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Gender: Female
Hometown: Texas
Member since: Mon Aug 1, 2011, 06:53 AM
Number of posts: 9,374

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Truth Matters!

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Question on stimulus check

I'm 73, retired, and my only source of income is social security. Will we SSI recipients get a stimulus check. Or is that only for people who filed unemployment. I did get that first check a year ago.


Who and when will Biden pick his Attorney General?

I think that he's waiting to see if Georgia gives him 2 Dem senators. I would love to see Adam Schiff as AG.

Your opinion please.

Can we stop talking about Trump now?

He is an energy vampire. I don't want to know about his latest tweet, his latest butt show, or anything else related to him.

It's way past time to move on.

Dallas Morning News reports 52 available ICU beds in Dallas county, which has 2.5 million residents.

A woman from my old high school (class of 1965) tells me it's not true and to stop listening to the news.

I respected that woman, when we were in HS. Now, however, not so much. She's also said that she would rather get Covid, than take the vaccine. Stupidity all around me.

Get ready for Dems to be labeled socialist/maxist/communists by the RW ReThugicans

Already Michael Flynn and DeVos are labeling us that. I think they must have gone to the graveyard and dug up those scarey monsters. We can poo-poo their stupidity, but I predict that the old red & pinko scare tactics will be deployed again.
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