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cilla4progress's Journal
cilla4progress's Journal
February 11, 2021


for the amazing Rep. Jamie Raskin.

Hell...all the House Managers.

And hell - all the staff and employees of the Capitol - police, legislative staff, cafeteria and janitorial staff.

I am inspired and uplifted by their competence, patriotism, service.

February 11, 2021

Impeachment trial:

Relieved to see house managers bringing up drumpf's 2015 incitements to violence at his rallies.

This has been PROGRAMMING of long duration.

He didn't NEED to tell the Jan. 6 rioters what his expectations were; he'd been grooming them since at least 2015.

In fact, I believe this is the strategy: plausible deniability. That is, some reptilian, sociopathic, narcissistic awareness of the danger TO HIMSELF in usinh incendiary words of physical violence immediately precipitory to the 1/6 attack. He didn't need to. Like Michael Cohen said .... his supporters and sycophants know what he means. Why? He'd been grooming them, programming them, for years ...

February 11, 2021

The impeachment - even if no conviction, as expected...

Rs will NEVER EVER EVER get the stink off themselves!

I love that Dems are just hitting this hard as can be.

And each one of the Managers is impeccable!

I had hardly even heard of Rep. Stacey Plasket before. Where has she been all my life?!

February 10, 2021

Impeachment trial:

I do wish they would also show clips from drumpf's early rallies - his calls to actual physical violence!

I haven't watched every minute, so may have been said. I would think Castro or Swalwell's presentation would have included it.

February 9, 2021

I think I figured out their strategy...

bore everyone to death so they stop watching!

February 9, 2021

Haha "former President t****"

Did ya hear it from orange asshole's lawyer?!

First time I've heard anyone on his team say this.

I'm sure it's strategic...

February 9, 2021

Opening video at Impeachment trial -

I had to miss! Anyone know where it can be seen again?

Sounds impactful..


February 9, 2021

Thank you to the Progressive Caucus

who got the $15 minimum wage included in the COVID relief bill today!


February 7, 2021

The epic Russell Wilson: NFLS's Walter Payton

Man of the Year!

What a gift, he and his family are!


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