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Reality Check: Proof U.S. Government Wanted ISIS To Emerge In Syria

More proof that ISIS wasn't some Bush creation, or came about because of Climate change or whatever other excuse the MIC apologists want to give for ISIS existence.

Enjoy, rep, post a comment and share it.

The Covert Origins of ISIS

I have seen quite a few threads now connecting ISIS to the Iraqi war,a connection iI don't think exists. But this video has a better theory on the origin. The main gist is that intelligence groups created it as a proxy to remove Assad from power. Its a 22 min video with lots of details and video evidence, so please watch when you can.

Its a big of misinformation as the civil war starting as a result of Assad attacking peaceful protesters.

U.S. Congresswoman: CIA Must Stop Illegal, Counterproductive War to Overthrow Assad

I am really liking this woman now. Sad none of the candidates currently running is brave enough to say what this congresswoman is saying. I hope her star rises and maybe one day she could be a viable presidential candidate.

Why Republicans keep missing the giant Benghazi scandal right before their eyes

By Michael Brendan Dougherty

It's better to be ruled by a wise Turk than a foolish Christian. That old bit of wisdom is an apocryphal quote from Martin Luther, but it was much on my mind watching the House Select Committee on Benghazi grill Hillary Clinton, as she cleverly outmanned Trey Gowdy and friends.

Sure, the committee extracted some interesting details during its 11 hours of interrogation. The most damning was that Sidney Blumenthal, the legendary fixer for the Clintons, had more direct access to the secretary of state during a crisis than America's ill-fated ambassador to Libya. He also passed on intelligence, surely none of it spoiled by his business interests.


And it was political theater. A real hearing on Benghazi could be conducted in any number of ways. A particularly devastating one would just be a slideshow of photos of Benghazi as it stands today, with questions like: Why did we do this? Didn't we know we were helping Islamist terrorists? How could we not know?


The conspiracy theory that motivated so much of the early popular interest in Benghazi was crude. It was premised on the notion that President Obama somehow prefers jihadis to America's own diplomats, and allowed them to die. This itself is a more weaponized version of the conspiracy theory that Obama is a "secret" Muslim, a Turk in the parlance of Reformation Europe.
Republican leadership, most notably Mitt Romney, latched onto a different conspiracy, almost equally stupid. It held that the Obama administration was weak and retreating before Middle Eastern threats.

The truth is almost exactly the opposite of these, and far more damning of President Obama and Hillary Clinton. In looking for the "secret Turk," Republicans missed the foolish Christians in front of them. Obama wasn't being weak and retreating — he was being too clever and aggressive. The CIA operation in Benghazi was most likely a gun-running operation to Syrian rebels, part of Obama's proxy war with Iran, the covert project he could ratchet down as part of negotiations on nuclear weapons. To investigate that would be to admit that Obama wasn't impotent in the Middle East, but reckless.


The fact is that the opposition party in America can't honestly investigate Obama's foreign policy without doing fatal collateral damage to its own. And so Hillary Clinton can say in public that the intervention she championed in Libya is "smart power at its best," even though that country is being terrorized by ISIS and other jihadists and is one source of the refugee crisis. The supposedly mean-spirited GOP that would do anything to attack Clinton has run into something it won't do: challenge our recklessly hawkish foreign policy.

And so we chat about what Sid Blumenthal emails Hillary Clinton, while our bipartisan consensus continues its work abetting a massive cull in the Middle East: secular dictators, Christianity, and other minority religions are all on the way out. Somewhere in hell, the world's most bloodthirsty jihadists are smiling at Trey Gowdy.

Continue reading

Reality Check: What We Know About TPP Makes It The Worst Trade Deal Ever

A dozen Pacific nations along with the United States have finalized a massive trade agreement called the Trans Pacific Partnership. But is the TPP literally the worst trade deal in the world?
This is a Reality Check you won’t see anywhere else.

Reality Check: FDA and Greed To Blame For Rising Drug Prices, Not Capitalism

Ambulance lynching reveals Israel's secret war in Syria

By Assaf Uni 7/1/15 at 1:01 PM


On 22 June, the tension on the Israeli side of the Golan Heights, a mountainous plateau that the country shares with Syria after occupying most of it in 1967, boiled over into violence. First an Israeli military ambulance was stopped in the village of Horfeish by a mob demanding to inspect its patients. Rocks were thrown and a man was reportedly injured as the ambulance sped away having refused to open its doors.

That night, a second ambulance went through the village of Majdal Shams, but this time the mob was more determined. The road was blocked, the ambulance's windows smashed, and, after a short pursuit to a neighbouring Israeli village, the patients dragged out. The Israeli Defence Force (IDF) soldiers attempting to protect them were beaten, and the two wounded men being transported were attacked with sticks and chains in what has been described as a lynching. One was killed and another is in a critical condition.

The mob was made up of members of Israel's Druze community, a small monotheistic religion that derives from Shia Islam. The men they attacked were Syrians injured fighting in the country's bloody and chaotic civil war, whom the Druze suspected of being members of Jabhat al-Nusra, the al-Qaida affiliate in Syria, because they had beards.

Israel denies these two were Nusra fighters, but who exactly they were fighting for touches on one of the most sensitive questions in the Middle East today. Is Israel co-operating with Islamist rebels in the Golan Heights in the war against Assad? If so, how? Why? With what groups?

Since the Syrian civil war broke out in 2011, many observers believe Israel has been bombing arms shipments from Iran, Assad's ally, as they've passed through Syria en route to Hezbollah in Lebanon. But Israel denies supporting any side in the brutal conflict.

Continue reading

I know a lot of people have considered this and just dismissed it as conspiracy theory. But the constant bombing of Hezbollah targets fighting terrorists in Syria, Al Nusra front fighting for position in the Golan heights and this makes it sound less like a conspiracy theory everyday.

Keep misandry out of feminism

By Newby Parton • Contributing Columnist • October 1, 2014

I am a feminist, so the first words I spoke at a recent town hall meeting on the new sexual assault procedures were in praise of the University’s speedy response to the new Title IX regulations. Victims of sexual assault will now have a clearer understanding of their options. They can be advised by outside counsel at meetings. Professional investigator-judges have replaced student judges, so victims can step forward without embarrassment. Our compliance marks a huge victory for women on campus, and we’re all better off as a result.

I voiced a single worry at the town hall meeting: that the new “preponderance of the evidence” standard will, definitionally, increase the likelihood of false convictions. Unknowingly, I had struck a hole into a dam. Cries of “rape culture” spewed forth


But this is an important conversation, and all ideas should be heard. A few women have turned the dialogue into a battle against men and women, and in doing so I fear that they will turn men away from feminism. Men feel marginalized when our worries about a real, higher risk of wrongful suspension are disregarded. Attributing these worries to rape culture only distances us further because we begin to think that this is what feminism has become — a bias against males that mistakes all male viewpoints for oppression.

Treating an accused perpetrator as innocent until he is found guilty can be an outgrowth of human decency, not rape culture. Similarly, the belief that men are guilty until proven innocent is misandry, not feminism. Keeping the two separate is important. Feminism is the struggle to reach equality for the sexes. It is not misandry, a bias against males. Sadly, many men forget this because misandrists never identify as such. They will tell you they are simply feminists.


Just an article I read and really enjoyed that shows a different side of feminism. The kind of feminism that can recapture the imagination of the general public.

Read, comment and Enjoy.

Whoopi Defends Stephen A. Smith: If You Hit a Man, Don’t Be Surprised if He Hits Back

By Josh Feldman
ESPN host Stephen A. Smith apologized today for his comments about domestic violence, but he also found a defender today in Whoopi Goldberg, who went off on The View today agreeing with the point he was making. Goldberg said that if a woman hits a man and then he hits back, she shouldn’t be surprised by it.

Smith had said late last week that women should not to anything to “provoke” men into striking them. Goldberg agreed with this point and cried, “If you hit somebody, you cannot be sure you are not going to get hit back!”

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