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Profile Information

Name: Paul McKibbins
Gender: Male
Hometown: New York City
Home country: USA
Current location: Catskill Mountains
Member since: Mon Jun 5, 2006, 05:16 PM
Number of posts: 19,918

About Me

Lifelong Democrat

Journal Archives

Ain't Velcro the best!

There was an episode of Star Trek: Enterprise where T'Pol's grandmother traveled to Earth from Vulcan and her ship crashes. She integrates herself into the local community while awaiting rescue from Vulcan. As an act of thanks, she raises money for a local kid to go to college by showing some Vulcan Velcro-like item to an entrepreneur who buys the technology. So Velcro is an alien invention! Who knew? I think the episode is called "Carbon Creek."

There was a "Making Of" documentary about Stanley Kubrick and 2001 where they describe how they filmed this scene as well as the one where astronaut Frank Poole is jogging around the perimeter of the rotating portion of the spaceship, Discovery. I couldn't find it quickly but it was enlightening.

There's an interesting tale behind the famous score from 2001. When editing a new film, the director will often create a "temp track" of music to give some presence to the film during post-production. This track is also helpful for the composer to understand the director's thinking about the underscoring. In this case, Kubrick used the Richard Strauss theme for the opening as well as the other Strauss's, that's Johann, waltzes for the trip to the Moon sequence. Additionally, Kubrick used music by Krystof Penderecki and Aram Khachaturian for the sequences aboard Discovery.

During the film's production, Kubrick commissioned Alex North (Spartacus) to compose an original score for the movie. This was recorded but in the end, Kubrick discarded it and stuck with his temp track. All of those recordings had to be licensed for the film and the commercially-released soundtrack was something of a hit release. Interestingly. Kubrick never told North that he didn't use the commissioned score and North only discovered it at the premiere! Ouch.

Apparently, North was so pissed off that he walked away from the music and the scores and recordings disappeared. Decades later, the music scores were re-discovered, edited and recorded for a CD release. One day, I was kind of bored so I cued up the recording and tried to sync it with the film based on the titles of the tracks. Mr. North wrote an excellent score but, frankly, Kubrick was right!

Self check out doesn't save anyone's time

It does, however, save money for the store.

Every timeó Iím not exaggeratingó Iíve used a self check out lane in these types of stores, something Iím buying requires a sales agent to clear the purchase (like alcohol or other over-21 purchases) or the equipment isnít working properly. The result is that lines back up because there are only one or two agents.

Itís one of the many reasons Walmart, etc. no longer get our business. My time and sanity (not to mention my ethics) mean more to me than saving money on mediocrity.

Itís yet another way the corporations are squeezing the non-oligarch Americans through our money and our time!

What was Santos thinking?!

Really, did he think all of his lies would go unchallenged?

Is he so deluded he believes his BS?

In this age where we find out about every wart and wrinkle of everyone one from the British royals to Hollywood celebrities to national politicians, did Lyiní George really believe heíd get away with his fantasies?

If so, heís really stupid.

For years, I lived in the NY-03 district. I voted repeatedly for Santosí predecessor, Tom Suozzi, for mayor of Glen Cove, Nassau County Executive and for Congress. Even Republicans knew who and what Tom Supzzi was and what he stood for. Santos is almost as big an election turnabout as going from President Obama to Trump. It makes my head spun!
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