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RobertEarl's Journal
RobertEarl's Journal
June 19, 2016

Not high drama

Just nice to know who is for unity. We are just an afterthought. Not to be considered. Not regarded. Of no consequence. Not needed. Not wanted. A mistake.

Just 12 million active Democratic voters have now become a mere after thought to the high and mighty,

Well, it won't be our fault if Hillary loses. Since the campaign, and you, don't care for us 12 million active Democrats, how do you think the majority mass of independents will be made to feel?

June 18, 2016

Good advice on OP's

Thanks Autumn, to repeat:

Note to Jury: This is a verbatim copy of the title and an excerpt of a source we use all the time at DU. This is not the opinion of the op.

Tagged in my Journal so I can remember this!

May 26, 2016

What Our Super Delegates Must Consider

It is quite apparent now that neither candidate will garner enough pledged delegates to win the nomination.

That means it is the non-pledged delegates -- those called super delegates --- who will decide who wins the party's nomination.

The big decision is, collectively, theirs.

What the super delegates must think about, between now and when the first vote is taken on the convention floor, is the future of the Democratic Party.

The future of the Democratic Party are young people. When I say young, I mean those citizens who are under 40 years of age.

Global Warming and future clean energy are among the young's chief concerns. One candidate and only one, has been addressing those two issues.

Other issues, such as better educational opportunities, better health care for aging populations, less war and more peace, are other issues that have drawn great interest from the young. Again there is but one candidate that has been seriously addressing those issues.

In consideration of the votes to be cast, our super delegates must consider not only who must live with the consequences of the past political decisions, but also who can best lead the way in government to make decisions that will ensure a better future for the young.

It comes down to this; Electing a president who will bring new ideas and new people into government, or picking someone who represents the past, same old, same old politics.

March 17, 2016

Lazy voters like Hillary

Voters that don't want to become educated and voters that just want to mark a ballot and forget about the rest are Hillary voters.

Voters that want to see politics reformed and revamped, beginning with campaign finance favor Bernie.

Voters that are alarmed about environmental matters are Bernie voters.

Lazy voters know the name Clinton and that's about all they want to know.

Karma, as we saw from the bush years and the lazy voters that allowed him a chance, that karma came in the depression and financial collapse and so many deaths and waste of dollars on war.

Lazy voters will reap what they sow, again,

I am proud of the Bernie voters. We actually care about the future and everybody and the planet.

But we are few. Lazy voters outnumber us and they are led by the nose via the media who love them as their sheep.

Sad case America has become.

March 12, 2016

An Interesting Day in Politics: 3/11

On the one hand the followers of the HillTeam were making excuses for Hill because she once again managed to piss off another minority while buttering up the republicans. The excuses flowed and flowed even after Hill herself was forced to make a semblance of an apology.

Then, later that same day, the HillTeam followers were expressing how awful it was that Bernie people were involved in protesting Trump and managing to put Trump in his place like no one has yet done.

It must be awful to be jerked around like that, buffeted by their own on the one side and made to look useless on the other.

February 13, 2016

PBS Newshour ... Hillary's problems

The poor blonde lady, who is obviously a Hillary fan, kept asking the two commentators - Sheilds and Brooks - what Hillary can do to save her failing campaign.

So after they all said how amazed they were that Bernie was like a rock star, the rest of the time was spent on how badly Hillary is losing and what can she do to recover.

They all seemed pretty much resigned to the fact that Bernie could OMG! win.

February 9, 2016

Yes, Bernie is taking over the Party

And, Yes, it will become a much more leftist party which improves upon and strengthens the socialism on which this country thrives.

The party's powers that be, are quite disturbed, and are becoming increasingly upset with the Bernie supporters who have little regard for them and the elites' corrupt ways.

It is a new day for the Democratic Party, and soon to be seen in the results from the New Hampshire break out. The Iowa results, where Bernie came from 50 points down, was quite alarming to the elites and they see what's coming.

They are truly Feeling the Bern!

February 1, 2016

Bernie done ruined everything

Imagine no Bernie campaign. Imagine there was no real choice in this primary and that all there was was a vote for Hillary.

Well, that's what the Democratic Party elites were hoping it would come down to. They were hoping they wouldn't have to do anything but sit back and watch as Hillary got what was coming to her.

But Bernie decided to run, and when he did, his campaign focused on several things the party elites had established to keep their kingdoms humming along. One of those was the big money super-PACS that made bribery common place.

Ol' Bernie has put a hurtin' on the old same politics and for that the elites hate him. He exposes their shenanigans on a daily basis and appeals to a wide spectrum of potential voters whose participation in the political process is seen as a threat to the establishment.

Given Bernie's proclamations and promises that he will make real changes if he is seated in office, the establishment has fought him and his campaign. For they know their days are numbered and the old ways of politics are about to be cast out of DC as a new wave of real democracy washes up the Potomac like a Tsunami.

Here it comes!

February 1, 2016

Been a long time coming

A year ago we on DU began to get cranked up over the primaries.

At the time there was but one Democratic Party candidate and that was Hillary.

Many here, seeking the feelings of good times when Hope and Change was on the agenda from Obama's election were dissatisfied with the Hillary choice seeing her as a return to before Obama's triumphant victory. We wanted to make progress, not to allow regress.

One person, Elizabeth Warren, was our choice to get Hope and Change cranked up again. When finally she decided not to run we were all feeling a bit let down.

That's when Bernie Sanders came on the scene. Here was an old white guy who didn't stand a chance against the Clinton prowess, we were told. That was nine months ago, and this day seemed as if it would never come. But here we are.

24 hours from now, after the first fruits of the campaign have ripened and been plucked, we will have our first solid rewards from all our efforts to beat back the "He can't win" prognostications from so many of our fellow Democrats.

Today, ensconced in the "He can win" awakening of those we have worked to educate and inform, we look back to those days of nine months ago as if those days never even existed.

But it happened and we overcame. We now are a part of history which the future rides on and we aim to make the most of it and get the man who could not be elected, elected.

Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of our lives of a "Future We Can Believe In".

January 30, 2016

What's nice is

Bernie snuck up on them. How many times were we told people liked Bernie but he didn't stand a chance?

So now, the polls are screaming that Bernie will win NH and may just take Iowa.

Bernie's opposition was counting their chickens before they hatched and just let H commit political suicide before they realized we were sneaking up on them.

Except we weren't sneaking... we've been out loud for 9 months, they just refused to hear us.

Here's a thread of mine from 9 months ago

Bernie: He's not an Obama. He's the Real Deal

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