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barbtries's Journal
barbtries's Journal
December 8, 2016

just for shits and giggles

i copied my blocked list on FB and put it into a spreadsheet.

i have 580 people on my blocked list. i find that Media Matters posts are good for finding people whose idiocy i decide i never have to look at again.

November 16, 2016

All alone in a hotel in Philadelphia.

there for work. losing my shit, calling my children, running downstairs to smoke frantically, having shock take over, having to work the next day.

Thursday i called in sick and cried at my computer.

All this without DU. I was online and that video started up and i was in the hotel room looking at fb instead tabbing back and forth and then it was gone, it was gone, I had no one and not even DU and

The sky FELL.

A week out and I'm day to day. How are you?

Need to double and triple my activities for justice. Need to donate more and more and more. Going to march in DC on the 21st, who's with me?

Missing entry

Missing entry

November 2, 2016

minutemen militia. stopthefed.

does anyone have any idea about these websites? A friend's son on FB is posting from these sites and others i've never heard of and frankly i won't click on the links, because the things he says on FB are so off the hook.

September 11, 2016

watching cspan and the naming of the victims

i've never done this before and it's very moving. does anyone know the symbolism of the ringing of the bells? i was thinking it may have something to do with the timing of the attacks. maybe it's random, i do not know.

August 23, 2016

i wanted to get yard signs and bumper stickers

for Roy Cooper and Deborah Ross. I cannot believe how hard it is! Any advice? thank you

these things should be available for a nominal donation on the candidates' pages in my opinion, but they are not. the NC democratic party referred me to a consolidated campaign office. no luck there... i'm gobsmacked

July 26, 2016

am I the only one?

i'm watching the roll call, and cannot stop crying! i'm just silently weeping over here.

i think this may be one of the most important and momentous elections of my life. but then there was 2000 (infamously) and 2008, so i don't know.

i just feel so emotional, watching democracy and maybe regrowing a little hope for my country.

blubbery barbara, that's me. am i the only one?

July 26, 2016

i love Bernie.

that is all. for now.

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I stand on the sand, and I'm rocking grief to sleep in my arms.
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