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Gender: Female
Hometown: Texas
Member since: Mon Aug 1, 2011, 07:53 AM
Number of posts: 9,492

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Truth Matters!

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I voted today in Dallas

TX-33 - Voted at 9 AM in NW Dallas, a Dem district with a Dem congressman (Marc Vessay). First day of early voting, and at 9 AM, I had to wait in line. There must have been about 30 voting booths. While I was in there, more and more people arrived. So there was always a waiting line of about 5 or 6 people. While I waited in line, I remarked: Wow there's already a line at 9am on Monday. That's a good sign. The people waiting in line with me, smiled and nodded yes.

Naturally, I voted straight Dem. I was really surprised that so many of the District Judge slots were unopposed with only a Dem. I thought: Damn! I should have run to be a judge in the primary. Oh well ----

Rethugs don't believe or value democracy

Our country is owned and operated by corporations and the miniscule wealthy elite, and has been for hundreds of years - except for a brief 45 year period between FDR's New Deal and Reagan's destruction of unions and refusal to enforce anti-trust laws. They are well on their way to obliterating the middle class and bringing about a neo-Feudalism enforced by neo-Fascism and an ocean of debt that lives off the labor of wage-slaves. How long before even those jobs that Americans won't take, hotel maids, lettuce pickers, janitors, garbsge men, etc -- look pretty good to our kids and grand kids.

This my friends is the logical end game of capitalism. They have no shame whatsoever to set themselves up as pharaohs, while we drag stone blocks to build their palaces, mega-Churches, and pyramids.

one of Kashoggi's hit squad dies in car crash

We're supposed to believe this is merely a coincidence. How convenient.


Oliver Stone's History of the US

I'm slowly working my way through Oliver's Stone's History of the US. It's a 12-epoisode TV series currently available on Netflix. I'm learning a lot, and I thought that I was fairly knowledgeable since I minored in college in history. Our country has been run by some real slime balls. Moreover it is one of the greatest perpetrators of 20th Century colonialism. I highly recommend that all DUers watch the entire series. I'm sure that it's available from several sources. Just google it.

Remember when Trump mocked Obama for bowing to the Saudi king?


Trump arrival in FL live on FB

a constant, andb I mean CONSTANT, stream of angry emojis. Every other comment about where are the paper towels.

I have to turn him off

MSNBC is playing clips of Leslie Stahl's interview with Trump. I just had to turn it off. I don't hate myself enough to subject myself to his ever so obvious stupidity, venal corrupt immorality, and whatever other synonym adjectives for degenerate are in the dictionary.

Why does anyone listen to that? If you are even a half-decent or half-intelligent person, don't you feel that your credulity is over-taxed and your intelligence insulted? I do. I just can't listen to his lies and the made-upm shit that he pulls lout of his butt and sets on a velvet pillow for all to admire.

I refuse to allow him to make me hate him. So I just turn him off.

Willie Nelson's new song - Vote 'Em Out


Trump probably cheated on taxes around the world

If he cheated and did fraud here, he has (and probably still is) cheated on his many international properties. You have to know that some of those countries will go after him.

2 Ethics complaints against Kavanaugh filed in DC court

and under the purview of DC Circuit Chief Judge, Merrick Garland. Karma can be so ironic, can it not?

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