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Member since: Wed Feb 1, 2006, 12:17 AM
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Having problems letting go ... and the double standard

I am getting frustrated with the nonstop drumbeat of "don't gloat! The Bernie supporters are hurting!"

Why am I frustrated? The Bernie supporters have been misled and misinformed for months now. Hillary had the nomination after New York. If the situation had been reversed, M$M would have begun screaming for her to bow out and recognize that the nomination had been won by another. But the winner was Hillary ... so instead we heard that Bernie's "path to the nomination was very narrow" or the "math was difficult." No, the math was impossible. Bernie needed to win every state after NY by such a large margin it just wasn't happening. But Bernie supporters were told otherwise.

Now I hear over and over "voter fraud," "rigged primaries," and other such craziness. We DO have to worry about disenfranchising voters and the Republican efforts to suppress the vote in November, but the mindset that every time YOUR candidate loses it's a fraud and every time he wins it's a victory just doesn't cut it in reality.

In 2008, I supported Obama. NO ONE told me to be kind to all the people who had worked so hard for Hillary. Neither she nor her supporters got time to regroup. I could celebrate until the cows came home without being chided.

I also read that Obama should not endorse Hillary yet--things aren't over. Say what?

If I were a Bernie supporter and all this nonsense was being poured into my head regularly, I'd have trouble grasping reality, too. BUT the reality is that Hillary is the nominee, and our job NOW is to get it together and get her elected and work on all the races down ticket. We can't afford the Donald in the White House, and we need to return Paul and Mitch to the back benches where they belong.

Cool column on Hillary's nomination by Connie Schultz

Connie Schultz did a great column on celebrating this wonderful milestone in the face of all the nonsense we are hearing about "not gloating."

On Tuesday night, after Hillary Clinton had delivered her first speech as the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, it didn't take long for some of us expressing our joy over this historic moment to feel the burn of reprimand.

We should show more understanding toward those who are disappointed, the critics said.

We should not "rub it in."


We are not trying to hurt anyone with our enthusiasm, yet it is so very female to lower our voices and dim the signs of our happiness to avoid upsetting those who have no business trying to tamp us down. Let us be done with that.

We keep getting told to be sensitive, but being classy and sensitive doesn't mean that we can't rejoice in the nomination of the incredibly qualified, smart, experienced WOMAN we will be working hard to put in the White House in January 2017.


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