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Miles Archer

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Name: Miles Archer
Gender: Male
Hometown: Hamilton Massachusetts
Home country: USA
Current location: Nevada
Member since: Wed Oct 16, 2013, 07:49 PM
Number of posts: 18,489

Journal Archives

Trump: "Kanye West, who put on a MAGA hat after the show, was great. He's leading the charge!"

Donald J. Trump

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Like many, I don’t watch Saturday Night Live (even though I past hosted it) - no longer funny, no talent or charm. It is just a political ad for the Dems. Word is that Kanye West, who put on a MAGA hat after the show (despite being told “no”), was great. He’s leading the charge!

9:57 AM - 30 Sep 2018


Lindsey Graham says he will vote for Kavanaugh even if FBI links him to sexual assault


During an interview on 60 Minutes that is set to air Sunday night, Graham appeared with Republican Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana.

Graham suggested that he had set the bar much higher for changing his mind.

“My mind’s made up about Brett Kavanaugh and it would take a dynamite accusation,” Graham opined. “Because, here’s the deal, Dr. Ford, I don’t know what happened but I know this, Brett denied it vigorously and everybody she named couldn’t verify it, it’s 36 years old.”

“I don’t see anything new changing [my mind],” he concluded.

Trump's lie-filled "MAGA rally" rant about the history of the Democratic Party

Remembering the American Film Institute's "18th best male movie star of Golden Age Hollywood"

James Byron Dean (February 8, 1931 – September 30, 1955) was an American actor. He is remembered as a cultural icon of teenage disillusionment and social estrangement, as expressed in the title of his most celebrated film, Rebel Without a Cause (1955), in which he starred as troubled teenager Jim Stark. The other two roles that defined his stardom were loner Cal Trask in East of Eden (1955) and surly ranch hand Jett Rink in Giant (1956).

After his death in a car crash,[1] Dean became the first actor to receive a posthumous Academy Award nomination for Best Actor, and remains the only actor to have had two posthumous acting nominations.[2] In 1999, the American Film Institute ranked him the 18th best male movie star of Golden Age Hollywood in AFI's 100 Years...100 Stars list.[3]


R.I.P. LEGENDARY Blues Guitarist Otis Rush

Otis Rush, Seminal Chicago Blues Guitarist, Dead at 84
Key architect of ‘West Side Sound’ died from complications related to a stroke


Otis Rush, one of the pioneering guitarists of the Chicago blues scene, died Saturday from complications from a stroke he suffered in 2003. He was 84.

Rush’s wife, Masaki Rush, confirmed her husband’s death on his website. A note read, “Known as a key architect of the Chicago ‘West Side Sound’ Rush exemplified the modernized minor key urban blues style with his slashing, amplified jazz-influenced guitar playing, high-strained passionate vocals and backing by a full horn section. Rush’s first recording in 1956 on Cobra Records ‘I Can’t Quit You Baby’ reached Number on the Billboard R&B Charts and catapulted him to international acclaim. He went on to record a catalog of music that contains many songs that are now considered blues classics.”

Rush became a staple of the Chicago scene in the late Fifties and early Sixties, partnering first with Cobra Records, which was also home to artists like Magic Sam and Buddy Guy. Their take on the blues would prove to be a revelation for a generation of artists to follow, while Rush would become a totem for countless rock guitarists (he was placed at Number 53 on Rolling Stone‘s list of the 100 Greatest Guitarists). Notably, Rush’s signature style – long, dramatically bent notes – was in part a product of his unique playing approach: A left-handed guitarist who played his guitar upside-down, placing the low E string at the bottom and the high E string on top.

Rush was born in Philadelphia, Mississippi in 1935 and began teaching himself the guitar at age eight. He moved to Chicago in 1949 and was inspired to pursue music full time after seeing Muddy Waters live. In 1956, Rush released his first, and most successful single on Cobra, “I Can’t Quit You Baby.” Along with its chart success, Led Zeppelin famously covered the cut on their 1969 debut.

North Korea says it will never disarm nuclear weapons first without more trust in US.

The Associated Press

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BREAKING: North Korea says it will never disarm nuclear weapons first without more trust in US.

8:13 AM - 29 Sep 2018


Samuel L. Jackson responds to "THAT" video...

Samuel L. Jackson

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Samuel L. Jackson Retweeted Amee KavaNOPE Vanderpool

Funny as hell, but there’s nothing funny about his Lying Fratboy Ass!!!


OOOOOPS! Boof Boy went to Timmy's for "SKIS" on a Thursday, so add one more LIE.

Bernie Sanders

Verified account


Kavanaugh claimed he didn't drink on weeknights but an entry on his calendar for Thursday July 1 states, “Go to Timmy’s for Skis w/ Judge, Tom, Pj, Bernie, Squi.” Kavanaugh clarified to Sen. Booker that “Skis” referred to beer. Was Kavanaugh's original statement truthful? (10/10)


FIVE effing TAXPAYER-FUNDED "MAGA Rallies" this week. You heard correctly. FIVE.

Republicans are at risk of losing control of Congress in the Nov. 6 elections, which could impede Trump’s goals to clamp down on immigration, cut taxes, approve new bilateral trade deals, and invest in infrastructure.

Allegations of sexual misconduct against Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, have complicated his confirmation proceedings, disappointing conservative voters and energizing Democrats. Kavanaugh denies the accusations.

Trump travels first to Wheeling, West Virginia on Saturday, where Republicans are trying to unseat Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, one of a handful of senators seen as key swing votes that will determine Kavanaugh’s appointment.

Trump will then hold evening rallies in Johnson City, Tennessee on Monday; Southaven, Mississippi on Tuesday; Rochester, Minnesota on Thursday; and Topeka, Kansas next Saturday.


Brett discusses puking, farting, and forgets who asked him about eating ketchup on spaghetti. MAGA.

Aaron Rupar

Verified account


Kavanaugh admits he may have puked after drinking beer when he was younger, but that was just because he had a weak stomach. Farting also comes up.

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