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Journal Archives

Wisconsin 4-month run-up: Clinton leads by 6 points ... until Nov. 8:

Here's a shot of RCP's aggregate of polls (about 20, listed at the link), showing Clinton consistently leading Trump by around 6-7 points from August until the last poll on Nov. 6 -- including both Comey letters, which don't seem to have moved the needle perceptibly:

But on Nov. 8, Trump miraculously gained 8 points to win. So what happened?


JFK: "Fidel Castro is part of the legacy of Bolivar"


On an earlier trip through Latin America, I became familiar with the hopes and burdens which characterize this tide of Latin nationalism. Fidel Castro is part of the legacy of Bolivar, who led his men over the Andes Mountains, vowing "war to the death" against Spanish rule, saying "Where a goat can pass, so can an army."

Castro is also part of the frustration of that earlier revolution which won its war against Spain but left largely untouched the indigenous feudal order. "To serve a revolution is to plow the sea," Bolívar said in despair as he lived to see the failure of his efforts at social reform.

-- from: Speech at a Democratic dinner, San Juan, Puerto Rico, December 15, 1958, in John F. Kennedy, The Strategy of Peace, 1960, pp. 167-68

Recount would have to move quickly

Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Patrick Marley and Bill Glauber - 1:39 p.m. CST November 25, 2016

Wisconsin could be at risk of missing a Dec. 13 deadline to certify its 10 electoral votes if clerks can't complete an expected recount by then.

Hitting the deadline could be particularly tricky if Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein is able to force the recount to be conducted by hand, Wisconsin's top election official said.


Wisconsin's last statewide recount was in 2011 for a state Supreme Court seat and the outcome did not change. The recount showed Justice David Prosser defeated challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg by 7,004 votes a slightly tighter margin than the 7,316-vote victory he had in initial returns.

That recount took more than a month. This one would have to happen more quickly to meet the Dec. 13 deadline. "You may potentially have the state electoral votes at stake if it doesn't get done by then," Haas said. A lawyer with Stein's campaign has said she wants the recount done by hand. That would take longer and require a judge's order, Haas said.

Read more: http://www.jsonline.com/story/news/politics/elections/2016/11/25/recount-would-have-move-quickly/94417686/

Sound like she's serious about this.

Let's say the Stein recounts reverse MI, WI, and PA

and the EC vote swings. Are we finally ready for Hillary?

Screen-shots: Wisconsin vote totals don't match ballots cast

WISCONSIN: An image of the electronically calculated count in Sauk County, Wisconsin, showing 2,700 more votes tallied than ballots cast. The vote totals with arrows should all be the same:

from: https://twitter.com/ElectProject/status/801085767984578560
The numbers display that in 3 precincts in Outagamie County, all won by DT, more votes were counted for President than cast:

from: https://twitter.com/SuzanEraslan/status/801075201584795648

The vote count snafus in these two counties are among a dozen counties identified by election integrity activists as reporting improbably high turnout levels—above 85 percent—in the presidential election. “Either these voter turnout percentages are an historic achievement, unparalleled in my experience, or the unofficial results are not true and correct,” wrote Richard Hayes Phillips, a PhD statistician, in an early analysis of 12 Wisconsin counties, including Sauk and Outagamie counties.

Source: http://www.alternet.org/election-2016/pressure-builds-presidential-recounts-key-2016-swing-state


"The Last Two Days": President Kennedy in Texas, Nov. 1963

"The Last Two Days," covering President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jackie's trip to Texas: San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas, 21-22 November, 1963.

Introduction du Memorial France-Irlande par president Hollande

on the occasion of Armistice Day, Nov. 11, 2016:

Aujourd’hui, la France et l’Irlande sont réunies dans le souvenir du sang versé ensemble pour la liberté. Ce monument que nous inaugurons est le symbole de la mémoire partagée entre nos deux pays et le témoignage de l’hommage de la France aux Irlandaises et Irlandais qui se sont sacrifiés pour elle.

Aujourd’hui, nous retrouvons le souvenir de cette fraternité d’armes que nos aînés ont partagée dans les guerres du siècle dernier, à l’occasion du centenaire de la bataille de la Somme que nous avons commémoré en rendant hommage aux plus de 200 000 Irlandais venus du monde entier, engagés dans la Grande Guerre.


En France, le 11 novembre, journée d’hommage à tous les morts pour la France, est aussi l’occasion d’avoir une pensée pour toutes celles et tous ceux qui sont venus du monde entier pour combattre sur nos terres.

Aujourd’hui, autour de ce monument, nous adressons à nos amis irlandais un message de profond remerciement et d’éternel souvenir.

François Hollande

publié le 07/11/2016

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