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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue May 8, 2007, 08:28 PM
Number of posts: 8,419

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Hey Ed Henry and all you other fake journalists, if it isn't clear what the Pres was communicating,

let me be more direct.....




For Fucks Sake calm the mother fucking hell down - we are keeping the Senate

Get your ass out to vote, Progressive/Liberal, DLCC, Conservative Dems. There is no path to victory for the Repubs is you do one thing, get off your ass and vote.

Edit to add; it is simple friggen arithmetic, just vote.


Muslim prayer BAD, Tebowing OK

I thought I caught this while watching the game between KC and New England tonight.

KC was beating down NE, I was watching while eating a sandwich in a local Pizza joint. The game is out of hand early in the 4th, Brady drops back and misses the underneath coverage, who is just camped and waiting for the throw, Brady lets go, dude picks of ball and returns it about 30 yards for a TD. Nothing remarkable, the guy goes down to his knees, camera cuts away.

Then there is a 15 yard penalty on the play, WHAT THE HELL?!, and I can recall the guy going down to his knees before the cutaway. NO FUCKING WAY, I THINK!! YUP, FUCKING WAY! watch the whole thing.


IMO - The NFL is in a world of hurt

This coming from a liberal guy who loves football.

Over the past five years I have noticed that my NFL viewing has dropped off. Understandable at first, I always liked college more than the pro game. I live on the "liberal" West Coast, The OC to be specific, and I always was amazed on how the NFL could thrive without a team in the LA market.

The arrogance of the owners, and the League in ignoring the second largest market always intrigued me. And there never seemed to be any blow back. Now I think the arrogance is catching up with the League.

If your plan is to basically tell a major market to fuck off, because we have something you want, then you have business case. If you tell a major market to fuck off while the other markets question why are we subsiding this shit, then you have an issue.

Rather than the LA market being used as a leverage for other cities, we are approaching a point where the other cities will question why are concessions being granted to the NFL.

NBC News email contact.

I have to take a break before sending mine, I think fourteen fuck you Chuck in one paragraph may be over the line.


What is with all this painting talk?

Go to Lowes or Home Depot, spend $2.99 on a sample bottle and try it out.

It is friggen grey, pick a damn shade.

There's something happening here - and I think it is being driven by E. Warren

I couldn't figure out why Ryan is talking about poverty, and why Rubio is being less dickish, by Republican standards, about Gay Rights. This is basically the last week prior to the start of mid term elections. August is vacation month, so why the softening of messages now?

Only one logical explanation, the polling numbers are showing that Republicans are heavily disliked. The populist message is polling strong and the tools are trying to triangulate.

I am more confident than three months ago that Dems will hold the Senate and take the House.

1. The Republican Bullshit won't fly.
2. They will have the weekly blowups, i.e., Bundy Ranch, BENGHAZI, Woman can block pregnancy if raped.

Fuck You Tony Dungy

You can't defend Michael Vick's return to the NFL based upon his talent, then years later claim Michael Sam may be a distraction and suggest it is a bad decision for the Rams.

You my man, are a fucking bigot.

Don't let the media spin this shit topped with a bit of whipped cream as a chocolate sundae

It is a pile of shit!

The Repubs just lost the Majority Leader and their Senate leader is in a fight.

The Pubbies are eating the shit Sundae of hate they created.

If this was reversed the media was creating the meme already, such as, perhaps the Democrats came out in force to oust Cantor to set up a referendum on Guns.

And before someone posts that may not be accurate, that is the point, the media would have created a meme to put the Dems on defense.
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