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Gender: Female
Hometown: Texas
Member since: Mon Aug 1, 2011, 07:53 AM
Number of posts: 7,831

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Truth Matters!

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Damn the Republicans

McConnell has ordered them to vote no on contempt charges against Bannon. I'm not surprised. Their hatefulness and degenerate duplicity is beyond the beyond. It's so apparent that they are neo-fascists, who will do anything to retain and maintain power for themselves and their super-rich backers.

They obstruct everything that would actually be beneficial for the American people, because they cannot afford to let Biden succeed at anything. They are hell bent to label Biden as a failed, weak presidednt.

God forbid that they would vote to spend money on the social safety net. But there are never any obstacles to voting more and more money for the war machine. How many trillions were wasted propping up Afghanistan, and Vietnam before that? They get filled with joy funding yet another new weapons system.

We live in degenerate times.

All contaminated things are of the nature of suffering.

The pro-Fascist Criminal party

That's what the Republican party has become. It's been on journey to reach this point for 40 years. Republicans love Trump because they too are plenty OK with the corruption, thievery, scams, lies of a mob boss. In fact they admire him for getting away with his grifts. Change the tax laws to have plenty of ways to hide money, Great! Cut the IRS budget so severely that it no longer does audits, Super. Legalize PACs that get dark money, Why not? Hey, those Russians have lots of money.

We have a plethora of guns, because of selfish people, greedy manufacturers, & spineless politicians

Selfish people screaming about their 2nd amendment rights that are more important than our right to live. Selfish people, who fear people of color, demonize them, and only feel safe owning their own personal arsenal of military grade guns. Greedy manufacturers, who don't give a damn about safety and security of people, and are interested only selling as many guns as possible for profit. And then there's the spineless politicians, who want the campaign contributions of gun manufacturers and the votes of people, who they fear-monger about being replaced by people of color.

Chauvin won't take the stand

if he does, I think the prosecution could ask him about his previous disciplinary actions. Ask him if he heard people telling him to let up on Floyd. Ask him why he did it. If he were smart, he would ask to just plead guilty to one of the lesser murder charges, B4 the jury goes into deliberation. But he ain't that smart. If he were smart, he never would have kneeled on Floyd's neck in the 1st place. But noooooooooooooo, Chauvin, the bully, just couldn't resist the aggressive impulse to put a black man in his place, subordinate to a white cop.

What I don't understand is why Rethugs are so full of hatred

They cultivate hatred 24 x 7. They hate liberals, Dems, government, gun laws, business & industry regulations, public schools, equal pay for women, EPA, poor people, non-whites.

I think that basically they hate life in general, because life ain't fair. Life is difficult and full of disappointments, and they are filled with envy for others, who they see as better off, luckier. There is little, if any, loving kindness and empathy for others in them. It seems the worship of the almighty dollar and the power to get it is all that matters to them.

Ted Cruz cracks me up

Every time he opens his mouth, my response is Oh God. He's questioning Vanita Gupta for Asso AG and starts out complaining that the Obama admin was the worst offender at politizing the DOJ. Cruz accuses her of being a prejudiced liberal, and radical opposition to school choice.

What isn't said about raising the minimum wage to $15/hr

All I hear from Reps is that small businesses can't afford a payroll based on $15/hr. What's not being said is that when workers get more money per hour, they have more money to spend on groceries, clothing, transportation, haircuts, car repair entertainment, home repair, hobbies, etc. That means more customers able to spend more money at small businesses.

Why are so many Americans so heartless and uncaring?

Where did all that me-first and FU-too-bad if you're poor come from?

My cousin has fallen for Abbott's lie about the failure of green energy

Called my cousin yesterday to see how she's doing. Her water meter broke and there are rolling electrical blackouts. She's about 1 hour south of Dallas. During our talk, she informed me that it's all the failure of green energy, solar panels and windmills. When I told her that no. Texas energy companies use 90% fossil fuel, her reply was that her "sources" told her otherwise. I told her that Tex energy companies had not invested in infrastructure to winterize their facilities. I didn't press the argument further. Why bother?

Rush -- a Buddhist perspective

I ask myself now that Rush has died, what is an enlightened way to view his legacy? The answer that I get is to see him in much the same way that I view Trump -- as a master class in ethical morality. That is, as a person completely lacking in the virtues of ethical morality. That is, as an example of how not to be in body, speech, and mind. It's an ugly lesson. Difficult to look on Rush and still maintain a calm abiding mind, because his speech was especially ugly and without merit.

Harsh, angry language that inflames hatred and anger in others is especially non-virtuous. Divisive language that sets people against each other is also non-virtuous. We Buddhists believe that the only thing that we take with us when we die, is our mind. And wherever Rush lands in his next life, his angry contemptuous mind is what he will have as the mental formations that he takes with him.

The master lesson for me is not to follow his ugly example. Anger and hatred is what Hell is all about. If there is a god, do you think he will let an angry foul-mouthed person, who spews angry hateful divisive words, and disturb the peace of mind of those in heaven, and generally stinks up the place? I don't think so.

I ask my special spiritual friend to help me see what he sees. And he answers, see those with angry speech as an opportunity to value and practice self-discipline over my own speech.
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