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Member since: Fri Nov 30, 2012, 08:04 PM
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A heads up DUers... in coming disrupters.

The ugly stepsister site JPR seems to be effectively off line the past 4 or 5 days. Every post comes up as unavailable including the site administrators information.

Not too long ago there were posts on JPR stating they would possibly be going off line if they got too much attention from the media and/or were possibly investigated because of their pro Russian views and propaganda.

Look for an influx of trolls and anti democratic posts due to returning disrupters and possible Russian trolls.

Many of us remember the last time and will be watchful.

Be strong, be aware, be ready.

Update: The internet is forever. www.archive.org has hundreds of JPR posts from this year alone.

NEW UPDATE on covid in the home and a plea.

My sister and daughter have recovered well from their bout with covid but are left with lingering coughs. I truly believe that the vaccine saved my sisters life. I stayed negative through it all and think I dodged a major bullet.

Thank you all for your support and well wishes. Below is my fundraiser link for those with the ability to help but I understand that times are rough for everyone now.

Blessings all.


It's been a very rough couple of weeks with covid in the home.

My daughter still is testing positive well after 10 days, but symptoms are gone except for a lingering cough. My sister also did get it as well and has been sick for over a week. This has caused her to go to a covid dialysis site until its run its course. She is doing better now though but was very sick for a time.

Me, I'm still testing negative. I've quarantined myself to my room and only come out to use the bathroom and shower. My own private solitary hell with cold canned food, bread, cheese and bottled water.

Unfortunately, covid has also led to a stress related temporary disability taking me out of the job market until who knows when. Cant even leave home without panic attacks and have to rely on grocery delivery for my basic needs.

I have also been forced to apply for early Social Security and have started a GoFundMe page to raise rent and bill money (getting Snap for food already and a bit over $200 month from general relief) until the Social Security kicks in.

If anyone on DU can help out it would be greatly appreciated though I know many of you are in the same situations and state of mind.

Below is the link to the fundraiser and I'll keep you appraised of how things are going.

All of you here have been a great support and light at the end of a dark tunnel.

Thank you.



My daughter tested positive for covid.

My daughter, my sister (who is on dialysis), and I share an apartment.

People at her work started getting sick and she came down with a sore throat Saturday night. She has spent the last 3 days at her boyfriend's home and the test just came back today.

My sister is very immune compromised and now is coughing with sore throat and I am also at risk and feel a bit weak but no cough yet.

Will have to see if I can get tested tomorrow.

Please send all the positive energy you can. Very frightened.

Fuck all the antivaxers and may karma return upon them everything they deserve.


Thank you all for the well wishes and energy. I'll keep you all updated. Going to check on my sister and get some rest.

Goodnight DUers.

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