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Gender: Female
Hometown: CA
Home country: USA
Current location: NC
Member since: Wed Aug 17, 2005, 02:29 AM
Number of posts: 23,806

About Me

I stand on the sand, and I'm rocking grief to sleep in my arms.

Journal Archives

I cry when I vote.

Just got back from voting, where I had to sit in the car afterward for a minute to compose myself.

I've always done. I can remember in the 80s trying to get out of the polling place before the tears fell. I think it's patriotism. I think voting is the most profound expression of democracy, and I love democracy. I find myself overwhelmed by taking an active part in this momentous occasion. Plus I want my candidates to win so bad, and it means so much.

I will never forgive republicans for diminishing the power of the vote in this country, for sullying my love for my country, for doing everything and anything they can to disempower anyone who isn't them. Never. I want them erased.


jeezus christ. 18 cases, 5 deaths?!

i've listened 4 times and that's what i'm hearing. WA state.
eta:Six deaths out of ten cases.

Trending on Twitter


Kaitlin Bennett is the Kent State "gun girl" who went viral after posting a picture of herself on graduation day with an AR-10 strapped on her back. She's since hung on to her notoriety by posting stupid videos of herself trying to get validation for her anti-trans views. Well, apparently a rumor started that she shit her pants at a party back in 2019 and it just doesn't want to go away.






Precinct annual meetings were held yesterday in Durham.

I never went to one until after Trump. At that time I figured I needed to be active in politics locally and showed up at that meeting in 2017. That year it was held at a library, and I went to the wrong library first and consequently was late getting to the meeting.

If a precinct does not have at least 5 members present at the annual meeting, it is considered disorganized. When I finally showed up at the correct location, my precinct was discussing the fact that they were going to be disorganized, as there were only 4 people there. I made the 5th and we went from there.

Last night 16 people showed up. I was fearful that people were suffering so much from outrage overload that engagement would fall and we might not have enough again but was I ever wrong about that. It was really encouraging.

It was discouraging that everyone was white in a 31% black precinct. The greater Durham political structure does have a more equitable demographic, but I would love to see more diversity at meetings.

could we not concede the wording?

"Pro-life" means anti-abortion, anti-choice, anti-women, pro-forced birth.

or does it? I am pro life, all for it. Please can we call anti-abortionists what they are instead of what they are not? THEY appropriated that term and it's misleading and wrong. If I say pro-life I am not talking about any person who does not respect my bodily autonomy, ever.

take it back, take it away from the other side.

Getting ready to go. #MoralMarch


Moral March

Hope to see y'all tomorrow at HKONJ2020!
in 2018 the last time I went we had 80,000 - would love to see that doubled. Cause heaven knows we need some MORALITY around here!


the Medal of Fascism

trump passes them out and his cult acts as if it means something.
i could almost got throw up i am so disgusted.

Watching Amy Klobuchar on Morning Joe

(i watch it later on youtube)

she's making a good case. I really like her and think she'd make a fine president. so far, still plan on voting for Warren, but I could change my mind.

I can't listen to the Republicans.

I tried. I cannot. it's all lies. example. Philbin is up to bat, so I unmuted to see if I could catch him saying anything that addressed the matter at hand in an honest way. NO.

he was saying that trump has to PRESERVE his power for future presidents. trump, who has shit on the constitution and thumbed his nose at the law, Congress, courts, and the people. must protect the "rights" of future presidents to do the same.

back to the mute button.

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