-wing legislature from the gerrymandering and a right wing President that won't veto them. I think it is a worse scenario than during the Bush years because the people who get elected to the legislature from the GOP have become even more extreme. I find that really scary.

I hate to think that grid-lock is the best we can do, but it is sure better than a GOP-led executive and legislative branch and a who knows what judicial.

We have got to get the vote out. I am not saying that we can't win congressional seats, I think we can, but I think it is going to be harder to take majorities with the gerrymandering.

That's just my opinion and I may be wrong.

mass shooting not at Seattle aiport

1 dead five wounded shooter still on loose

is this true? Any confirmation?

ETA - OK, this was not at the airport but at a homeless camp near the airport. I am sorry for posting too fast before confirmed.


SEATTLE -- At least five people were injured in a Tuesday night shooting near an infamous Seattle homeless camp.

The shooting happened sometime before 7:30 p.m. in the area of 1500 Airport Way South, which is near the foot of a well-known homeless camp called, according to a source within the Seattle Police Department.

At least five people were shot, according to the source.

Dozens of police officers, SWAT teams and sharp shooters are combing the area to find at least two suspects, the source said. Police have not released a description of the suspects.

University of Tennessee removes 'inclusive holiday' post

Source: Nashville Tennessean

The University of Tennessee has removed a Web post about "inclusive holiday celebrations" that had drawn the ire of state lawmakers and the Tennessee Republican Party, which accused the college of trying to "eliminate Christianity" from campus parties.

The post, which came from the Knoxville campus' Office of Diversity and Inclusion, included several recommendations to "ensure your holiday party is not a Christmas party in disguise," including the suggestion not to participate in "Secret Santa" or "Dreidel" at holiday parties.


Republican lawmakers were quick to blast the original post last week. Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, R-Blountville, said that Chancellor Jimmy Cheek, who oversees the Knoxville campus, should resign if he had approved the post. If not, Ramsey said, the entire staff of the diversity office should be fired.

In a resolution passed on Saturday, the Tennessee GOP State Executive Committee said the post was an attempt to "eliminate Christianity" from the holiday season. The committee called for lawmakers to eliminate funding for the Knoxville diversity office.

Read more: http://www.tennessean.com/story/news/politics/2015/12/08/ut-removes-inclusive-holiday-post/76973454/

Liberty University

Man, these convocations they do at Liberty University are a lot more slick than what we had at my school.

In Another tangled web

If I have thus right, former governor Riley's daughter (who is implicated in the Mike Hubbard thing) is married to an attorney whose practice was payed millions by Riley's administration to fight casino gaming, and who also is now outed by the Ashley Madison thing. Meanwhile, Don Siegleman is still in jail.


The Govnar's mistress on staff?

Oh my

Wyoming Man

He doesn't come out as much as Florida man, but when he does its a real eye opener-


My Southern Heritage

I tapped this out on my phone earlier in reply to the thread here:

I was asked to repost as a thread, and since I am never asked that I had to jump on it. I will try to edit and fix it some from my poor phone-taps.

The whole "My great grandpappy never owned slaves and fought to protect his home from invaders" thing drives me nuts.

First of all, the Confederates started it.

Second of all, that great grandpappy was duped by aristocrats to fight their war for them. To keep them getting richer. Off the backs of slaves. Great grandpappy was used. Not to mention the conscription. That flag represents great grandpappy being sent to hell to fight for rich people. And a lot of men being killed for it. Because he was too stupid to know better. If the folks who say this had any sense they would hate that flag more than anyone. I could understand some one born rich, because they inherited the wealth built by slave labor, of feeling fond of that flag. However, the whole "my people never owned slaves" thing is pure stupidity. It is just an attempt to bolster a claim that the flag doesn't represent racism. And it is a very weak excuse.

This is the thing i want to say to those people: I had ancestors in the 1st Tennessee Infantry, that was a Union regiment, and the 2nd and 8th Kentucky Cavalry, also Union regiments. They kicked your backwards great grandpappy's ass then went to the plantation house and brought back the silver flatware that we still bring out at Thanksgiving. Your great grandpappy didn't have to fight for the confederacy, well unless he was conscripted. And he probably was. He probably wanted to run and hide in the mountains. He probably cried himself to sleep at night. He probably saw things that none of us should ever see and did things none of us should ever do. Because he was foolish enough to believe the propaganda of rich plantation owners.

So what makes your "southern heritage" more valid than mine? How dare you disparage my ancestors who fought to defend their home and nation by seeking out loyal Union regiments, and my family and ancestors that fought in two world wars, Vietnam and Korea and the civil rights movement by flying a flag of treason? You don't get to own the definition of southern.

I made this picture five years ago and I'll dust it off today:
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