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Hometown: Northern California
Member since: Mon Aug 20, 2012, 01:16 PM
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For me the real question is

who organized the shitshow we saw on the 6th? And while Trump is responsible, let's face it, he couldn't organize a shift at McDonalds, much less the overthrow of the US government. He could have ordered it, but who was behind the nuts and bolts of the whole thing? Who was in charge? This was partly the spontaneous act of a crazed mob, but there were people there that were trained, well-equipped and on a mission.

Hey, republicans!

You know how you're feeling right now?

That's how we have been feeling for the last four years. Except we didn't have to worry about Obama and everyone who ever worked for him going to prison.

So I wonder if we will get to see the unredacted

Mueller report now. And countless other documents that have been hidden from us.

So what will we see first from Trump?

Anger, Blame or Denial?

Trump has many reasons to not want to be arrested.

But I bet foremost in his mind is that his booking sheet will make it public record that he's only 5'10".

Want to hear a republican say we need a new tax?

Just mention legalizing Marijuana. The word "tax" will be in the first sentence they speak.

I want to tell the whole world this,

and under the current circumstances, you folks are pretty much my whole world, so here goes...

I have spent nearly the past whole year in an 800 sq.ft. mobile home with my wife. We met late in life when we were about 40. She is now 70 and I am 67. I can't imagine another person on this planet that I could be so happy doing this with than my wife. Yes, we have family nearby who we have seen, and they have been an important part of this, as have our neighbors. We just spent New Years Eve alone and enjoyed it very much. We also spent her 70th birthday, my birthday and our 25th wedding anniversary together and alone. We have enjoyed every minute of it.

If you have someone in your life like this, you know what I mean. If you don't yet, I hope you find that person.

Oh, yeah, a couple of really good dogs have helped also.
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