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Member since: Sun Sep 10, 2006, 07:56 PM
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Fox News Headline: "Things you can do right now to stop the spread of coronavirus"

There is nothing anyone can do to stop the spread of coronavirus. The most we can do is help "flatten the curve" to reduce the degree to which medical facilities are overwhelmed.

But that doesn't stop Fox News from carelessly and irresponsibly spreading disinformation:


I foresee an upcoming dilemma concerning campaign rallies vs. slowing the spread of COVID-19

By dilemma I mean a situation in which one is confronted with only bad choices.

Trump has stated that he'll continue his rallies, which will certainly accelerate the spread of COVID-19, so that means the two remaining Democratic candidates will face the choice of also holding rallies and further aiding the spread of COVID-19, or not holding rallies and thereby helping Trump win the election.

Suppose one of the two remaining candidates stops holding rallies while the other candidate continues. Which candidate would you vote for?

If the nominee doesn't choose one of the woman candidates as running mate, I'll be so angry that...

I'll vote for him anyway, but I definitely won't like it.

My Florida ballot isn't due until 3/17 so I still have a couple of weeks to decide.

I know whom I'd like to see as our next president, but unfortunately it seems voting by that criterion is a luxury that we can't afford. Instead it looks like we'll need to nominate the candidate most able to fend off the deluge of deceitful slander that will inevitably come, and that means predicting the strategy that Trump would use against each Democratic candidate and determining how relatively effective that strategy might be.

In other words we can't cast our votes for the candidate we like; we must instead cast the most effective vote against the incumbent, whom we don't like, by voting for the candidate most likely to beat him. And that means being influenced not by what we believe but by what other people believe, even though we know that what they believe isn't true.

So who has the best chance of beating Trump, and why?

Trump's words used by kids to bully classmates at school.


“It’s gotten way worse since Trump got elected,” said Ashanty Bonilla, 17, a Mexican American high school junior in Idaho who faced so much ridicule from classmates last year that she transferred. “They hear it. They think it’s okay. The president says it. . . . Why can’t they?”

Asked about Trump’s effect on student behavior, White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham noted that first lady Melania Trump — whose “Be Best” campaign denounces online harassment — had encouraged kids worldwide to treat one another with respect.

David Jackson of USA Today claims that "The Snake" by Al Wilson is an anti-immigration parable.


A poem that Trump recited frequently during the 2016 campaign,"The Snake" is an anti-immigration parable about a charming viper who talks a woman into letting him into her home.

The snake then bites her.

“You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in," the snake says at the end of the poem.

Based on a 1960s song by Al Wilson, "The Snake" is likely to make a few more appearances on the campaign trail before Nov. 3.

I don't think The Snake is an anti-immigration parable, I think it's a general lesson about ignoring clear evidence when making decisions, and I also think the outcome of the last presidential election is a perfect example.

"The (GOP) senators were concerned that it would look bad for Mr. Trump to dismiss Mr. Sondland..."


Reminds me of a western I saw long ago:

"Wait! You wouldn't shoot a guy in the back, would you? Think of your reputation!"

"That IS my reputation."

At 1:24:29 Trump says "the best is yet to come." Skip to there because 10 seconds later, it does!

Biden: Impeachment hasn't 'shaken my faith' in working with Republicans


That headline was a big negative for me, but then I realized that it was a bit misleading. The actual article says this:

Impeachment "hasn't shaken my faith in being able to work with at least" some Republicans, Biden told "TODAY" show co-anchor Savannah Guthrie in an interview before Monday's Iowa caucuses.

That's not as bad as what the headline implies. I supposed he might be able to find one or two.

Then he added a statement that made me laugh and say "no shit!"

"I think you're going to see the world change with Trump gone," Biden added.

Mitt Romney not welcome at CPAC after impeachment witness vote.

Mitt Romney has failed to meet CPAC's minimum level of corruption.

It's like Limbo, Mitt! The bar gets lower and lower, and when you can't go under it, you're out.

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