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Gender: Male
Hometown: Northern VA
Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 10:34 AM
Number of posts: 43,270

Journal Archives

From Poesy to Carrot Carnations When arts die, they turn into hobbies.

By Michael Lind

I had never heard of a carrot carnation. But when, back in the 1980s, several of my fellow staffers at the office of a Texas State Senator in Austin wanted to learn about them, I went along to kill some time. (There are downsides to working in the legislature of a state with an anti-government culture, but it does provide you with a lot of free time).

We soon found ourselves in the auditorium of the convention center in Austin, surrounded by thousands of middle-aged suburban housewives. On stage, a woman resembling Martha Stewart showed how, with a knife and a little imagination, fruits and vegetables can be turned into ornamental table settings, like carrot carnations.

Many years later, I came to realize that I had witnessed one extreme of the artistic spectrum. At one end of the spectrum are major arts, defined not in terms of cultural superiority but in terms of large audiences. At the other extreme are crafts like making carrot carnations. These are arts that have no audience, other than practitioners of the art itself. Another word for a craft is a hobby. In between the major arts and the crafts or hobbies are minor arts, which have a small audience whose members do not themselves aspire to practice the art.

The assignment of an art to one or another category has nothing to do with its quality. It is merely an assessment of the relationship between artist and audience.

Whole article at http://www.thesmartset.com/article/article01201501.aspx

"A Patriotic Debate" from Tom the Dancing Bug

Not the first time the Patriots have cheated

from Conan O'Brien


Climate's Babysitter from Tom Toles

Undated photo shows Jodi Ernst on the Hardees Biscuit Line

LOL, the Keystone Pipeline is now the Keystone Jobs Bill

She's telling about 5 lies an hour.

Jodi Ernst and the GOP want all of us to be as poor as her family was...

because, um, GOP politics.

Are the GOP overlords furiously re-writing Jodi Ernst's speech?

Perfect sculpture depicting the American Right Wing

“Who Did it? Again!,” a series of porcelain toy soldiers by Johnson Tsang, from 2014.

More and close ups at https://johnsontsang.wordpress.com/2014/11/17/who-did-it-again/
Saw it first on Boing Boing

Higher Math Puzzle Time, from Tom Toles

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