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Arkansas Granny

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Gender: Female
Hometown: Arkansas
Home country: USA
Member since: Thu Jan 13, 2005, 04:13 PM
Number of posts: 29,858

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Tommy Lee from Motley Crue wrote an open letter to DT. (See edit)



ETA: Per Slopes, letter was written by
Craig Allen Wilkins and posted on Tommy Lee's Facebook page.

Posted by Arkansas Granny | Mon Apr 6, 2020, 12:27 AM (2 replies)

Why are the states having to bid against each other. This is insane.


Meet the Press

Gov. @AsaHutchinson (R-Ark.): "We're trying to collect our PPE. ... We've been outbid by another state after we had our order confirmed." @chucktodd: Should states have to compete for resources?

"Uh, no. There needs to be ó we'd like to see a better way."

7:00 PM - Apr 5, 2020
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Posted by Arkansas Granny | Sun Apr 5, 2020, 08:11 PM (5 replies)

Handling groceries and food deliveries safely. This video appears to be good advice.

Posted by Arkansas Granny | Sun Apr 5, 2020, 08:06 AM (8 replies)

Well, this sounds familiar.


The Hoarse Whisperer
Got up before the dawn to grab the day by the horns.

My living room isnít just going to sit in itself. Iím on the case.

5:38 AM - Apr 4, 2020

Posted by Arkansas Granny | Sat Apr 4, 2020, 07:59 AM (5 replies)

As Trump lets private sector supply the coronavirus fight, the well-connected often get first dibs

WASHINGTON ó As hospitals, doctors and state and local governments race for masks, ventilators and other medical supplies with little coordination by the Trump administration, the well-connected are often getting to the front of the line.
An outpouring of corporate and philanthropic support has funneled badly needed supplies to combat the coronavirus to well-known institutions such as Cedars-Sinai and UCLA medical centers in Los Angeles and the UC San Francisco Medical Center.

But in the absence of an overall nationwide distribution plan, many smaller hospitals, nursing homes and physicians are being left behind, especially those who lack relationships with suppliers, ties to wealthy donors or the money to buy scarce equipment at a time when prices on the open market are skyrocketing.

ďItís frequently all about who knows someone who knows someone who can get hold of this or that supply,Ē said Dr. Alex Billioux, public health director in Louisiana, which is battling one of the nationís most aggressive coronavirus outbreaks.

Posted by Arkansas Granny | Fri Apr 3, 2020, 12:51 PM (4 replies)

"We fear these recent decisions will leave the United States vulnerable to pandemics. . . "


Posted by Arkansas Granny | Fri Apr 3, 2020, 12:11 PM (2 replies)

I'm sitting at the table at my daughter's house watching a pair of robins build a nest

on the blade of the ceiling fan on her back porch. When she gets up she can decide whether or not she wants to nip it in the bud or give up use of the fan for a few weeks.

Do both birds build the nest or only the female? So far, I've only seen the female bringing material and it appears that the male is guarding territory.
Posted by Arkansas Granny | Fri Apr 3, 2020, 10:40 AM (7 replies)

Judge Roy Moore to represent Life Tabernacle Church


CENTRAL, La. (WAFB) - Pastor Tony Spell says Judge Roy Moore has been hired to represent his church and defend him against criminal charges.

Moore will hold a press conference at noon on Thursday, April 2.

Spell has continually defied orders by Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards by holding large gatherings at his church during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Prosecutors filed criminal charges against Spell Tuesday, March 31 for violating those orders. Spell has had multiple church gatherings at Life Tabernacle Church in Central, Louisiana since the order was issued.
Posted by Arkansas Granny | Thu Apr 2, 2020, 11:09 AM (17 replies)

Trump was so-o-o busy with impeachment. . .



Posted by Arkansas Granny | Wed Apr 1, 2020, 10:58 AM (7 replies)

Kitten's Furious Scratching Reveals A Hidden Piece Of Art

Household scratching is the bane of every cat owner. But one womanís mischievous kitten accidentally uncovered a hidden piece of art.

Ceejae Jackman isnít sure what led her kitten, Zipper, to attack that particular wall. But as she inspected the damage, the Arizona woman realized her kittenís bad behavior came with a silver lining. Underneath the ruined wallpaper was a colorful painting and ó as she kept pulling panels away ó the art seemed to cover the entire room.

Posted by Arkansas Granny | Wed Apr 1, 2020, 10:51 AM (3 replies)
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