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barbtries's Journal
barbtries's Journal
December 27, 2020

another reason I won't quit facebook.

I've mentioned before that my local Democratic groups are on there. I've also said that my extended family, scattered all over the US, is on there. I have relationships with nieces, great nieces, nephews, etc, I've never met in real life, and cherish that.

Just yesterday I attended a fb live feed in which my great niece learned she is having a boy! and then her boyfriend kneeled, put a ring on her finger, and I was able to be there and share that moment.

But there's even another reason. In 2001 my daughter was killed 13 days after her 21st birthday. Through the years I have heard, through facebook, from friends of hers, some I had never even met myself. Her memorial page on facebook was created by one of those friends and we met at Bekah's grave in 2018 for the first time. The little girl who lived next door when Bekah was 6 reached out around that time and we met at Bekah's grave in 2019; hadn't seen each other in over 25 years. And more. 5 years after she died; 10 years after she died; 15 years after she died.

Her best friend from grade school just messaged me yesterday; I haven't seen nor heard from her since Bekah's funeral. I knew she'd married and did not know her last name. She had moved to a different state before Bekah's death.

It's hard to try to explain how it makes me feel as a mother to know that all these years later, Bekah truly is not forgotten. It means a lot. My girl inspired so much love and touched so many people. It's a gift and I will keep that avenue open as long as I can.

Here's Bekah (left) with her best friend in 4th grade. They were so prim and proper and young and beautiful.

December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas DU!

It's 1:33 am in NC and I'm up wrapping getting ready to go downstairs and fill up some stockings. Have a great Christmas and thank you all for keeping me relatively sane in an insane time.

December 17, 2020

MedCram Vaccine Deep Dive

I feel more reassured after watching this interview. Looking forward to getting my vaccine and being able to be with my family and traveling again.

December 7, 2020

"If I can't have you nobody can"

Abuser-in-Chief cannot accept the truth. this is the most dangerous time.

this abuser has a political party and millions of brainwashed victims prepared to destroy the country rather than accept the reality that we're moving on without him.

i had a dream that unrest broke out. my son and i were on the street, along with everybody it seemed. i saw a woman she had a flag on her t-shirt and i said, "She's MAGA!" and steered us away from her. I'm actually dreaming in my sleep that shit is falling apart.

We still don't know how this ends. This is the most dangerous time.

November 23, 2020

Our thanksgiving plans

I started a thread a few days ago that ended up very lively.

I just want to update that my son's girlfriend was exposed to covid by a co-worker, so now the plan is that my middle son and i will be eating together and we'll be delivering food and dropping it on their doorstop, since they will be quarantined.

all this time she could have worked from home, but her asshole boss would not allow it.

I'm slightly heartbroken but as I told my son, I have not been living in isolation for 8 1/2 months to catch my death from covid over thanksgiving dinner. at least we learned this today and not next Friday. Bad enough, they had her father and grandmother over to their house just yesterday. Hopefully, hopefully, this turns out well.

the earlier thread:

November 18, 2020

DU, what are your plans for Thanksgiving this year?

I've been in the house for over 8 months, living with my middle son who works in a grocery. My youngest son lives with his girlfriend the next town over and he's been working from home for over 8 months but goes out much more often than I do. His girlfriend has to go to work every day, 5 days a week, even though her job could be done from home (I will be forever bitter over this stupid selfish decision).

We are eating together on Thanksgiving. Since the pandemic, we have been together a handful of times, including one evening at their house for the older one's birthday. At 4pm EST, we will have a ZOOM with the rest of the family, meaning my son and his family, their father and his wife, and possibly the middle son's 2 sisters.

I am 65 with comorbidities and frankly, scared. I know I'll keep the patio door open unless it's pouring rain outside. We will make the table bigger so we can sit further apart. I am thinking that I will provide separate serving spoons for each person. I don't know. It's my favorite holiday and I love making the feast and being with my loved ones, but covid looms large.

My niece is having a bunch of people over (in Eastern WA and Idaho), and my sister says she'll probably go. She's 71 with early Alzheimer's. I am distressed over this but from what she's posted on fb, I know there's no point in appealing to her to change plans, just for this year.

So I really wonder how y'all are planning to stay well, not just for thanksgiving but for all of the dark winter of 2020-21.

November 9, 2020

It drives me slightly apeshit

that after all these years of abuse, lies, disrespect, name-calling, demonization and hate, liberals are now supposed to be the grown-ups one more time, and "understand" the angst of the losers of the election.

They called me an idiot. They've been using "liberal" as a dirty word for years. They claim that I am not even an American even though they know damn well that I was born, raised, and never lived anywhere else but the USA.

They threaten me physically. They have verbally abused me for years. Trump is a classic abuser. I don't support their racist, authoritarian, anti-American policies. I find their leader to be a severely damaged demagogue and wannabe dictator. I believe in science, in welcoming immigrants, in equality, true equality for everyone, and equal opportunities for all.

Is there anyone in the republican party or on the right generally calling for understanding of the left wing of the American body politic? Anyone? Anyone at all?

I don't feel a huge urge to make nice. To me, trump and his cult are the epitome of the snake who talked the frog into taking him across the river, then killed the frog on the other side. The frog said, you promised you wouldn't do that, and the snake said, you should have known that I would do that. I'm a snake.

It's fucking hard to hug a snake. Peace.

October 31, 2020

Police pepper-spray, arrest protesters marching to the polls in Alamance County Read more here: htt

Source: News and Observer

Alamance County sheriff’s deputies and Graham police repeatedly pepper-sprayed people participating in the “I Am Change” march to the polls organized by Rev. Greg Drumwright on Saturday afternoon.

A racially diverse group of about 200 people walked with a police escort from Wayman’s Chapel AME Church to Court Square, where they held a rally encouraging people to vote.

At least three politicians participated in some parts of the event: the current mayor of Burlington, Ian Baltutis; Democratic candidate for county commissioner Dreama Caldwell; and Democratic school board candidate Seneca Rodgers.

Read more here: https://www.newsobserver.com/news/local/article246861942.html?fbclid=IwAR3sqfB0mzqtajn0JOvrHCgdDwOEd5ZXQnKcMoQ87nDd4x5Dw3_k3-DcBRg#storylink=cpy

Read more: https://www.newsobserver.com/news/local/article246861942.html?fbclid=IwAR3sqfB0mzqtajn0JOvrHCgdDwOEd5ZXQnKcMoQ87nDd4x5Dw3_k3-DcBRg

it's an outrage. who polices the police?
in NC
October 31, 2020

A good but much more conservative than I am friend

and i talked for a long time yesterday. She told me that she voted for Cal Cunningham even though she does not like the way he goes after the pharma industry and his bad judgment regarding a sex scandal during the middle of a campaign. Her even more conservative brother (they are both from Western NC and he still lives there) voted for Joe Biden AND Roy Cooper.

I struggle to understand why these votes were hard for them. Especially the Senate vote, because even when Joe wins, if we don't take the Senate McConnell will still be doing his evil during a Biden term.

We talked for a long time about the fallacy (as I see it) of the conventional wisdom that republicans are better for the economy. We argued over whether Amy Barrett will be bound by the law or by her religion and partisan interests, and whether it was ethical for her to even allow herself to be used this way.

We bemoaned the estrangement caused by the great divide. Between us, we can talk out our differences. She said, "I just want us to stop hating each other."

I do too. I love my brother and we never talk. She said you can debate, and I said how do you debate somebody who's operating on a completely different set of facts? we did not resolve this conversation, but we're still friends, and she voted almost straight Dem ticket except i think Agriculture and some other office not part of the GA.

she said she's going to switch her affiliation to unaffiliated because Democratic GOTV calls are driving her crazy lol


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