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Member since: Thu May 2, 2013, 12:20 PM
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White Nationalist pretzel logic.

Fuentes then described how he has never been in a romantic relationship or had sex with a woman but is "more heterosexual than anybody.Ē He added,

"If we're really being honest, never having a girlfriend, never having sex with a woman, really makes you more heterosexual, because honestly, dating women is gay. And if you want to know the truth, the only really straight, heterosexual position is to be an asexual incel."


Sanctioned F1 rookie driver sponsored by oligarch daddy whines about cancel culture against Russia.

ďI donít agree with being in the sanctions,Ē Mazepin told the BBC for a TV program Thursday. ďIíve said previously that I intend to fight it, perhaps now is not the right time because if you look at the whole situation thatís happening in the general case, itís cancel culture against my country.

Mazepin also clarified that despite reports of atrocities committed by Russian troops, he would not be weighing in on the matter, because he is afraid of making anyone mad.[link:https://jalopnik.com/nikita-mazepin-says-that-russia-sanctions-are-cancel-cu-1848765061|

Missouri station offering Russian state radio to listeners


When Russia rebroadcasts Tucker & Fox, it demonstrates to the Russian people a freedom of speech denied to them. This is a win.

McCarthy lies there is no room in the GOP for the racists to whom he assigned Rooms 1023 and 2057.



Equally applicable to the current Russian/Republican leadership.


History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme. Time will tell.

When I was young and my heart was an open book, I used to say live and let live...

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