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Announcement: Brett won First Place today at Ohio State Fair, "Beef Wars" Iron Chef!

I posted here last month sharing that Brett was competing at the High School level Iron Chef-Beef Wars/Sirloin at the Ohio State Fair.....today was the competion....

link: http://www.democraticunderground.com/115727767

He won! 1st Place!!!!

Sirloin Steak, 1 pound Bistro Style ...marinated briefly in Dale Sauce rosemary and garlic; seared on LeCreuset grill pan with Brett's own grill seasoning, and finished off in our new portable Breville Convection oven.

Ohio Creamed Corn with bacon lardons, homemade corn stock, creme' fraiche, lime zest and cilantro

Caprese Salad instead of 1st choice Asparagus Salad to meet the additional food group. It was actually the better choice after all.

Caprese Salad with Ohio farm fresh tomatoes, Maldon Sea Salt, fresh ground pepper, handmade mozzarella, balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, fresh basil, and lots of grated/zester style Parmigano Reggiano on top like "Snow on the Mountain". Top with another scant drizzle of olive oil and splash of balsamic vinegar.

This win helps with scholarships. Next year, after HS graduation....New England Culinary Institute.

Has anyone posted the DU picture and thread where DU'ers sent Helen Thomas" Thank You Roses"?

I saw the link say 1-2 years ago...I have yet to see it during this grief period for Helen Thomas. The thread made me feel so good!

I'd love to have an old time DU'er share this once again...in Memoriam.

I hope Jamie Foxx makes a movie about Trayvon.

Jamie could present the Big Picture, bring Trayvon into reality...Jamie could present the real story. Hell...Zimmy made one ..

Jamie Foxx has shown great passion during this ordeal. That's why I suggested him.

Did Trayvon's father live at the Gated Community?

Or, were they just visiting a friend for the day? I ask because I am in a discussion wherein I thought that Tracy Martin rented a home in the community. My opponent said the father did not live there.


testimony Tuesday, Wendy Dorival, who worked as the volunteer program coordinator for the Sanford Police Department, said she made a presentation to facilitate a neighborhood watch program in 2011 for residents of Retreat at Twin Lakes, where Zimmeran lived and Trayvon was visiting a friend of his father's on the night he was killed. Dorival said she doesn't discuss whether residents should carry firearms while participating in neighborhood watch program" USA Today, July 25, 2013


Is this true?

MSNBC Poll...Do you agree with the Zimmerman verdict?

Share your opinion here...


What if Zimmy moves out of the country? Would a civil suit be futile?

What if he just does not appear? What if he is in deep hiding? I'm sure he will not play this out willingly.

Let's talk about their next strategy.

Looks like the Z-trial jury deliberated through lunch.

Good...verdict appears imminent ....say by 4 pm - 5 pm per my guess. Oh...I saw this tidbit on MSNBC. Probably discussing degree of murder. Not guilty would not require detailed discussion ....All in my opinion.

Zimmerman's head being slammed by Trayon into the sidewalk is greatly exaggerated.

Think about what is involved during such a trauma...

For me, I wonder how and the hell could Trayvon get ahold of his head to be able to slam it 20-30 times into the sidewalk? Then, where is the blood and scalp evidence on the sidewalk or at least DNA on Trayvon's hands?

Zimmerman was essentially bald-shaven headed that day.....no hair to hold onto. Zimmerman never mentioned a two-handed head slam or ear grabbing. I can't believe it was a basketball bounce...so...it appears to never of occurred....

Come to think about it....

It's not that feasible for Trayvon to grab for a gun and slam a head into the sidewalk...

****Additionally, for Zimmerman to visually focus on Trayvon's alleged reaching for his gun while his head was being pounded. Most people don't keep their eyes open due to eye defense reflexes...

The glove does not fit...........

Need menu help for son who is entering Ohio State Fair

High School level, (senior)...Iron Chef.... "Beef Wars".

The 2013 theme is, " Nutrition in the Kitchen/Restaurant.


Beef Wars is an individual or team of 2 event. The mission is to create a healthy main dish using sirloin beef, 1 pound. The dish must include beef AND two additional food groups. Beef dishes will be judged by a panel of judges, and will be evaluated on taste, texture, creativity, use of ingredients, safety, sanitation and presentation.

*** Two additional food groups for your recipe- these additions are your choice and must be handled safely. ( use of coolers are highly recommended.


Okay...he initially thought that two food groups were equal to 2 sides....This may not be the case...food groups is a stickler.

My son was going to prepare a medium rare grilled steak that was marinaded in balsamic vinegar, minced rosemary, garlic and olive oil. His two SIDES were asparagus salad with lemon vinaigrette and shaved parmigiano reggiano cheese and Ohio creamed corn in corn stock with bacon lardon, creme fraiche and lime zest....

Apparently he is off track. What does this fine Cooking Group understand this theme and rules to be about? Competition is July 26th.

Was the zimmerman homemade video permitted in Court?

I don't get to watch the Court case live and need to get my information from the recaps. I was watching Chris Matthews and saw them discussing/reviewing the zimmerman homemade, after the fact explanation, butterfly bandaides and all. Was this tape actually allowed??????

If this is true...then I see it as testimony without cross examination in my opinion. Trayvon has been silenced and can not give his account.

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