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FHR_Scout's Journal
FHR_Scout's Journal
December 21, 2012

I actually think the idea from LaPierre is good

There are approximately 135,000 schools that need to be covered. Some schools will need two guards, and of course you will need to cover sick days and vacation so let's round that up to 200,000. Add management and training let's round it up to 225,000.

Now we need to make it a decent paying job, Average starting salary is 50k (for a Police Officer) in the U.S. but then you need to add benefits, do let's make it 65k per year.

So out of the gate we have 225k X65K or $14,625,000,000

Now in 2011 there were 10,800,000 guns sold in the U.S.

O.K., so divide the cost by guns sold = $1,354.67 per gun!

Hmmm, not going to sell many guns with $1,354.67 added, O.K. PLAN B!, let's add 100% tax guns and ammo effective January 1st. Once we build up the 15 billion then we can start hiring.

December 21, 2012

O.K. Obama... Now is the time to pull everything off the table

The choice is to go over the cliff or allow all of the Bush Tax cuts to expire. Let the Rebubs fight for the tax cuts to be saved for those making under 250k , but offer nothing else.

December 17, 2012


He is calling them out! It takes a Village Theme!

December 15, 2012

Honestly there is one think I think every time we have a mass shooting

I don't think the majority of us are that far off, yet I see posts with Huge gun fights, which I expect are emotionally driven.

So here goes, with full disclosure. I am a 50 year old who never owned a gun. Have shot pistols, shotguns, rifles, and semi automatics. Went dove hunting once, shot the first dove, got no thrill, thought that was a fucking waste of a dove's life, but never judged the others who liked dove hunting

Now I believe that if my neighbor wants to own guns, he/she can, but they should be registered. I also believe that if my neighbor wants to own a cache of guns that should be easily identified, just as if my neighbor was a sex offender. I should be able to go online and determine that my neighbor owns 50 semi automatics so I can make informed decisions on how to protect my family. I am not restricting my neighbors rights, just protecting my rights and family.

I also believe that every gun and ammo purchased made by that neighbor should be accessible to me with a bit of research. That way if my neighbor was acting strange around the local park or school, I could make a better decision.

So, am I being unreasonable?

December 14, 2012

It's not like Obama could have done much more to support Rice, He came out publicly for her ...

Wait, he could have gone on TV and made a joke of McCain, stating, "John (yes first fucking name, NO MOTHER FUCKING RESPECT EARNED) you need to get over the election, and a man who nominated Sarah Palin hasn't earned any right to pass judgment on a Rhodes Scholar, I will mark you as a no vote!"

God DAMN IT! I don't care if she was the third best choice, it had to be rammed down the Republicans throat!

December 6, 2012

Take Five

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