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I don't think I want your revolution

I listened to part of Bernie's speech yesterday. I get that he has been saying the same things for forever.

I listened to Bernie for years on the various radio and TV shows he appears on. To this day I don't know how he plans to make anything happen. He says it will take tens of millions of people demanding change. That isn't going to happen.

In 2008/09 millions of people lost their homes and jobs and not a peep except for Occupy and they were shut down I think because of their apolitical methods. The public couldn't identify with them.

There were two times in the last eight years when I thought there was going to be real change. The first was in November of 2008 when Obama was elected and the second was when Occupy took over Wall Street. Well we got the ACA and marriage equality and other changes but nothing like I thought would happen back in 2008.

From Occupy we got the media to talk about income inequality and the phrase "the 99%."

I don't think Bernie's revolution is anything like Obama's hope and change or Occupy's we are the 99%. It isn't a movement of the people. I think instead he is giving a certain part if the political spectrum a voice. Both they and Bernie are convenient vehicles for each other.

A movement takes a long time to put together and to jell. Bernie has been in Congress for 24 years yet he only gained this following since he announced his candidacy for president. Prior to that his supporters wanted Warren.

No he is not leading a movement or a revolution though they may call themselves that. Their current form of keyboard activism will not bring about change. They are a actually turning some people off and are not gaining recruits. That is evidenced by the fact that their numbers in the polls has remained somewhere between 25% and 30%. They can't seem to inspire people who are outside of their niche.

So how is change going to happen on the federal level in today's political climate?
An obvious thing is that you need control of the three branches of government and a united party. You need a partnership of the people wanting change and their elected representatives. That will take the public financing of elections.

In 2015 the way to begin to go down that path is to nominate someone for president who can bring together voters from the whole spectrum of our party not just the left. It will take that to win the White House, gain seats in Congress and to put a liberal Supreme Court in place.

That gives us the footing to work toward achieving our goals.

So no I don't want the so called "revolution" Bernie supporters are selling. They are incapable of making real change happen and I am glad we won't be turning our country over to them.

I just listened to Hillary's speech about how

to deal with ISIS.
It was very thorough and comprehensive.
Hillary really knows foreign policy from experience.

Bernie's all or nothing uncompromising ideology is why he can't increase his base thus he can't be

the nominee.

Free college or nothing
$15 per hour hour or nothing
Break up the big banks or nothing
Glass Seagall or nothing
Increased taxes or nothing
economic justice or nothing

The Democratic party encompasses a broader range of opinions.

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check out the comments on the SEIU facebook page

SEIU facebook page


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How does he do any of what he says without the house and senate? It's going to take a lot more than a revolution that can't possible happen in a years time.

So what will Hillary, the most polarizing figure in politics, get accomplished?

Exactly. Republicans will not vote for Hillary. But some will for Bernie. In fact Republicans will probably be very motivated to vote against her. Voters will not be inspired to vote for Hillary but they will for Bernie Sanders.

Hillary belongs to the corporate world Lisa


Bernie has been in congress for years and has experience working with them. Also has a strong track record of standing up for civil rights, women's rights, and labor rights.

Hillary is beholden to Wall Street and big oil almost as bad as the republica..

So Bernie is putting off his speech on socialism.

What we have now are these:
Free college
Single payer health care
$15 minimum wage
Wealth redistribution
Breaking up of big banks
Full employment
Tax increases
I don't know the rest but suffice to say Bernie hasn't laid out plans to make any of that happen that can be analyzed by economists to let us know what we would be getting into.

If I said we need to be pragmatic about this I know I would be attacked since it happens every time.

To me that is the main reason Bernie will not win the nomination. The 25% to 30% will accept him at his word. The other 60% are pragmatic.

The snark-o-meter says Hillary won the second debate.

In reading all the anti Hillary snark this morning, none of it is substantive, just sour grapes it seems to me.

ISIS was a result of the Iraq war, I think that is agreed to.

Yes Hillary voted for the IWR. I, like most of us, was against the Iraq war. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. I was against the Afghanistan war. I think we should have gone after the terrorists as a police action.
I now think we should go after ISIS as a police action with a world coalition involved.

The problem as I see it is that the western world does not take into account that there are ethic factions who have been fighting each other forever. And we need to see that that fundamentalist religions are a threat to the world no matter what the religion.

Calling for peace and calling for war in the terms that we have been using ever since WWII is not the answer in my mind and is not a valid argument here.

I think we need to build an international anti terrorist police force with specific goals and a specific mission to take out terrorist organizations and to protect innocent lives. This might be put together by the UN.

As to the history of our involvement in the Mid East since the Iraq war, I agree that it has been wrong headed. We can't take a side in a civil or religious war. And we can't make a democratic country out of a country with ethnic factions that would rather hate each other than build a country where they live together in peace and share power.

The West needs to protect itself from terrorism but the Mid East needs to solve it's problems it's own way. We can help in some ways but we can't take the leadership roll I think.

I hope to hear my ideas tonight in the debate.

I don't give a shit if you want to attack Hillary for whatever reason about past history. We need to solve our problems today and living in the past doesn't do that. The past can teach us lessons but we can't hope for a better past.

That's how I see it this morning.

MSNBC reporting explosions and shots fired in Paris

18 dead per AP
Now 19 dead

Repeal of Glass-Steagall was indeed a mistake. But it’s not what caused the financial crisis

Paul Krugman


Democrats, Republicans and Wall Street Tycoons

Paul Krugman

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders had an argument about financial regulation during Tuesday’s debate — but it wasn’t about whether to crack down on banks. Instead, it was about whose plan was tougher. The contrast with Republicans like Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio, who have pledged to reverse even the moderate financial reforms enacted in 2010, couldn’t be stronger.

For what it’s worth, Mrs. Clinton had the better case. Mr. Sanders has been focused on restoring Glass-Steagall, the rule that separated deposit-taking banks from riskier wheeling and dealing. And repealing Glass-Steagall was indeed a mistake. But it’s not what caused the financial crisis, which arose instead from “shadow banks” like Lehman Brothers, which don’t take deposits but can nonetheless wreak havoc when they fail. Mrs. Clinton has laid out a plan to rein in shadow banks; so far, Mr. Sanders hasn’t.
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